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  1. searching AOS will probably get you on some form of watchilst too LOL
  2. ahh thats what I meant hah edit : stink thing about the forum is you cant search 3 character words like WRX or STI either
  3. "Same" a WRX and been done a few times : there's a few old threads ; also called OAS or oil air seperator if its hard to search
  4. FB seems to have overtaken forums but try the Waikato Modified page ( @QRAF on here)
  5. that's what @Loren said in less words no one listens to him either LOL / no lol
  6. @200k Id be weary of throwing any more at it and there's no such thing as "Stage 2"
  7. ah one of them "answered your own question" questions eh (proof I didn't read correctly in the first place) and ah yeah, if it's eating gaskets : there could be your problem eh
  8. yeah sorry I would'nt have any clue what is 'acceptable' either but if you find out let us know!
  9. no reason why not! start a thread (or use this one) and I can share it on the "socials" too if you like (just been wary about 1000's turning up hah : can be nice cosy too eg 10-20 people /cars
  10. set a date / place & just do it : cruise to Otaki for F&C's?
  11. soooo do something for spring or Daylight savings
  12. And Airbags are for pussies Kit includes Resistor for the pesky light
  13. how about that eh
  14. Hate to say it out loud but it's one of those cars you hope their brakes dont work eh
  15. can do & was my 1st thought tbh but the use it gets (zero to none) it isn't worth it aye but probably same answer for the FAQ section : I bet that gets zero use too and what ever they've done they've just managed to fix the issue was this (was reading the "other projects section Blurb) and now its this .
  16. very rarely used so I doubt anyone will notice BUT can any smarties help? I was helping with some housekeeping on another forums & noticed ours is similar can anyone suggest or find (if you're bored enough) a way to make it look smart?
  17. both the links still WORK and are comprehensive they are the same 122MB file in different places
  18. hah shoot bit short notice eh : not sure anyone will see this in time aye
  19. the other forum I am on recommends Kilmat highly (bout half price of Dynamat or other alternatives have asked their thoughts on this product you've suggested
  20. tip : you need the best res possible for print & sometimes images posted here are reduced (thus the email request for 8mb + files) and often cool pics posted get forgotten about & people cant find them when time comes for selection etc
  21. cool & stink but yeah the 'curse' of the TT : awesome car : suck to work on
  22. did you get the right one.... or did you use an aftermarket replacement? (ie new?