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  1. Streetsoundz always hook me up with good deals. Good guys there. I tried Abtec once but prefer these guys.
  2. Im always paranoid about getting under a car on stands. I use 3T jack with 3T stands. Once the car is on stands, I use the jack just to lift the body a tad as a backup. Sometimes I put chopped wooden planks under the wheels too.
  3. Anyone else going to be attending Hardpark event this Sunday? I'll be there as usual but not with my car.
  4. If they are pulling you up on that, go somewhere else lol. Unlucky for them to even notice and then fail it.
  5. Pulling up an old thread as I'm in need of a new wheel. Am I correct in saying a v8 sti wheel will fit my v7 sti with no issues but a v9+ may have airbag issues? I'm considering re covering my original in alcantara or getting a v8 wheel and recovering that in alcantara. The v7 wheels look clunky. Or how about a bl or bp legacy wheel? They look nice if there's no buttons.
  6. Turns out the car runs fine and theres no engine light without that header o2 sensor. Haven't actually driven it yet though.
  7. I'll find out soon enough. I'll talk to Chris before the tune and see what he wants me to do. Ideally I can just keep it as is.
  8. ok thanks for the info. If it runs okay, it will be fine to drive carefully. Currently have test fitted headers and they appear to fit great. So good using OEM parts as fitment is always on point. Just fitted new oil pan which was a prick. Should be running tomorrow if I can get a couple gaskets I need.
  9. Oh that sound great. I'm running a link ecu. If i had to guess, it's tuned using the o2 that was in the manifold so that could be tricky for when I want drive the vehicle to Macbilt and the tuner or will it automatically use the second o2?
  10. Ok thanks. My car never had cats pre turbo either. I have a secondary o2 underneath the car on the downpipe but there is also a bung at the top of the downpipe, shall I drill it out and put the o2 sensor that was on the uppipe in that bung?
  11. @Loren Im ready to install my set off a twin scroll car with modified uppipe. Just looking at my headers and it appears they have no O2 sensor whereas my stock Unequal length headers have the O2 sensor on the headers. Where did you install the o2 and did you just use the original one?
  12. I'm sure they could make something decent. They should make a 2 door with 'gc8 looks' to rival the supra haha.
  13. Worth watching. These guys to some great videos, they go in depth into all sorts of tuning and stuff.
  14. I always keep an eye on Subarus up for sale. Type Rs have increased heaps but 90k is a bit much. It's definitly heading that direction though. I remember when gc8s were 10k lol.
  15. Haha so my mate found this of my old car (first manual car) was in the family a few years until about a year ago.
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