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  1. Yeah took it for a drive, no change in how she runs. if anything a little bit more "poppy" on idle. CR should be a bit higher than factory, similar sized head gastket and 8.5.1. pistons
  2. Hi all, My engine is suffering over 6-6.5k .it just doesn't want to know about it, knocking etc. and also on high boost, misses and stutters. Last night when i was prepping it for a track event (plan is to keep it on low boost and under 6k, this has been ok'd by the tuner and verified on the dyno) I noticed my fuel return line and a sizeable kink in it. Could this be all of my problems? I've emailed the tuner and am waiting for a response, wouldn't mind a few opinions to however. NB: Car has split fuel rail mod to, if that makes any difference. thanks guys
  3. Hey guys, Grahame is quite busy for setting up meets at the moment, if you want to have a club sub meet, set a time and a place and create a post Grahame doesn't have to do it
  4. Cant see why i wont be there
  5. Hey mate. I have a set of headers but unfortunately no up pipe.


    make an offer for headers if your interested. Auckland located

    1. A_Tiny_Chipmunk


      need the up pipe to sorry

  6. G4+ plugin
  7. So with it hooked up to a boost gauge your just seeing how much pressure is building up? I have my factory map sensor lying around i could plumb it into as well, where do you output it to? Just do it doing a pull on the motorway?
  8. Built bottom end, rods pistons 8:5:1 studs etc. 850cc injectors. Large front mount, 3" turbo back Don't really have the means, I'm trusting the tuner that said it's suffercating the turbo..
  9. Hello all. So I built my motor twisted turbo setup and all, was gutted to only make 240kw on the turbo I have. What should I putting on it? (EJ207) Looking for ~300KW and not tooooo laggy. full boost isnt untill 4.5-5k atm (for 240kw that suucckss) Thankies all
  10. Might just have to pick one up since my cars in it
  11. Sadly a week is now pushing it as she's entered at powercruise
  12. Hi Munkvy Ill send you a PM, Ive been running hawk HP Plus pads, the car is a weekender and a trackday hero lol. Budget depends on the jump in price / performance.
  13. Was running hawk HP Plus pads on the front. cant seem to find anywhere selling them atm.. Best place to go best price? Thanks!