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  1. Just done the oil and filter change. It's not as easy as the EZ30 that's for sure. The sump bung is a long way back and the oil filter is a PITA to get a hold of. Its tucked up past the exhaust manifold and then pretty much wrapped in turbo associated air lines. What's the best way people tighten them up? I could get it on without too much hassle but its so hard to get any purchase on it with my hand once the gasket makes contact. Seatbelt still chiming away but to be honest I think that I need to find the component making the noise and stuff a screwdriver through it. You can't breathe in the car without it telling you all about it! Any leads for accessing the "speaker" that is responsible for my mental frustration?
  2. Hey guys, apologies for dredging up an old thread but seems relevant to me. I'm about to do my first oil change on my BR9 2.5gt Legacy. I've come across the turbo banjo bolt filter in the oil feed line that according to some online sources should be either flushed or removed completely. Anyone have any feedback on this? Classic Youtube clip where the guy just punched a pick right through it... guess that pushed him down the remove it route! On another note also having a hard time getting the seatbelt chime to shut up. Done the IGN on and 20 times buckle/unbuckle, more than 20 times, turn IGN off again after, turn car on after completing but nothing seems to stick. Drives me mad reversing trailers, getting out at the letterbox etc. Advice on that most appreciated.
  3. Cheers for that whiteline link. Not as bad as I thought $$ wise. I'm sure it more than the mrs wants to spend but a bit of smoke and mirrors... its amazing what can fail on a WOF isn't it!?
  4. Just put a deposit down on a 2009 2.5GT. Thanks for the advice. I collect in a month once they sort a few little issues out. Nice kit, nice wheels, McIntosh sounds, no sunroof or cruise unfortunately but they seem to be a bit harder to find. There's a few posts on the web about using a thicker rear sway bar from a later Impreza WRX to improve the cornering. Anyone been down that road? Does it fit, did it improve it much?
  5. I've currently got a 2004 3.0R Wagon with well, well into the 200kms on the clock. Looking to stick with the Legacy's as its been an awesome car (I've never owned a car this long!) and I'm almost in a mind to pour some money into fixing it rather than take the depreciation hit that a newer car will inevitably attract. Wife says no. I wanted some advice on the 5th Gen Legacy. I've heard that the CVT can have issues past 100km (apparently Subaru increased the warranty on these?) and so sold the Mrs on a 2.5GT as these have the conventional 5sp auto. Any truth or logic to this? Anyone got some real world mileage figures on the 2.5GT? Do they have any issues that typically emerge after 100km. (Wheel bearings and control arm bushes seemed to be par for the course with my current one) Is there anything that you would specifically look for in one? Spec level, options etc? Thanks in advance. Bank this weekend! Cheers, Andy
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