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  1. has anyone ordered wheels or anything from jp auctions? How would I go about getting something like that to NZ
  2. I don't have the loom that you attach to the radio harness. But I think I can make that no problem. I really need the/an ambient air temp sensor... I saw your old post about what you found on ebay but the link is dead. What did you search for? And what year Ford did you knick from? Thanks heaps mate
  3. You are right it is air temp. Any idea what I need to get that going?
  4. Yeah I've seen defi and the replacements on ebay. I got the black faced ones. So north shore Toyota you say .. Any idea on wiring?
  5. Hello! I bought some Lamco gauges on ebay and am trying to source the appropriate sensors. I have Boost, volt and oil temp on my cluster. Can anyone point me in the right directions? I'll also need the wiring diagram. There are loads of threads about these gauges but they are all old and the parts they show arent around anymore. I've read defi sensors work but im not paying 200 plus shipping, the gauges are already costing me 550$ to get to nz... Any local suppliers of sensors or people in NZ that have knowledge about these gauges I'd love to talk to. Cheers Luke
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