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  1. This is spot on. A proper dyno tune will build up the required parameters as they go through many pulls on the dyno. If the guys have been tuning these engines for a while then they know what works as a good base then tune to your cars preferences. Have a look at HP Acadamy or even Scotty from Haltech when he tunes on Mighty Car Mods on youtube. I would start at the 3rd cat (y section) back first before spending money on headers as said above are restrictive but so is the rest of the system. My 3.0 outback is running a 2.5inch to 2.25 to straight through mufflers - xforce system, and it helps get the system breathing better, definitely noticeable. Check out @gotasuby , he has a couple of build pages and knows his Subarus.
  2. This, ECU will be trying to control the wrong sized turbo. The TDO4 is small compared to a VF28 type turbo.
  3. Only thing I could think of is that the lock up is now working and when you need it it actually works. I know mine drops about 500rpm when the convertor locks up, and you may not notice it until you push the accelerator and then it unlocks and slips again giving you the extra rpm. If the oil was very contaminated then it may affect the lock up clutch. What city are you in? it might be an idea to talk to a specialist auto trans place. Im only going off my basic knowledge and experience.
  4. What year is the car. Only thing I can think of is that the clutch band for 5th is worn and slipping. Any reason why you changed the trans fluid? was it badly discoloured?
  5. When you say you get another 500rpm, do you mean the revs drop by that and you can accelerate again till it reaches the same rpm as before the drop? If so then that should be the torque converter locking up, giving a more 1:1 ratio into the transmission. Usually happens in the higher gears.
  6. Put in new front brake pads in the outback. All done and dusted within 20 minutes from start to finish including jacking and wheel removal/re installation. So quick and easy
  7. I think you might have to have cats for WOF. High flow cats are not very restrictive, and the rest of the stock system is quite restrictive. Personally I don't think you would get much gain power wise with stock rear section and wouldn't be worth the money. Start with the midsection back, if you are wanting quiet but better flowing you might be better off finding a set of offset mufflers (quieter) and getting a muffler shop to fab up the rest. That way you get a better flowing exhaust and keep the noise level to your liking. Then you can save up for the headers.
  8. Finally took these out out of the boot of the car My recent purchase, not sure why, more of a why not. Best value turbos in town.
  9. Let me know if you find somewhere else. Im ok with waiting till April for them, but always interested in good alternatives. Ive seen a couple on ebay, but have no idea of quality. Also Im running an Xforce system from the Y pipe back, that sounds really good, even with the stock headers, woill sound so much better with headers and high flow cats. The Skid Factory on YT have a vid where Al shows the inside of the stock headers, more restrictive then they look from the outside.
  10. The door trim by the drivers side window puts me off the price straight away, also at this point its an unknown rebuild so again puts me off, STI or not
  11. What about the brakes? Would it have come with the Subaru 4 pots? or were they later?
  12. Ignore this as I wrote something then reread after posting so deleted the question.
  13. I don't exactly have a time frame yet, I am awaiting some money, but its tied up with lawyers at the moment, so can't guarantee when I'll have it. Would also want cash in hand before ordering, don't want to leave anyone in the lurch if anything gets delayed again.