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  1. Mike / @Hotspurz tribute is : there will be those among you that would have liked to pay your respects to Debbie, in lieu of this you may consider making a donation to Motor Neurone Disease New Zealand, this link will take you to the donation page where you can make a General Donation https://in-loving-memory-mnd-nz.raisely.com/donate
  2. google takes me here : https://legacypic.uk/car/specs.php?id=286 / not a lot of differences listed there other than later model compared to a plain jane RSK
  3. too new for my but what year? / revision? any chance of the Applied Model code? (not your VIN # eg will be E-BE51234567 E-BE5 = Sedan that meets Emissions protocol (the E came in around 93-94) B - boxer E - Sedan Chassis (Wagon is H) 5 - Doors (inc boot) 1 - is your revision code (A- B - C or D) 234567 option codes
  4. It is with great Sadness and regret to announce the passing of Debbie today alot of us will have memories of the antics in and around the 04 and recently the 03 RIP CS Mum
  5. please NOTE @ClubSUB.org.nz is not the Host nor are we the organiser in any way : just Copy pasta so the wider Subaru Community can get behind NZ's Largest Annual Subaru meet https://www.facebook.com/events/1416096998903265 Event by Flat Nats 2022 Mike Pero Motorsport Park Duration: 9 hr 30 min Public facebook.com/flatnats/
  6. Tui Brewery sounded the same with America Car Day (Sunday been) next one is British Car day in May
  7. be about as much work to get the dim working wouldn't it? (1x wire to dash or light ring on the Ciggy lighter)
  8. This one tickles my Fancy a bit and wont take long for some to figure out why
  9. Not sure if I documented it in the Grave Ex Build : was generic Dye something from Ripco I believe
  10. yeah been there done that My GTB was imported and fine for about years then my Wof guy flagged it (They are under pressure too & wasn't for fun I believe) went with a 'hot dog' like a Coby in the center section at the time (And new Muffler, was a no name unidentifiable big bore Before)
  11. Dyed my V3 Greys Black : no issues aye Legacy seats? will be less snug but more comfy so not sure what you're looking for tbh
  12. bit far for me but cheer's to the update weather looks great this weekend (cept monday
  13. Old man stuck in his ways Nod*s empathetically there seems to be NOT a huge fan club around the world for fram eh might have to dip your toes into the random market! (or do a days work googleing Flow and Filtration rates and Join a Subaru Group o nFacebook and ask there
  14. What's Stock for starters? / soz no other real input than that hah
  15. Oh that's awesome! we love real world experiences & those willing to share o nthe forums
  16. someone should cross post it on here https://www.facebook.com/groups/158978157909659 https://www.facebook.com/events/2144121785756059
  17. there's a post about the cars & Coffee on the Welly Club Sub Group page eh maybe link up :d
  18. at first I was going to say Knocking? / Ping etc (detonation) but that video is inconclusive to me : what Gas do you use?
  19. or the feet settling on the ground in a Hurry but yeah next WOF might be a bit un-nerving to see if there's any Sill damage (they can fail for that)
  20. Holy s*** near $3.40 for 98 tonight $120 to fill the Avenger!
  21. he's right you know (from 2018) was a fun wee search from the same thread and
  22. s*** yeah : thats why I love forums (vs Facebook Mechanic groups) actual real world info and credibility!
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