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Found 5 results

  1. Hi guys Car in question is a GF8 with an ej20g engine. Recently I disconnected my coolant fill tank when I removed my intake manifold for painting and I've had an overheating issue since. I've bled the system alot and I think I've got the majority of the air out of it. I am using straight water though but that'll be remedied when I do flush the system. Today (second day of bleeding) everything looked stable no air coming out of the coolant, so I fitted my rad cap and took her for a test drive with the temp gauge in usual spot. Not long after that, it overheated. Ive shut my engine off and given it a rest for five min and it has gone right back down to midway. It quickly rose though. The temp gauge does fluctuate, so does the tachometer intermittently, mainly when I was off throttle rolling downhill. That suggests to me I've reconnected something incorrectly. I am pretty confident I've reconnected coolant hoses from the tank properly - the one at rear leads to the metal bit on top of the engine beneath the manifold, not to the block directly. I don't see any oil in coolant or coolant in oil. It could be an issue with my heater, as my a/c does not work due to a short. However my car was not overheating before when the heater was not working. Coolant does gush out once cap is removed Hot and steam. I'm at a loss as to what it could be. I'm guessing it's my half arse intake manifold job. I really hope I haven't hooked up an oil hose to where a coolant hose has supposed to go.
  2. Hey guys i have a WRX gf8 wagon with the ej20gdw1ne which is an early WRX engine. Long story short I removed my intake manifold one day to paint lol and ended up getting mixed up with the hoses. Ended up having issues such as uprpm not reading correctly and sluggishness. Anyway these are the hoses I'm wondering about: On the left side of engine bay, round thing (boost solenoid?) I have the top hose going to the turbo-intercooler pipe, middle hose to wastegate, but I'm not sure where the lower hose goes. Above that is a little red thing with a hose coming out of it. Where does that one go? Also there is a pipe coming out of my turbo down pipe that faces the engine block - I can't ever remember having anything connected to that. There's this hose which is teed off too - I think it comes from my boost gauge. Here's some engine bay pics. I'm not sure if I've got the Top three little hoses on the IM right but I've got the left one that goes to the bov blocked off. I'm putting bov back in so yeah. https://photos.app.goo.gl/6C2vjWcN5RMCQNmP9 Thank you all.
  3. So I just had an internet arguement about GF8 Gravel Express being detuned compared to the equivalent WRX & I Lost so thought I'd post results here : possible a repost Source : http://pacificcoastjdm.com/review/subaru/imprezagc8/stats
  4. Hey guys and girls Have pored over the forum and the web for info on the best way to remove my intake manifold for cleaning/painting. At first sight it is a mish with all the hoses and parts connected to it and also blocking access to bolts etc. But no doubt it is doable. I would like to know how you did it, as well as any general precautions I should take? Engine in question is an early EJ20G, one with no coil pack thingy on top. In order I would probably go with: Air intake Breather hoses on top Throttle body Throttle cable Coolant lines to reservoir That's all I can think of now. I've never done this on a flat four or on any other type of engine lol.
  5. Hey guys, I'm a new member to site also fairly new to the Subaru scene. I have 1996 wrx wagon with an Ej20g engine fairly stock except for a upgraded turbo to a tdo5 from tdo4 and a front mount intercooler. The engine now has major rod knock so I have purchased a complete minus turbo/intercooler v2 sti engine. I just have a few concerns and any help would be much appreciated. So from what I've been told and found I should be able to use my intake afm etc swap it over to the sti and that should be fine? Will it be fine to use the current ecu in the wrx to run the sti engine with the parts swapped over? I understand that it would have been tuned for the tdo4 and the original motor but will it cause any issues with the engine? Reason be the wrx has a 3 plug ecu and I think the v2 sti is 4 plug. Not looking to make any huge power will only be running at standard boost just wanting to get it alive once again Any help or advice, tricks, tips even for the swap itself is much appreciated!! Tia
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