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  1. so you've gone from a 26/27 pair to a 27/27 pair? other than that sorry no useful imput from me oil pressure could / should be the same yeah?
  2. pass : bit new for me it is accumulated vapour over the years eh could hope its part of the same accumulation etc
  3. "Normal" Blow by recirculated by the breather valves / PCV? everyone gets a shock when the pull the TMIC off for the 1st time like that then you'll think about a Catch can or 'Oil Air Separator' etc
  4. https://www.facebook.com/100000728811073/videos/2663848306982770
  5. got more details? chuck n our 'our calender etc https://www.clubsub.org.nz/forum/index.php?/calendar/
  6. Back in 'my day' (2003 I bough the GTB) I was sold Protecta used it a few times 'fun one' was the leacking rocker over gaskets, they wanted (and got) an excess for both sides.... as in it was classed as two different jobs LOL / not lol
  7. Joker

    AutoFEST Manfeild

    Anyone can addevents to our 'calender' if you want to freshen up this page go nuts! This is also not an official CS event But if we're keen for a stand / display speak up!
  8. Joker

    FlatNATS 21

    Placeholder if anyone wants to add info go nuts! check their Facebook FYI this is not a CS Event but we'll share & support it! South Island : Teretonga, Invercargill is on the cards! Joker
  9. fyi : lowkey added Inked to the reps section > and updated his username
  10. We had a bug in April @preim fixe0r3d it (log filling up database) minor downtime (a day if anyone missed it thats why)
  11. TBH : looks like something I'd do I was gunna post a screen shot but someones limted the files size
  12. heh not really any details : sorta started it 20 something years ago I don't pay attention to it tbh just know I'm insured LOL bit blasé on finances tbh
  13. AON here : also a broker, but I'm also 40 and nothing newer than 2012 (the Hyundai) Subaru GEX is 1996 and the Avenger/s are 1976'ish
  14. On the Subaru''s I've dared lift bonnet I thought was the coke can canister Passenger side (about 2/3rds as tall? EDIT LMGTFY
  15. I've got no experiance but i;d go with "she'll be rite mate' if it ever picks up I bet the sock will do its job, then when you turn off, drops it etc if you're really worried I'd check the fuel filter in the engine bay in a couple months maybe
  16. correcto woulda been nothing worse to turn up & get turned away for not complying those dog Window things for the back windows seem popular on the few street track cars I've seen though I do like the look of the vented helmets etc
  17. ahh yeah there's that also, though the ducted helmet seems optimal *hence not just rushing out & getting the best I can for the lowest price (never a great approach to skrimp on safety based purely on cost factor : though the 20% off Cardwells might help me get the better equipment for a reasonable investment etc if is comparable) Hans & Suit and Gloves and boots one at a time I think (as I progress) the single Layer Silvester Suit I have is ok for now, along with my open Face Helmet that meets the standards for what I do (and it's due for retiremen
  18. TY & yep : I'm not making it simple or myself Future : Avenger Circuit / Grip Car current : Clubsport Basic & Rally Sprint co-driving (1st and only time was only the weekend been
  19. We all know our Phones are listnenign to us 24/7 right? well : https://cardwells.co.nz/ Mailer just came out with 20 % off Helmets & stuff (end of Financial Year is a great time to go shopping apparently) Co-driving went well, the Ka was pretty quiet until the underbody protection gave way & became a grader making it quite hard (no mic in my Helmet Hence I'm "shopping" Anyhow I thought these appear resaonable prices : any Pros 7 cons with their gear? I am fairly blonde / dealing with 60x
  20. yes and no, just Bought new Balaclava from racetech to comply regs have changed a fair bit and its a step up from the Basic stuff I usually encounter being co-driver is new to me too & I don't need gloves it appears
  21. Time for an upgrade here Who's your "Go-to" or things like Helmets, Balaclava, Suit & Undies, Boots Gloves etc And yeah I am mostly aiming at ClubSport 'Basic' http://manual.motorsport.org.nz/index.php/knowledgebase/36-2-01a-schedule-a-1/ currently shopping on the likes of https://www.vortexracewear.com/ https://www.racetech.co.nz/ https://shop.racelab.co.nz/ http://www.chicane.co.nz/ https://www.prowear.co.nz/ main intention is to co0drive for @Fizzy Toucan soon / Aim towards more track time in a (yet to be
  22. I'd say a fair amout of time @ around $5 an hour would be worth more than the $25 you can get a pair for eh (Plus shipping) inless there's someone near you on here could just get these : https://www.crazysystems.co.nz/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=1550 or bug @matipo in Hamz (Car Stereo Shop hecka they are even all of $3 if you wanna wait for these https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000407125513.html I'm discovering yeah these machines are great, but can be a PITA to actually use etc)
  23. Just had a request for this from @DRFVDR https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2801502 Cup holder for Subaru Brumby/Brat Summary I was sick of having to balance my morning coffee on the way to work in between my legs so I designed this. It fits in the rectangular slot next to the hand break it may be a little lose but some electrical tape used to shim it works well. It fits two regular 375ml cans or anything that is a similar size. It also makes a prety good arm rest when there isn't a cup in it.
  24. I'm saving the other 'Team' pics for a special occasion
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