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  1. 22 hours ago, Technikhaus said:

    Yeah same issue here 


    I know you probably saw the Admin Chat


    so this is for others


    Switching between themes seems to 'fix' it




    Scroll right to the bottom of any page on the forum


    to set night mode (or Dark theme) and back

  2. My 1st WRX and has served well, and its got tell tail percolation in the Coolant


    Everything is tired, was due Cam Seals, vac lines are brittle & snapping etc


    now which direction should I go?


    the 'Tried & tested get her done'


    or full out fire breathing 207


    hint, money IS an object here so unlikely the later


    my Mechanic does have a motor on the bench with a pre blown BHG


    I am paying for engine things to be done (for now)


    unless anyone in the area has a rebuilt engine just lying about?


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