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Found 6 results

  1. Hey guys! I'm really new here, but have question about gearbox rebuilds. Car: 1997 V3 WRX STI Type RA 1) Rebuilders: Who in Auckland rebuilds gearboxes for a reasonable price? I.e. All synchros for a V3 Type RA gearbox. Crunching upon gearshift unless I time the shifts immaculately. 2) Clutch sticks to floor at high rpm: At high rpm shifts my clutch pedal sticks to the ground, and I need to pop it back up with my foot... Aside from this, the clutch works fine (not heavy, chattery, not very noisy etc). It's a street Exedy, but had this problem even with the old clutch. Does this seem like it'd be throwing bearing/selector fork issue? Thanks for your help!
  2. Have sourced a v7 sti 6 speed gearbox, cross member and clutch fork as an upgrade for my 96 wrx. Going to use the 5sp clutch, starter and flywheel. (box syncros are gone and its leaky) Trying to find a 3.9 r160 rear diff to replace the 4.44 version which is in the car. The seller has a 3.9 plate-type LSD from a gen4 legacy H6. Is the spline compatible with my existing axles? Anyone know any other compatible 3.9 LSD r160's? (preferably mechanical without going to an expensive v2 sti RA diff) Cheers
  3. yeah its been done a brazillion times in all makes & models (sure it seems easy ground the neutral wire & bung the hardware in) but its never quite that easy is it? across the gens & models? or please point me to nearest thread because I cannot seem to find one anywhere or help us make one with pretty pictures & details & stuff, even if it is for one particular model etc I want to add it tot he FAQ section
  4. In lieu of a new Technical board structure being implemented soon, here are the workings for the new FAQ posts to replace all technical stickies, and hopefully most of your searches. This is a temporary post because it isn't helping anyone locked away while I'm too busy to finish it. Please post additional useful links as a new post for a Mod to add to the list. Mods, I've tried to categorise things logically and keep double-ups to a minimum. PM me any questions. Cheers, kamineko INFORMATIONAL Documents Every JDM brochure - @chappell943 SUBARU PARTS CATALOGUE - @B4 2000 Workshop Manuals Workshop Service Manuals - Stoffa Gen 1 Legacy workshop manual - @slystiguy Gen 3 and 4 workshop manuals - @paulngui Legacy 1998-2003 Service Manual (GEN III incl RSK/GT) - @suubyduuby Workshop manual BE/BH 2003MY. Covers TT 4442 pages by Fuji Heavy Industries - @Rosssub FORESTER 1999-2002 Workshop Manual - @luvmaforzzy pdf Engine manual for a Ej20t Dohc - subaru-mania Vacuum Diagrams and Solenoid Placements for WRX - Swindog Gadget Manuals Programming Keyless Entry Info All Legacy GT/b's Installation manuals (Timers/Controllers etc) - @Joker Zero Sports Sequential Controller DIY translation - @nncoolg G4 pdf manual - evowrx GFB G-Force 2 Boost Controller Manual Gizzmo Ibc Manual Model Codes & Specifications Impreza WRX Classic Model Codes - kamineko JDM WRX ECUS - kamineko JDM WRX Brake setups - kamineko Factory Power/Torque/Kerb Weights for all GC/GF Models. - thorpy How to decipher model/chassis codes (JDM vehicles) - boostin Legacy JDM Legacy applied model codes - readosnr Legacy BL BP info - subieboy Forester JDM Forester applied model codes -readosnr Engine ECU basics from ScoobyMods including reset & CEL Reading procedures V3/4 Sti Shim under aftermarket valves Part Numbers - @thorpy Intercooler and Other Related FAQ's - @Swindog Turbo Subaru Turbo System explained - @Stoffa Turbo FAQ's - @Swindog More IHI Turbo specs - @Shale Drivetrain Manual Transmission Ratios - By @Johnnynz Subaru Gearbox Chart V2 - @GC8E2DD Subaru Gearbox Code Chart Electrical Full list of fault codes - @boostin Check Engine Light CEL Codes - @kamineko Subaru ABS Fault Codes Power Light Fault Codes (Automatic Transmission) - arsenal69 Wiring guides and pinouts - @ReubenH ECU Pinouts BC5 BG5a WRX (4 plug) pinouts V7 STI ECU Diagram jollygreenmonster.com ECU pinouts Speed sensor pinout - @gotasuby
  5. Hey guys i have a sti v8 and me the 5th sycro is weak and i am gonna rebuild the gear box anyone know who can rebuild them good and I AM IN AUCKLAND ?? Cheers Ben
  6. so I've got a 2003 spec B legacy and the auto transmissions called it quits at 130,000kms due to my unfortunate financial position at the moment I have no real option other than to replace it myself... to be honest I know sweet f**k all about what I'm going to be doing, so would be gold if maybe I could get some feed back about... good places to look for a replacement, how to actually take the friggn thing out, and what tools I'll need. I am a sparky so am practically competent but was just wondering if you lot have any tips and tricks. thanks
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