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  1. Ok thanks. Ill hopefully get this done this weekend.
  2. Ok very helpful. Thanks. So where ecactly is the pcv for the crankcase? Is it on the block or intake manifold?
  3. I want to sort my pvc setup before getting my retune for my V7 Sti and have a few questions. Would running a three port catch can with one port for both head breathers, second port for crankcase vent and the 'clean air' port (third port) to just run underneath the car instead of back into intake be okay? Are there any issues letting 'metered air' escape? Id rather let the air go to atmosphere as I bet there is still somehow still oil or other crap in the 'clean' air. Its also easier in my case to just vent it carefully underneath the engine. Also is it fine to combine the
  4. When I put my V7 on dyno is was dangerously lean according to Chris. He cleaned it and then it was mint. He said its pretty common. That had a K&n oil panel filter at the time. Looking for one for my mates V7 who has FMIC so it needs a pod filter. Edit: could be the oil making it dirty or AFM could have just gotten dirty over time but it happened to my old v7 when I got that on the dyno a few years ago.
  5. Looking for a non oiled 'dry' pod filter for another car as the oil ones mess with AFM. Tried to google but didn't come up with much. Maybe the cheap SCA one isnt an oil one but cant be sure.
  6. Any tips for removing the Lower transmission nut (probably 2 nuts) that are behind the Axle, none of my extensions, spanners or swivel joiners fit or give me the leverage to loosen it. I better not have to remove the damn axle... EDIT: NVM I lifted engine and gearbox up a bit and it gave me enough room to fit spanner. Hopefully engine will be out tomorrow
  7. not rly but in 2 other (non subaru) projects, the sump has plenty of schmutz... although they both had rod knock 😄
  8. While engine is out should I also take pan off, clean out the schmutz and check oil pickup etc then RTV it back? Or is this asking for trouble.
  9. Bit of a thread hijack. I have a vf30 in my v7 atm. Are vf22 much better and worth swapping? My goal is to make a car that feels quick. I love the way these turbos kick as they make it feel quicker than it is. Will have aem fuel pump, 3 port, full exhaust and tune.
  10. I have the Exedy HD Clutch coming (no flywheel as extra 500 which is not worth it for me) as well as rocker cover gaskets, rear main seal and kidney plate. If anyone in wellington knows someone who will lend me their engine hoist for a few days for a pack of beers, lmk.
  11. Fixed Turns out I reused the rubber thing that the fuel pump sits in and that one didnt have the small hole at the bottom. I dont know how the DW200 worked as that needed a hole too.
  12. The DW200 appears to have exact the same wiring as the AEM. I can see + and - on the bottom of the DW200 and its the same orientation shown in the instructions for the AEM so Im sure the wiring is correct. Ill have a physical look tomorrow tho.
  13. So I have just installed an AEM 340lph fuel pump on my V7 Sti (for future power mods and also same pump as I used on my last V7). I loosely fitted it back and tested it but now the car cranks but doesnt start. I tried priming it 3 or 4 times before cranking but no luck. I took it out and inspected after I first attempted to start the car and noticed that no fuel (or hardly any) leaked out the lines (so it didnt pump any I assume) The fuel pump primes but the pump noise doesn't change pitch which tells me its not filling up the lines. The lines dont seem to be pinched, used original f
  14. Might be getting engine rebuilt for my old v7 (mate owns it). Have heard macbilt and llama engineering are good. Is this still the case?
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