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  1. hey all gone and bought a bd5 rs against my better judgement and now its driving me up the wall! it has a couple of funny things it does, sometimes it will drive just fine and sometimes when watching the boost gauge on primary it jolts around and builds and drops boost before holding a nice steady level, then sometimes when i bury my foot it will just boost straight up to around 17-18 psi and then the car boost cuts and goes into limp mode, sometimes it will also overboost on secondary too and it often only boosts 10psi on secondary, sounds like its having major boost control issues and drives
  2. zarnah

    full spray question:

    how much prep would he do for a $3000 paint job though :-\
  3. basically any turbo box as long as its the same ratio as your rear diff
  4. zarnah

    full spray question:

    at least 5k unless you get mates rates, and thats probly just a basic respray, body and door jams, more if u want to do under bonnet and in the boot, then the paint used would vary in price and the method too, for a real show car glossy wet look finish its not unusual to use up to 8 layers of clear etc, basicaly your question is like saying how long is a piece of string? best bet would be to get out there and talk to a few places and see what they can do for you, dont just take the cheapest quote either, ask to see some of their work, and ask to see a car they have resprayed at least 1 year ag
  5. maybe, depends if I afford to pay someone for the weekend...
  6. plus im my own boss so I have lunch/bfast breaks at all sorts of wierd and wonderfull times
  7. right now its lunch time, but if you look at 90% of my posts it has the little mobile phone icon beside them.......
  8. looks like you need to build yourself one of these!................
  9. http://www.trademe.co.nz/Trade-Me-Motors/Motorbikes/Motorbikes/Sports/auction-282981017.htm
  10. dude, you SUCK! get ya tools out and take to that bastard yourself! haha
  11. closest figure gets to pay the bill for me, youre leading so far bud...
  12. got the money pit triton back with a fresh wof! all it needed to pass was- complete LR leaf springs and diff mount u bolts, new LR damper, leaf spring mounting bushes L&R, RR tail light lense, L&R outer tie rod ends, LF lower suspension bushes, new handbrake cable, RF cv joint, near new LR dunlop grantrek mud terrain failed because it had a cut in sidewall, a few bulbs, and tighten the towball.... cant wait to get the bill for it...
  13. oh actually bro just thinking outside the box here you should pimp a bike, like an R1 or a ducati or something, yea fuck yea dooooo it!
  14. it means catch, haha i see where you were going with that though...
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