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  1. now you can carry 2x spare wheels hah I dont mind mine with the STI wings on the back, front 'brush bar' (as some call it) is enough for me
  2. good Q : I know they 'dump' standard issue plates when nicked not sure on the process with P-Plates eh? anyone know? I guess they'd be ok to reissue to the owner
  3. maybe some upper engine cleaner OR stick throtle body? What year / chassis?
  4. what was @Conducks car? better known as @EJGOD on instagram not too many 15+'s on the forums yet but they are starting to sneak in eh
  5. depending on your location : Pick a part Might be your friend other wise No : only are available 'new' from Subaru and any other Light eg Hella's need a bit of custom mounting to fit in the space or make use of the mounts I broke one on mine & gave up, removed other for wof THEN SOLD IT
  6. Congrats! mines a few weeks old now & was searching a few mnths ago too I did a bit of looking around & ended u with a Santa Fe' (Dont hate me) does the tow car stuff too
  7. no mechanic or body shops near by? Not Akl myself so soz : cant help
  8. are you sure? though I've never driven any Subaru that new, the Ranger I drive for work has the feature and it can be turned off, but always comes back on as 'standard' each time you start it (I read the manual in the glovebox)
  9. Nice Locksmith might have an aftermarket option? I know my guy does for a few cars (some are just not available though)
  10. give them a wipe with some thinners?
  11. define late model? 2015 +? also @newsuba might be able to help (more local than me) Elite Automotive have just had a dyno put in maybe go to one of their dyno days?
  12. If you watch the "Social Dilemma" your view of the system is "confirmed" 10 years ago to the day "we" did Castlepoint (HB / Manawatu and Welly met up for a run
  13. does anone here have access to the Clubs IG / FB accounts? put some pics up (or does any one want access to spam some local content from the 04
  14. & next step would be a 6-Speed (+ associated costs & equipment starter & drive shaft etc) I do understand 5 Speeds from a certain era on are worth looking for as the changed the construction slightly (more for race application / constant throttle abuse etc) obv's anything with less kays is always more ideal
  15. searching AOS will probably get you on some form of watchilst too LOL
  16. ahh thats what I meant hah edit : stink thing about the forum is you cant search 3 character words like WRX or STI either
  17. "Same" a WRX and been done a few times : there's a few old threads ; also called OAS or oil air seperator if its hard to search
  18. FB seems to have overtaken forums but try the Waikato Modified page ( @QRAF on here)
  19. that's what @Loren said in less words no one listens to him either LOL / no lol
  20. @200k Id be weary of throwing any more at it and there's no such thing as "Stage 2"
  21. ah one of them "answered your own question" questions eh (proof I didn't read correctly in the first place) and ah yeah, if it's eating gaskets : there could be your problem eh
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