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  1. I had the exact same thing with my old V11 Spec C. Unfortunately I dont recall if or how I fixed mine.
  2. Old Wainui Beach: New - shouldn't be too hard:
  3. I have fitted a valve so I can empty the can easily under the car. The air that goes through the baffle/filter goes to atmosphere (my intake has no ports)
  4. Nice. I'll be there if all goes well.
  5. Yeah its just buildup on the baffle plate. Just weird that the crank case is much cleaner but maybe thats normal. I'll have to check which one i plumbed them to, can't remember atm.
  6. wouldn't say its driven 'hard' but it definitely sees its fair share of boost for the road, its close to 240kw if that makes a difference. Yes the heads have twin ports. Not sure what size but its pretty small. The majority of the build up is in the photo shown. not much in the bottom of the can (anything that can reach the bottom drains out)
  7. So I opened my 5000-8000km old catch cans (which vent to atmosphere so I never have to empty cans). One catch can catches air from the heads and other one for crank case only. For some reason the can that catches air from the heads have a huge amount of oily build up whereas the crank air has much less. Is this normal to get this much build up? Images blow (enjoy) Head breather can: Crankcase breather can:
  8. Streetsoundz always hook me up with good deals. Good guys there. I tried Abtec once but prefer these guys.
  9. Im always paranoid about getting under a car on stands. I use 3T jack with 3T stands. Once the car is on stands, I use the jack just to lift the body a tad as a backup. Sometimes I put chopped wooden planks under the wheels too.
  10. Anyone else going to be attending Hardpark event this Sunday? I'll be there as usual but not with my car.
  11. If they are pulling you up on that, go somewhere else lol. Unlucky for them to even notice and then fail it.
  12. Pulling up an old thread as I'm in need of a new wheel. Am I correct in saying a v8 sti wheel will fit my v7 sti with no issues but a v9+ may have airbag issues? I'm considering re covering my original in alcantara or getting a v8 wheel and recovering that in alcantara. The v7 wheels look clunky. Or how about a bl or bp legacy wheel? They look nice if there's no buttons.
  13. Turns out the car runs fine and theres no engine light without that header o2 sensor. Haven't actually driven it yet though.
  14. I'll find out soon enough. I'll talk to Chris before the tune and see what he wants me to do. Ideally I can just keep it as is.
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