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  1. Not just today but since Friday arvo And also to the daily not a Soobie Fitted HKS SMF filter+piping 2.5"->3" Sounds brilliant at wide open throttle Happy I went genuine, usually I go with the cheapest option but it is awesome 10/10 woul trade again. Sounds meaner than the standard pod on my gf8, which gives off a sucking whistling sound... Removed rear garnish, rear badges, exhaust manifold heat shield, intake manifold, valve cover, prepped, cleaned, masked and painted them hi temp black or either motortech underseal, both finished with
  2. Do you need a big-ish printer to do things like gauge pods/cupholders etc? Considering they are bigger items
  3. Late reply but try using a heat gun, dont go too hot as it is plastic
  4. Is it hard to start? Could be crank angle sensor?? I've had a nissan sr20de that had a range of problems and the crank angle sensor caused random stalling and hard starting. Sometimes the van refused to go over 60kmh. If it were me I'd go through and check pcv hoses, throttle body, spark plugs, leads, check it's getting good fuel pressure, iacv, afm, start with the basics.
  5. Bought this thing sight unseen. It turned out having extensive service history back to when it was new, previous owner had it for 10 years and bought it for approx 3200 iirc. 4AFE 5MT 4AGE 20V, just kidding 4AFE 1600, with 267000km on the clock. I paid 1200 for it. A few small dents here and there, really minor rust issues from stone chips etc, some paint fade, and a slightly bad valve cover gasket but no really bad issues. Took a midnight intercity bus down to Wellington, driver was a 0/10 and they catfished me with nice pics of a $$
  6. If you're really unsure, chuck some UV leak detection dye in your oil and run it for a week maybe. Then put on the glasses that come with the kit and the uv torch and itll pinpoint where the leak(s) are..
  7. Supercharged? Was it sold here in NZ? Sounds super rare. You may have to speak to a kiwi/aussie on the ground in Japan or someone trustworthy in a country where they were sold in high numbers if you can't get one in NZ.. May even have to buy whole car or half cut. It can't hurt to contact wreckers, but being an older ace, which is quite a rare car like the leones/justy it's likely a lot of them won't have anything. Maybe make a long list of wreckers and call them all first. Would be cheaper to get engine locally than from overseas or donor car.
  8. On Saturday picked up my AE101R Corolla, today fitted oem BA5 Prelude wheels with near new (chinese) 195/65r14 tyres on them, taller tyre than the oe 175/65r14s, fills the wheel arches better. Chucked the preludes 30 y/o spare on the prelude, plus the 3 worst tyres from the Corolla on it, including the full size spare that was *mint* no cracks lots of tread but can't risk running a 24y/o tyre. Drove it back cautiously through the desert road, one tyre was tough and cracked bad, one was a bit bald despite being warranted. Ripping fwd wheel spin is fun (on said crappy ty
  9. I picked up a daily today from wellywood, there must've been something going on today as there was a v1/2 555 liveried GC8 around as well as many tough looking later model sti/wrx. (and mx5s, but we won't go there lol).
  10. Znoelli are highly rated from what I read online. And supposedly quite affordable direct. Maybe not just read this is daily driving use only.
  11. @Gripless I'm not sure if v11 would work, that's like ej205? Mines an old v1 haha.
  12. I'll definitely do all those seals, cheers. I'm gonna look into doing it all slow and carefully with the big seal puller tool, don't want to damage anything, clean up any surfaces with a wire wheel drill attachment. 1.6mm, are they the best? I will not be doing anything really quick, no rush, never done this before so will be doing it slow n steady haha.
  13. Ended up getting an ae101, or is it ae101r? 96 Corolla sedan, 4AFE, manual, 260kms s edan, not the nicer/practical/slightly more expensive hatch. Was considering a 95 Charade also manual but had to get wof/reg. "girlfriends" Note that daihatsu parts catalogs are hard to find online, or. I'm just looking in the wrong places, so with Toyota I have that new parts at amayama prices option. Planning on doing a big service with new parts from repco, they're as common as n/a gf imprezas at wreckers so will stock up on some stuff, give it a polish etc, pics to co
  14. My 95 Gf8 wrx only broke down once - a bad fuel pump but probably hadn't been changed in its 213000km life (when I got it) plus most likely ran dry from being run on e heaps. Need to replace various bits, like intake hose/intercooler pipe, but like others have said not many people in NZ change/service parts and will sell a high km car saying good condition but really it's a time bomb with many parts soon to fail. Before I got my Subaru, I had crashed my MR2 in a ditch and the local panelbeater who I got it towed to (then drove home 250m haha) was like careful, theyre l
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