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  1. Hey bro you still on this forum?

  2. Hey any "senior" CS members in wellies keen to do me a wee favour n able to check condition of a turbo for me b4 i buy? Cheers Gary
  3. well i ordered the part 1st thing Monday morning and it arrived 1st thing wednesday morning, bloody not bad out of Auzzie its a FEBEST part, i see mixed reviews on the quality. but these days who knows. back in the day everyone used to say Japanese made goods was crap too... now look at them
  4. Right, after some googling the OEM part number is 28473-ag001 (for my car 2003 BP5a) and is $359.00 full retail, Clubsub trade price through Subaru is $309 + GST wud cost you $500 per side to get SUbaru to do it for you, watch a vid on YT and do it yourself using an AFter market part will cost $111.00 This place is Oz does after market ones for $111.00 delivered http://spare-parts.co.nz/0882-b13mr-rear-wheel-hub.html and apparently there is a design fault with the bearings and thats why the crap out, you see alot of 2005, 2009 on the interwebz with the same issues.
  5. Hey, any one done the rear wheel bearing off a BP? can you just replace the bearings by pressing them out or do you have to replace the whole unit? How much are the whole units like these? http://www.wilsonbros.co.nz/files/13023_20141106132816-1415233696_postcard.jpg
  6. yip, hard cam n crank seals = leakage will keep at them about it though...
  7. well I have been back to see them.. apparently its more so the husbands car, has a PB chip in it and he knows its mint. THey have split up so she says she will sell, he says no way, its mint will keep for another 10 years. so who knows..
  8. its just a mint first gen with integrity due to it not being modified.. wud hate for it to fall in the wrong hands. I mean most those manual GTs were rolled, bolled and A-Holed.. and here is one begging to be looked after
  9. yea, I wil offer like $750, mainly due to the seals (cam, crank etc) being hard as fark after little use i.e. oil leaks then all gng well I fit my 98 STI engine from my BG
  10. Hey, stumbled across a blue manual BF legacy GT wagon, manual, cruise, 186kms original, totally unmolested, owned by family then they went over seas stored for circa 9 years, non smokers reg on hold what would that be worth?
  11. http://www.automechanicschools.net/blog/40-worst-diy-car-repairs/
  12. we are selling our BP5 rev A http://www.clubsub.org.nz/forum/index.php/topic,34382.msg519716.html#msg519716 GT B spec with the nice OEM 18" spoked wheels, its a tip tron we would take 9k for it
  13. Nice sounding muffler! You make me want to make my GFB Venting instead of recirc crap, is venting to atmos not cool anymore? haha It\'s always cool gay10, always cool. feww! that\'s good then ;D
  14. Nice sounding muffler! You make me want to make my GFB Venting instead of recirc crap, is venting to atmos not cool anymore? haha
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