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  1. VF22 can run at about 22-23 psi and depending on engine health 270-300hp tops if your running 98 octane. Pretty sure thats accurate. Edit: I use Flickr for uploading photos, works well.
  2. Awesome. Unfortunately Sundays rarely work for me but with some luck I'll be able to join in briefly.
  3. Are v7 wrx hubs, wheel bearings etc identical to the v7 Sti ones?
  4. Yeah I can't wait. Have been listening to some clips including @Lorens car and they definitly sound great. I also have rcm/samco turbo inlet and intake so should get some nice spool nose too.
  5. Yeah I have the turbo and few other bits however ill install that just before the tune. Then the tuner will install link ecu and injectors on the dyno. I would have guessed even pulses would beat having the slightly shorter pipes on two cylinders in terms of spool and power.
  6. Should be a good test then. Maybe a twin scroll will be my next turbo if this one ever gets boring😄
  7. Ok. Should definitely be more knock resistant due to equal cylinder Temps etc. Mainly want to see the spool difference so I don't need to go too hard on it to find out. I'm very interested to see what difference it makes.
  8. I'm interested to compare equal length vs unequal on stock turbo with no other changes so would it be safe driving it for a few days without a tune touch up? Then I can do turbo etc just before the tune.
  9. Still wating for response about buying the twinscroll-single scroll uppipe but If I have to get one custom made up I doubt ill have time before the tune. Unless there's any aftermarket options already available?
  10. Haha yeah. Unfortunately I already have a new turbo-care single scroll td05 18g sitting here. If I knew I would have gotten a TS turbo to begin with. Not too worried tho
  11. Okay. I'll pm you. Another option would be to get a twin scroll exhaust housing but I talked to turbo care who said there are no good ones out there that are any good.
  12. I found an auction on trademe for the following gear: Equal length twin scroll headers, uppipe, oil sump, pickup and dipstick. Only costed me $300 so its relatively low risk if I don't like it. What's the best way to go about modifying uppile to suit my single scroll turbo?
  13. Okay. Not unless previous owner took it there.
  14. Took my turbo off today and found this black stuff. Its pretty dry but will come off with some encouragement, I was able to scoop some out of the bottom of the turbo inlet pipe. I have had a catch tank for a about 6 months so am I correct to assume this is just old blowby? Car has done low kms, in good health and was running close to 23psi. This doesnt look normal tho. Thankfully I have a new turbo and turbo inlet
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