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  1. Im in for a park up with my new wagon (should be able to make it for part of it anyway). Ill definitely need a wagon mafia sticker @Scoobydoo
  2. Im interested in this too. The rack seems so slow and have to do a lot of steering on the legacy. Are sti ones compatible with bh5s?
  3. My BH5 legacy had what the old owner said was compressed springs (photos below, lmk what you think. Are they legit lowering springs or some ghetto modification?) and looks like it has done some damage to the front left tophat which I didn't notice on inspection. Ill be getting a new pair of tophats and lowering springs (if current springs have been modified) but need help on what springs are decent and will lower it a good amount. They are Bilsteins. Tophats (one good one bad): Springs sitting on wheels and one with wheels in air:
  4. Where does one go to get exhaust stuff? Did some googling and found vert little options in NZ for a catback. Do most people just get one made? Currently has aftermarket muffler and a rusty factory downpipes/midpipe. Just looking for a bit more sound at this point.
  5. Mine are sent. Everyone should just get out there and take some photos or post some old ones. Even if they look bad on a phone, a little edit in lightroom transforms it. I can edit if anyone wants some done.
  6. Just post them here or do we need to email them too?
  7. Subru

    Update photo

    Cheers! Its fine for now. It was a low quality photo anyway.
  8. Subru

    Update photo

    ok cheers Try this one
  9. Subru

    Update photo

    yeah I thought that was it too at first.
  10. Subru

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    Cant find where to update my profile picture. Its still of my old V7 and wanna change to my V11.
  11. Keep stock exaust with cat or buy second hand exhaust for wofs. Annoying but only once a year. Sucks how laws are always changing and how a lot of them make no sense.
  12. @PBMS gets a little shout out.
  13. Blue thins looks horrific but the silver one looks not as bad. why dont they make more of these
  14. Lets get this going again. For some reason the photos look real grainy, click them to get full quality Old Wainui Lookout: New- You are looking straight across the runway but unfortunately this location doesn't have street view yet.