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  1. the turbo radiator wont fit your chassis, the loom is completely different and the brakes, suspension will not be upto the task. its crazy to even attempt this when you can get a RS legacy for around $2k.. by the time you get your VZ upto cert standard you would have spent 2-3k easily.
  2. ill come and pick it up.. hell ill even give you $50
  3. rslegacy90

    neon lights

    neons are ghey.. just say no to neons, lol
  4. things like brakes really need to be done properly.. get yourself a copy of the service manual or a haynes, your asking for trouble following the mis-information that is clubsub. anyway here is the page you need buddy (covers abs and non-abs) just save it on your pc then zoom in with paint or pshop so you can read it..
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