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  1. Anyone keen to help edit some vids if you think they need it? I don't know what I'm doing, youtube is new to me as a content creator.
  2. This look ok? It's taken in 4k but youtube only allows 1080p? Any way big step up in quality for sure.
  3. I know, I realize that now, but who cares, meh, this utube channel is not about making revenue it's about documenting our build so we have somewhere safe to keep it. Anyway, now thats out of the way. This is the plan thats looking like it's about to set in stone:- -Possum Borne Motorsport built EZ30 block with forged internals and Darton sleeves, capable of over 1000+hp -Stoked to 3.4L -Twin Holster H22 turbos, rated to hit the aim of 700whp -We collecting prices on parts, so the rest is a bit up in the air. So basically it's a flat 6 3.4L twin turbo. Good hard-on material. Years away from that sadly, money is always an issue. Sure we were hooning around on Sat night in my mates Hawkeye STI trolling the young boyracers, s*** it was a laugh. We were too busy road tuning to care that much. Me and my mate were brought back to the chch boy racer scene pre-quakes, we were 18 again, even though now we late 30's with kids, jobs and a house. Hard to afford cars when you got kids, so all you young guys, make the most of it, because bro kids are expensive as hell..... Dont rush into it.
  4. Expensive yea, but we splitting the cost and when you have two people sharing the cost of a race car, doing all the work, wielding, fab, engine assembly, wiring, etc. It's actually not that expensive. We are cheap asses, so dont really wanna be fancy. Just want it to be reliable because broken cars are no fun.
  5. Hey everyone, I'm new to Sub's, I use to be a Nissan/Toyota man, but then kids happened, life happened and money was dry. However finally had an opportunity to have a play. Brook my best mate has been a sub fan all life and knows the EJ's like the back of his hand, he is an aircraft engineer. However I'm the noob and on a fast learning curve. Anyway if you interested in following our build, follow us on our youtube channel. Here is a good intro vid, Possum Borne Motorsport is doing the block work, we just letting them free rein on the flat 6. p.s. Excuse the armature quality camera skill, I'm new to doing this kind of thing, these are raw videos.
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