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  1. Hi guys I got 2 H6 leggies with me and one have an issue similar to this. Good running one got 200k + naughty one closing towards 170k Both 5EAT auto 2004 H6 I tried with running on 100 octane, which is available around the corner from my place down here in Christchurch it has no effect so don't waste your money pumping overpriced 98 in Auckland. Changed all the sensors and even swapped the throttle bodies between cars. Before this I did all the text book stuff and poured a ton of cash. Done list Fuel pump, filter, regulator sparks Set of injectors (Used) Airfilter MAF ( New and a used also tried the one from my other car) MAP sensor But strangely enough I got the car to run absolutely fine with the alternator pin disconnected. Otherwise it has this fuel trim issue goes to +25% and burns gas like a tank going to the battle. I also changed the ECU tuning and got the car to run little bit better by changing injector settings and the MAF readings to read higher than stock values. But still there is a point in certain amount of load where it stumbles. My other car which runs perfectly has it's air intake cracked just like in these pictures but that seems to not cause any issues. ECU should compensate for that.
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