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  1. Hi guys,, I'm probly going to go with a cheaper strut and shock option for my bpe 3.0 . Question is will the springs from bilstein struts fit ? Ta
  2. Yep, just read that. So that'll clear any data gathered and so it sort of starts from factory parameters?
  3. Ok, interesting. Next time I gas up I'll squirter some 100 Octane in it. Keen to see if I notice any difference in response ,economy etc
  4. Thanks but I'm looking for a fix rather than a band aid . Ideally a shock/strut that perform without the pricetag of the bilstein lol 😆 Who does the rebuild ? Thanks
  5. So I should be running my o7 3.0 on 98+ ??? Sheesh it's already costly to run
  6. Hi guys, my bilsteins are knocking and considering something else? Something at a similar level to the stock bilsteins. BTW, are the stock bilsteins b6 ? Thanks
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