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  1. Sti use a different turbo from wrx, check engine number, check vin/frame no. There's a big thread on here titled 'is my wrx an sti?' it should help if you get the vin and compare it to the list. Anyone can add stickers/badges for the +10bhp
  2. Hey guys just thought I'd start this thread here as I found some uber cool fog lamps with 'sti' covers I've never seen before. https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/460380194 Would probably suit an old bc5 or alcyone/Leone etc as they are old school!
  3. Can't you find one on Amayama? You can search by JDM models or by your vehicles vin. Amayama or partsouq are my go to.
  4. I've heard amazing things about carpro perl. A tiny bottle of what I'm guessing is advanced trim restorer, a little goes along way. And of course seen the results. I've also seen videos of detailers using a heat gun. Supposedly this method can make your plastic brittle over time but it brings all the oils/pigments to the outer layer. If you paint it don't use vht quick kote or motor tech. That **** sucks *** and will just crack after a day in the sun even with its corresponding clear coat over it. Duplicolor has been the best off the shelf paint I've used and lyndar 2k clear from supercheap is the best though Trademe has 2k clear for a better price...
  5. That lemon yellow does look nice. The dark blue seems pretty common, should be alright I spose but I saw a sedan on TM that was a dark maroon colour. Those three are all nice but I reckon yellow for its uniqueness, followed by all those mentioned with no love for silver
  6. What's the changeover? Very interesting, so the main difference would be the two turbs and how they are arranged really with lines and such. And of course slight variances i.e. Coil packs vs coil on plugs etc. Thanks for your offer @SpeedySub will keep that in mind. I'd willingly buy a sedan too, I don't mind. Just think manual/turbo is a non negotiable as I will be trying to sell (after I enjoy it of course), only because I can't part with me wrx and prelude and three fun cars to one guy is a bit greedy. Do you know of the most popular colours?
  7. Hey guys I'm thinking of buying doer-uppers relatively cheap, fixing them and respraying (a more of a refresh than a full on resto) and I'm interested in a gt bg legacy. I understand the code is BG5? They are probably more one of my favourite generations of legacy having that "svelte" look before Subaru went all boxy/angular. I have a bit of experience troubleshooting with my ej20g 95 wrx, but I'm guessing with the tt leggies there's less engine room and more Hoses and such, and there are Hoses from hell on the bg5s? Facelift/kouki bumpers look sweet imo, are they sought after/any other special bits that legacy people love? I am completely ignorant to legacies being completely gc/gf focused but how well will they go being 276hp/1400kg compared to the wrx of the time being 220hp/1200kg?
  8. You could've tried bkr6e11ix, I'm not sure if later gc8 being coil pack ign recommend iridiums but early models with coil on plug require iridiums being a hotter direct spark. Plus those are notch v groove plugs, could probably run them safely in dizzy n/a low comp engines but I'm not sure if they're right for your car. It does suck that you got rid of it. 😭
  9. I'm late to the party but I'm no mechanic but an avid youtube and Internet researcher and will admit a strong jdm bias I'd say German engineering and design is about building the best using cutting edge innovation, new tech, different materials (plastic intake manifolds, x amount of computers, etc etc) Japanese - what can last beyond service intervals, price and affordability, ease of service. Course as things progress over the years lines get blurred as manufacturers aim higher. Case in point Toyota being bulletproof in the 80s/90s to a few older mechanics giving me sheepish looks when I ask what kind of modern cars can live past 300xxx km with ease like the old Corollas. So therefore with good maintenance high ks is not too important. But I'd say jdm better at higher km, though I've only done about 100,000km in owning 5 Japanese cars, all but one over 190km and 1980-2000 MY. No euros, yet 🤔 Edit: watched your video and must say your rs7 sounds nice. Bet it sounds even nicer on downshifts, cracks n pops n all.
  10. I had to Google verboten
  11. You can actually get a good deal on riced out 20yr old sh*tters, they're usually so ugly your average buyer won't go near them for that reason. Matte spraycan home paint jobs, ugly wheels, done up interiors, cosmetic dents, bad taste mods can get you a cheap daily that would otherwise be 500-1000 dollars extra unmodified and have more buyers interested.
  12. Not sure if right subforum, defs wrong forum but i don't want to join a Nissan forum just yet. Car in question is a Nissan Serena c23 with an sr20de. I'm fixing it and when I was going to replace the crank angle sensor I found a few dodgy wires going to it. Big one is this wire that has no insulation, can't be factory but someone has extended it a little then wrapped it round the rest and taped up.. Not sure what it does but CAS connector is 4 pin and the connector it goes to is 5 (unused therefore). As the connector is the same for various other sr2des, some rbs, I've looked at wiring diagrams for said cars (bugger all for Serenas online) and still nothing. I'm guessing it could be for troubleshooting? But the cut and tape job surely can't be factory. And I'm gonna fit wires of the same gauge to the CAS replacing the thin ones currently connected to it
  13. How are you going to restore it? Mask off windscreen etc and spray that vinyl dye stuff? I'm interested to know as my dash is spotty in places
  14. I'd rather walk. Or drive a clapped out dx corolla
  15. PBMS only use open deck blocks for street builds and recommend 200kw at the crank max (268hp). https://youtu.be/UDSHuVuPQE0