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  1. Only help I would be would to ask if you've read the FAQ's on here :




    specifically along the lines of these threads :



    Some of those are 10+ years old now & there have been a few advances in the ability to "Tune" the ECU since then too eh

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  2. yeah that & oh Rails, Knuckles & 1/2 a cage


    I think you've identified your biggest issues already eh


    cage will need MSNZ membership, along with recent events (to prove gets used or at least passes inspections) 


    and an Authority card (also MSNZ) : some will argue one of these tops the Cert card eg : lets you get away with a few extra 'allowances'


    we have a few racers here that drive their cars but doubt that a half cage will even get close to being accepted eh


    they are worse than bolt in's for most motorsports (as in, just don't)


    also means Seats, Belts and airbags (if any) will need to be sorted too


    eg FIA approved etc


    9 minutes ago, wildturkey said:

    Thanks for posting.  The event info's now been updated check it out here https://www.facebook.com/events/345690580576956


    We have 17 names on the track list already and 8 fully paid up.  I'll keep taking names until we reach our paid up limit of 22 then take a standby list if we need to


    These Playday events run 4 groups of cars with each group able to take up to 22 cars.  We've booked 1 x group for Subarus   

    each group goes out on the track for around 15-20 mins before coming in to rest up the brakes then next group goes out.  Assuming your car holds up you can expect to get 5-6 outings across the day.  Believe me that's plenty of track time!


    For beginners there's usually a slower group 


    Don't wana track your car? No prob just come along and hang out with the subie peeps for a catch up


    Any questions post up here or message the Flat Nats page directly https://www.facebook.com/flatnats




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