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  1. Hi, I am not the greatest with wiring but I have done my best... I got a new headunit for my 2015 Levorg and managed to wire it all in and replace the Japanese Panasonic unit which is great. However im stuck on the steering wheel control section. I have a 20 pin connector and took pins 4,14 and 13 and wired it to the 3.5mm adapter. This got my source, mute, and both phone buttons working (after i mapped them in the headunit), but i cant for the life of me figure out how to get volume up/down and the skip buttons working. When i try to map them it doesnt detect it. Are the signals sent through the same wire and I need a controller? or are there additional wires im missing? I also loosely referred to this http://ae64.com/20-pin-pinout.htm Is anyone able to help? Cheers!
  2. I never ended up doing it. I bought a manual car instead. Too many potential headaches and cost.
  3. Great explanation, i have added it to the info at the top
  4. Making this topic so people wont run into the exact same issues @Niran and I experienced. Hopefully this will save people a lot of mucking around. The Problem The GV/GR fuel hanger seems to be a significantly restrictive part of the fuel system on late model STI's (MY08 - MY14). Because of this restriction it causes fuel pumps to get hot, cavitate, and eventually fail, causing big issues down the line. The part of the stock hanger which is returning fuel simply cannot flow enough fuel out of it to keep pace with the bypassed amount from regulator. What happens next is rather than the Return line being un-pressurized, it starts building pressure, which affects the performance of the regulator which in turn causes flow/pressure issues down the feed line, which then causes the fuel pump to cavitate. Cavitation link for reference if you don't know what it is. The Solution This issue can be resolved by using a surge tank setup, or by replacing the fuel hanger with an aftermarket alternative. Radium Engineering hangers have been proven to resolve the issue, as well as the Process West surge tank option. The reason why going to a surge tank solves this issue is because you also change from a high pressure fuel pump, to a low pressure high flow pump which just dumps into the Surge tank. Additional Info This may also apply to a select legacy GT's between MY05 and MY07. Someone to confirm, perhaps @Andy_Mac may know, but I believe they use the same hanger. Please note that this discussion is aimed more towards people chasing big power (300kw +) If you are doing simple bolt-on's this may not apply to you so don't worry! Solution A: Aftermarket Fuel Hanger The below is for a Radium Fuel Pump Hanger. (20-0380-00, 20-0382-00, 20-0383-00) It is recommended to purchase the plumbing kit for this too. Solution B: Surge Tank Process West Anti-Surge Fuel System - https://processwest.com.au/surgetank-08-14 Solution C: Hack Job Nobody we're aware of has tried this yet, if someone does can you take pictures and post up step by step instructions and ill add it in here. Contributors: @Dairusire @Andy_Mac
  5. everyone just vinyl wraps them. You can get a pre-cut kit off amazon from $30 upwards. Any tint place will install them if you dont want to mess it up. Full Tint - Like below Outer Tint Only
  6. Hi Guys, If you're in taranaki and not already subscribed to our facebook group then join up! https://www.facebook.com/groups/165207030495021/
  7. Hodge motors are pretty good with subarus.
  8. I am no expert so please correct me if im wrong!! I thought that the EJ207 GRB STI's out of japan came with a semi closed deck block, or what they call the W or motorsport block with thickened cylinder walls. I've heard the power can really be pushed out on the blocks but you still have your weaker pistons and rods (in comparison to block strength) which are prone to failure but i believe these are semi-forged so you can still push some out of it. Wouldnt this make it more reliable in some sense due to its durability? @TNHSTI Perhaps take a look at the GRB spec STI's? I've had mine for the last 50,000kms and it hasnt failed yet, im getting close to 180k now, and its tuned to around 400hp
  9. Anyone got any crews going i can join in on?
  10. until

    Hey Guys, is there any subaru pre-meet ups for this event?
  11. Let me know if you guys meet up again like last year. Ill be coming down from NP.
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