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  1. Sorry not much help but thanks for the updates aye someone else might run into this in the future etc best of luck
  2. I think AVS had the 8-Dip Switches? so ya just matched them up? could be wrong : never had one Not exactly regarded as *HIGH* security by some ❤️
  3. Location? Or take it to a Sparky Aye that shouldn't happen, you could try find the Brain & get the Manual Override code I think those still have them (or remove / bypass it)
  4. From a Facebook Post this week has garnered a fair amount of comments and reaction's
  5. until

    Here's a few pix from #HP2023 https://www.facebook.com/events/387615916988291/permalink/389189456830937/
  6. I saw a Rumour on IG that e10 is being Phased out in 2024? cant confirm at this point in time but I'm searching for any mention of this
  7. until
    https://www.facebook.com/events/387615916988291/?active_tab=discussion THIS Saturday Putting together a casual pre-meet for the #Hardpark24 event Fraser park is conveniently located not far from the Trentham memorial park event location, so will make for an easy commute there. Meet around 11.00am, leave at 11.30am to arrive at venue 11.40am for entry. Share it around, would be good to get the numbers up and see some variety 🤙 HARDPARK24 Event Details : https://www.facebook.com/events/848433156574794 Event by Speedmagnet and Falgoon Patel Trentham Memorial Park #Hardpark2024 Spread the word and tell everyone you know with a modified ride, doesn’t matter if it’s a hot rod, street machine, import, truck or bike. ~ Ryan
  8. until
    Unfortunately I'm away that weekend BUT Worth a Day Trip if you're in the 06 or LNI (It's literally a stones throw from my doorstep) Details on the FB link : https://www.facebook.com/events/870432528057400 Event by Wheels With Attitude Dannevirke A & P Showgrounds Duration: 4 hr Public · Anyone on or off Facebook **NEW DATE: Sunday 21 January 2024** Wheels with Attitude and Swapmeet is returning in 2024 and this time it’s our 25th show! Happening on Sunday 21 January 2024 from 10am to 2pm at the Dannevirke A & P Show Grounds. If it’s got wheels or attitude, or even both, we want to see you there. All types of vehicles welcome: Vintage Cars - Classic Cars - Project Cars - Muscle Cars - Motorcycles - Tractors - Trucks - Buses Dedicated area for swapmeet stall holders. Food court – (limited spaces available for food vendors, message us for more information) Admission: Exhibitors - $5 per vehicle Swapmeet Site - $10 per site Trade Site - $20 per site Spectator Admission: Adult - $2 per person Child - $1 per person (under 5 free) Admission payable at the gate, no presales. Cash only, sorry no eftpos. Our last show, held in 2021 saw over 500 vehicles of all types on display and over 1000 people through the gates. & PS : anyone can add events to our forums ❤️ any area even International!
  9. Non Turbo WRX year was 2001 though, yes appears I confused myself : carry on have fun!
  10. Hardest Part : not sure if you've considered it, will be getting it road legal aye? It'll need a Cert which may include Brakes, driveshaft loops and even a Gearbox to handle it? eg the main reason most will say sell it & buy a Turbo Car sorry to be the "fun police here"
  11. jury's out so far but yep not a .co.nz email address I can say that much ❤️
  12. 20 years next yeah huh Elite Auto? I had a 'fancy' digital Fujifinepix 5megapixel? Camera with no Microphone
  13. I would also hazard a guess the internal Solder joints on the boards have gone dry & broken the 'old trick' was to Bake the circuit boards & re-flow them (not tried myself & sounds crazy at first) a common problem with fuel gauges of that era also love ya username LOL inventive even if cut short
  14. Other than speed sensors woes, yes? 5 Speeds are all very similar I understand Later have 8x bolt Bellhousings and you'll probably only have 4x? 6x Speeds are different length? (use Auto Driveshaft? I'm sure there's a sensor solution written on the forums somewhere again newest Subaru I've owned was a 98 BG5, and I've never got that Mechanical this is just from my form lurkings & Learnings
  15. "Everyone" that was a member of the old forum has the same Join date in 2009 as that's when this version went 'live' ❤️ thanks to @funkytown @Odie at the time iirc sorting the structure out
  16. ahh bugger I always skip that part & I was waiting for someone to pull me up posting the 'wrong' Rego too hah
  17. the most basic check is Carjam & sadly is appears from the public view I can see last WOF was 2009 https://www.carjam.co.nz/car/?plate=ARH135 so no, sorry not looking good sadly ❤️
  18. you're welcome ❤️ hah I'm doing my best wit ha few others to make sure this info is never lost (again) and be on the internet forever hah
  19. ooh : technicalities LOL I'm still learning to speak WRX
  20. we've got 3k in the CS Bank to cover Forum Costs & its been steady for about 5 years now with Google Adverts turned on and the odd Subscriber : @ClubSUB.org.nz isn't going anywhere ❤️ but yep if its a Wagon ya want a bit more in the Rear & "most" up to V6? fits / is the same? : changing ya top hats? gen 3 leggy "Only" the fronts are Similar (they changed the rear Design & used way shorter shocks?
  21. ditto : "only" suspension info I can see is this one : https://www.clubsub.org.nz/forum/index.php?/topic/35142-v3-gf8-sti-suspension-into-an-sf/ might take a but more searching ❤️ Actually I think Paul Started this thread to get it going eh
  22. Ign Lock, getting it off is sometimes the hard part if you've never done it before maybe have play @ Pick a part or inspect 1st
  23. hah : it is? : top menu = FAQ thats how I found it
  24. Forums have also gone under slightly viewable via the Waybackmachine though but yeah a quick scan of our FAQ maybe? the forums here also got wiped so nothing exists pre 2009 this one? : https://www.clubsub.org.nz/forum/index.php?/topic/9305-jdm-wrx-ecus/ And this short thread is also in the FAQ : might have a snippet of info
  25. Still a "thing" : does anyone have a set in NZ? or seen them after a few KM? I'd like to wish they are still mint, and Available...
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