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  1. Yep for sure. I’ll check with you again next week to see if he has replied
  2. If Kol12 doesn’t want it I’ll be happy to take it off your hands but would need it posted to Palmerston North... let me know and I’ll flick you postage costs?
  3. Did Kol12 end up getting the unit off you? If not I’m keen to take it as the backlight on mine has died as well.
  4. Anyone ripped out their Japanese sat nav and have it lying around?
  5. I haven't started it yet. Just finishing single conversion and putting everything back together and noticed this. Hoping someone will know..
  6. Hey everyone, Can anyone help me identify what is meant to be plugged into this connector? Car is a BH5 gtb and connector is located between the battery and washer bottle. It looks like it comes out of the fuse box. http:// I disconnected everything a few months ago and now can't figure out what it was connected to Cheers
  7. Um I'm based in Brisbane...shipping would be a killer...
  8. Cheers Joker all sorted now. Getting stubs to suit 6 speed and reusing 5 speed shafts
  9. Thanks man I been doing some research and there's a mob in Sydney that sell stubs that will work with the existing 6 speed seals so think I'll go with that option and reuse original shafts
  10. The 6 speed doesn't have stubs. I have axles with stubs that came from doner car which are fine on the gearbox end but no good on hub end. Did you use a 6 speed with stubs for yours? I would like to run axles with stubs as I already installed new seals on box to suit them. Has anyone used sti 6 speed shafts? Wonder if they are different to the BL/BP legacy 6 speed shafts?
  11. I can't swap the hubs because the BP/Bl hubs have a different abs sensor to the BH/BE. The only option I see at the moment is making hybrid shafts with the originals and the 6 speed ones but would rather find something to slap straight in instead
  12. Hey guys, Has anyone completed a 6 speed swap into a bh5/be5? I'm almost complete but ran into a issue with the 6 speed front drive shafts and the legacy hubs. They won't feed through far enough due to the size of the recess on the back of the hub. Conversion is with full 3.0r gear and shafts. Any help on what front drive shafts to use would be great. Cheers
  13. Yes you are right. My mistake I thought the column switch controlled the plate lights. Plate lights work fine just the parks are not working. I will start tracing the wiring to the park lights and hopefully find something obvious there. Cheers for your help guys
  14. Damn still no go. Checked connectors to park lights and plate lights and all seem ok - no sign of any damage. I bypassed the switch on top of the steering wheel but unfortunately Park and plate lights still don't light up. Put the multimeter on the bulb connectors and no power going to them. Not sure what to do next. Might have to fork out and get an auto sparky to look at it?
  15. Thanks for the replies guys but unfortunately still no go. Duncanm you are correct the number plate lights are out as well. Here's what I've done so far. Checked #5 fuse under dash and was all good. Checked #7 under the bonnet and it was good. Removed each relay under the dash, under the fuse box and tested with a working relay but still no luck. What to check next? Could it be a faulty switch on top of the steering wheel? When I flick on the switch on top of the steering wheel all that lights up are the tail lights
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