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  1. Thankyou!!
  2. Any chance I could get this fixed?
  3. Same for me
  4. Thanks, I'm just paranoid about getting him to order one and its the wrong one, I might shoot out to Strong for Subaru and see if I can compare the one we took to a late model one.
  5. Thanks for the help. Not having any luck finding a spec c one so far, so called Winger Subaru and got quoted $675 plus gst to get one from Japan...... Ill have to keep looking.
  6. I have to help a mate change the lower control arm on a version 7 Sti spec C (the ones with roof scoop, DCCD, wind up windows etc). Are the control arms the same on these ones as on the standard V7s? I don't know the difference between the models and all I can find online is info for V1-6. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Where can you buy injector plugs for a v3 sti
  8. Td06 bolt on. Not sure what kinda power i\'m going to get, any figures would just be guess. I do have an elbow for the bit between the afm and silicone intake and I have a bracket to hold it still. It was all made up for the 300zx air flow meter and so fits in slightly differently. I put the old afm and pipe in just to move it
  9. Should be getting tuned next week or week after, power fc with 300zx air flow meter and 800cc injectors Its running on the 440\'s at the moment, had to drive it back home, but split fuel rails are in and flipped manifolds done so i\'m happy
  10. Its a bit whorey but its getting there,
  11. The one thats not connected in this picture
  12. You see the long black hose that comes out of the intake pipe on the right and then goes under the manifold. I don't know where that goes to. I have connected bov return and everything else
  13. Putting my car back together and I can't remember where the one with the arrow runs to. Please help I'm stumped but it's probably extremely obvious...
  14. And some Mashimoto zx tires
  15. code 44 should be Wastegate duty solenoid afaik My old wrx had this one and I had to replace it, might be a vaucuum line running to it? idk as mine ran and idled fine just wouldnt boost right