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    E&H Motors Pukekohe

    Important note.. unfortunately Gull Force 10 is being removed from a lot of the Gull stations. This fuel was by far the best pump gas and any cars we have tuned to run on Gull Force 10 98 octane only will need the tune checked and most likely some ignition timing removed. If your car was tuned to run on Gull as well as Mobil and BP 98 you will be fine. Please call us at work if you are unsure if this will effect your car.
    Thank you, team E&H Motors


    From a Facebook Post this week


    has garnered a fair amount of comments and reaction's

  2. Other than speed sensors woes, yes?


    5 Speeds are all very similar


    I understand Later have 8x bolt Bellhousings and you'll probably only have 4x? 


    6x Speeds are different length? (use Auto Driveshaft?


    I'm sure there's a sensor solution written on the forums somewhere


    again newest Subaru I've owned  was a 98 BG5, and I've never got that Mechanical


    this is just from my form lurkings & Learnings

  3. 3 hours ago, THUNDA said:

    I might need to start saving gen 1 legacy info on physical printed paper before I get too old 😆


    we've got 3k in the CS Bank to cover Forum Costs & its been steady for about 5 years now with Google Adverts turned on and the odd Subscriber : @ClubSUB.org.nz isn't going anywhere ❤️


    but yep if its a Wagon ya want a bit more in the Rear & "most" up to V6? fits / is the same? : changing ya top hats?


    gen 3 leggy "Only" the fronts are Similar (they changed the rear Design & used way shorter shocks?

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  4. So ahh yeah 20 years ago around now was my 1st Track Day with ClubSUB @ Manfeild, Ronin won a Jacket & I scored a "Most improved" Wallet




    that's about my memory of the day


    so yeah was a bit nostalgic up in the Tower on the weekend watching FlatNATS '23 group taking off


    back in the day I used to Hire the track under my  own name (maybe around 2006 or 7) and we did what we wanted pretty much


    same for Taupo, though we did get told off for a DIrtbike hah

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