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  1. I have found an old CS thread on this type of ECU Are you running a 2 or 3 port solenoid for the waste gate, if running a 2 port then that might be the issue as that ECU looks to need to use a 3 port second page about half way down it talks about 3 port solenoid
  2. Very easy, just use some crc or wd40 on the hangers to help remove and reinstall.
  3. To keep this going I would go the STI ECU and VF??? and injecctors. Enjoy the power upgrade without it being too much at once, and learn what you do and don't like once you have a bit more power. While doing this find a good tuner, talk to them about your plans, then save up for the parts you need/want and ECU and tune. The other thing I would say is that as the engine internals are an unknown at this point theres no point in spending thousands on turbos/ecu/tune if the engine won't handle it. Also I'd go for a VF series if possible as new technology, and keep an eye out for any second hand Link plug and play ecus, they do sometimes pop up
  4. I would say forget the EBC and wideband and put that money into stuff below. You definitely should save for a Link, but I would do a turbo, STI ecu and injectors, if you get a recon set they should be fine. The upgrade of turbo will make a big difference, especially going from TD04 to TD05?Vf??? I went from TD05 to VF8 (close to TD04 size) and noticed the power difference/drop. Once you have the turbo/ECU in the car, enjoy the increase in power and save for a Link and tune. This way you won't run out of turbo as quickly as you would with the TD04 set up with a Link. Also I have a spare set of yellow injectors if you want. *note: someone more informed than me can give advice on VF turbos
  5. for my 2c worth. A 'cheap' way would be a TD05/VF??? upgrade, and something like a Z4 ECU, maybe injectors a not sure what yours runs. that would be a budget conscious build with out adding boost controller, from memory it peaks at just over 13psi, i had this combo in my BC5 and it was enough for me for a while.
  6. To throw something else out there.... what about dry sump system?
  7. I really like the look of the RCM ones, Killer B ones seem to be the go in the States, might be just because of cost and availability of them but look cheap to me. The PBMS ones have been used here lots so can find first hand info on them. I would find more info on the RCM ones as they look such good quality, especially compared to the Killer B one. http://www.speedhunters.com/2017/03/roger-clark-motorsport/
  8. If you get stuck, Ive got one in Chch you could use, but have no idea when it would get there
  9. Theres lots of good info on tuning on the web and youtube, even if its not the exact engine, usually the principles don't change. Incremental steps in tuning, got to get everything happy and in the right parameters before doing any pulls and logging, and see if you can get some dyno time. What so many Youtube videos (that Ive seen anyway) lack is showing the setup of the base map, even an off the shelf map will need checking and maybe tweeking before the car runs well enough to do any sort of pull.
  10. If you do this keep us updated, I have a friend who could be interested in one of these
  11. Yes, would be keen to find more about this, especially how the twin system is set up, I don't see the BBOD in the photo.
  12. If you did want to this I would get a second ECU as a standby if you brick it or it gets screwed up.
  13. Mine was done when they replaced the original damaged dash, so don't have to worry about mine. If you are getting it replaced by Crowesport in Christchurch I can vouch for the good workmanship in reinstalling the dash. Wouldn't even know it has been out, no creaks, rattles or unexplained gaps
  14. From the rear it reminds me of a book shelf for some reason