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Found 8 results

  1. I recently imported my dream bh5 in the purple/ blue colour, auto ej206 which I'm fine with, it has 49,000 k"s and upon inspection it has had a centre decat and muffler delete and a back box from zero sports. It's a rev C from 2000 and I'm looking to get a base tune or Remap. I contacted possum bourne here in auckland but they are unable to tune the rev C ecu for some reason? Would anyone be able to point me in a direction of a tuner in auckland? Someone also mentioned on here about project lambda, I was wondering if anyone has had experience with them and if it's worth it. Thanks guys!
  2. Hi, I have a 1999 Subaru impreza, I know nothing about cars and was wondering if i could buy any big bore for my car and do you just have to weld the big bore on or is there more to it? are there certain types you have to buy? and what would be a cheap one? Thank you !!!
  3. Hi, I own a N/A 2007 Subaru legacy sedan, with an EJ20 I am wondering if a N/A EJ20 engine can sound the same as a turbo'd EJ20? For example if i installed a full exhaust kit (INVIDIA) or along those lines if I could achieve the same sound? Thanks a bunch
  4. Hello once again team! I am looking to do some cheapish exhaust mods to me 3.0r sedan based off what I have read online. So far the menu looks like this. Delete 3rd Cat. Replace centre muffler with 2.5" redline resonator. So far I have some saying leave the centre muffler alone or youll (drone) regret it. And others saying do what you like it does next to nothing. Has anyone gone down this path before? Keen to hear your tips. Cheers!
  5. hey guys, today while going for a drive I heard a tinny rattling sound so decided to pull over and inspect. Turns out my exhaust tip (which before leaving for this trip was amusingly able to be pushed from side to side) was hanging out of my muffler. Is it as simple as being welded back on, and if I don't get round to doing it ASAP, is it illegal to drive round without the tip? Haha there's a bit more drone but shouldn't put me over the db limit right?
  6. alexnichol405

    cat delete

    im looking at cutting out my catalytic converter on my legacy and throwing in a high flow coby, is this legal for wof standards? im also going to be fabricating a twin straight pipe tip, does anyone know how far it can stick out from the back of my legally? cheers
  7. I have a "secondary air flow valve" that has seized, apparently its rather common. My auto sparky has quoted me $900 for a new one. Considering this is bloody expensive, and the valve for the other cat is likely to go soon... Im thinking of removing all of the secondary air flow system and flashing the ecu so the codes will no longer show, and to make better output and economy with the 3" full exhaust i have fitted. Has anyone done this and/or knows if it will work? will removing the air system effect the performance? Car is an 08 grb sti hatch (2L) Thanks Heaps!
  8. Hey does anyone know of a good company to ship a two piece catback from Auckland to the Wairarapa/Wellington region? Or know of the rough price to do so? I haven't organised shipping myself for an item of this size before so I'm not sure if my usual courier companies will have a good price for items of this size. Cheers
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