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Found 9 results

  1. Hello! I bought some Lamco gauges on ebay and am trying to source the appropriate sensors. I have Boost, volt and oil temp on my cluster. Can anyone point me in the right directions? I'll also need the wiring diagram. There are loads of threads about these gauges but they are all old and the parts they show arent around anymore. I've read defi sensors work but im not paying 200 plus shipping, the gauges are already costing me 550$ to get to nz... Any local suppliers of sensors or people in NZ that have knowledge about these gauges I'd love to talk to. Cheers Luke
  2. Hey guys, New here, have a question, am making a twisted turbo setup with a kinugawa TD05 25G 3" anti surge inlet turbo, i am wondering if there is a set distance for placing the AFM in front of the turbo housing, as iv heard it can create issues ( no way to delete the AFM as no link with this build). The pipe will be a straight pipe off the front of the turbo. Has anybody played around with this before or have some helpful information about this? Any help is appreciated :)
  3. Hey there fellow Subie owners, Anyone heading out for drag wars tonight?
  4. Hey guys needing some help in wellington own a 2002 wrx and recently have only been getting boost every once and a while other wise it just drives like a fast NA can hear it spool up but there is no boost only owned the car for 7 months
  5. Hi, I have owned my MY99 WRX wagon for about nine months now, it is stock apart from strut brace and swaybar. The car is much faster than the Suzuki SX4 I used to drive back in China, but a mechanic (who have driven lots of subarues) told me that the car is definitely low on power. "I don't feel any boost at all" he said. And I also feel the car is a bit slower than when i first got it, it used to have the blow pass valve noise when let off the throttle, but I haven't heard it for quite some time. I can still hear the turbo spinning up from around 3000rpm if the window is closed What might be the problem? I also noticed the rpm drops to almost 500 sometimes when idling, and then it goes back to normal.(about once in a week) My idea is to install a boost gauge and see if the boost is normal. Does anyone have ran into this kind of problem before? any advice would be helpful, thanks
  6. Hi all What type of electronic boost controller would people recommend? are they worth the money? I was looking at getting a Greddy profec or Blitz type s off Nengun. The reason i wont one is to help with spool, and to get a more consistent boost levels, and most importantly safety! http://www.nengun.com/greddy/profec-oled or http://www.nengun.com/blitz/sbc-type-s-new Cheers
  7. Ok, so have been trolling the internet reading info on turbos and boost controllers and wanting a bit of help determining whether I need one and if so whats good. So the car is 91 RS legacy with TD05 and V4 wrx Z4 ecu. No mods except for exhaust. 1. without mods do I need a boost controller - I have read that a manual boost controller is better than the stock one as it allows to wastegate to remain fully closed to full boost is achieved as what Ive read the factory solenoid will start open a little before full boost. 2. Is a MBC safe to use? how easy to set up? I have a boost gauge so I can see whats happening. 3. Is there a risk of boost spikes? 4. Does a boost controller need a tune to work properly? Im not wanting to up the boost at this point, but most things Ive read say ditch the factory solenoid. Im totally new to the world of turbos and wanting to increase my knowledge before I buy anything or do anything to ruin the car. It does seem there are varying opinions about MBCs and EBCs. Any/as much info on whats required, if I should get one, am I an idiot for suggesting it, any comments please. Thanks
  8. hi, im dave. new to clubsub but not a stranger to subaru, have owned my fair share of legacys and currently drive a 98 wrx sti. few mods done to the car but biggest mod is the 28 speaker fusion sound system. at the mo am counting down the days to flat nats 16, went to flat nats last year and it was a blast so ill be back and louder than last year
  9. Went for a bit of a fang today with a couple of mates who when we parked up kindly informed me that when I hit boosty boost it's like a smoke grenades been thrown behind my car. I think this is because I never really use my secondary (living in Chch and just commuting to work everyday) and it's just blowing all the crap out. Other possibility is I need new plugs? And the other "problem" I've noticed was at 4800rpm the car shudders abit, almost like it's not getting enough gas? Any advice, ideas, help appreciated
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