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  1. I won't be getting stock heat Sheila's around my aftermarket headers any time soon. Will have a look at pro wholesale or that heat shield solution stuff.
  2. Hey guys Just interested to know what heat wrap people are using? Whats the best for exhausts and exhaust manifolds? I have heard DEi titanium wrap is pretty good, but can't find anyone in nz selling it. Cheers
  3. Another random idea.......... is it possible to machine the P20 ball bearing exhaust housing to fit the likes of that journal bearing VF48 high flow turbo. It probably defeats the purpose of what the pros at IHI sort out to achieve with the VF48. But..... if the P20 housing could be made to fit, would that result in a late model technology responsive VF22 equivalent? Stretch the top end out a little bit more. (I know it sounds like I can't get over the VF22😄 but its just interesting throwing ideas around all the same)
  4. Diesel and turbo quoted $2125 incl gst. Which I thought is reasonable for a genuine OEM upgraded item. It is journal bearing, but is there really that much difference in the torque curve between journal and ball bearing turbos this small? To clarify my thoughts would a journal bearing bring torque on more progressively compared to the spike you get with the likes of the VF22? Or is that thinking totally up the whack. But that could mean waiting for some time I've heard. Also does he replace the whole core? Or just the wheels and bearings?. I know I've re
  5. I have spoken with Diesel and turbo in wellington and just found out some further information. IHI build a VF48 Performance which has a larger billet compressor wheel compared to the standard VF48. It is similar size to the VF22 possibly bigger. But it is a journal bearing turbo. So that could be another option for a late model factory turbo. https://www.ihi.co.jp/itsj/en/products/high_performance/vf48/ https://www.full-race.com/store/subaru/gr-wrx-sti-lgt-2008-2017/gr-wrx-sti-ej25-recommended-turbos/ihi-performance-vf48-high-flow-turbo-upgrade-for-04-19-sti-and-04-07-w
  6. Yer I am kind of torn between staying with VF22 as i know it is old technology but it is kind of relevant to the era of the old GC8 Ra's. That old school turbo feel. And I should be able to get one at not a bad price. It works for what I want out of the car and I have enjoyed the current VF22 so far. But then I also like the idea of a late model bolt on turbo, but I am not looking to make huge power so that raises the question of staying with a later model VF or going to something like a smaller GCG or blouch. If not the VF22. out of interest what would you recommend f
  7. Excuse my ignorance but what is ~5353? Appreciate everyone's ideas and inputs so far and I haven't spoken to murch yet, however I am leaning towards a stock subaru replacement and most likely sticking with another VF22 brand new. However, I am considering the idea of a New VF34 and putting the P20 rear housing on it. I know evowrx had some info on this in an old thread and apparently it works well. But has anyone else tried this? Would it be a better option?
  8. Is it a VF49? Cheers will look into it.
  9. @Dairusire good points there and upon this whole discussion i think getting Steve murch to look at the VF22 and modify it is most likely the way to go. Cost vs potential power gains and goals. Not really interested in pulling the motor apart to do head work etc at this point in time. Overall I think its been a great discussion and good to get different feedback and points of view. Regarding prices PBMS do the GCG turbos for about $2600 incl gst. Last question. How do I find Steve Murchs phone number? I can't find it online anywhere.
  10. Well thats another option. Not sure how to get hold of Murch though if I go down that track.
  11. This is all considering that a brand new VF22 or any VF series turbo costs over 2k. So not much more for a GTX based turbo. However if it is a waste of time going to a slightly bigger turbo I will keep my eyes peeled for a tidy second hand VF34 or VF36 and use the P20 rear housing on it. Or I get the VF22 rebuilt but not sure by whom.
  12. @boon yep fair call regarding heat, but lower IAT is always nice. My Vf22 is currently making 226kw at wheels and is super fun but it has started to whine and upon further inspection it has a reasonable amount of shaft play end to end. So it looks like I could be replacing it anyway. And rather than go VF22 again I am considering other options and go a fraction bigger. It's not that I don't want more than 250kw. In fact it would be awesome to have more. Its more that being a V5 open deck block I am wary of pushing it much past that point. And no I don't want it deliberately laggy,
  13. Nothing, if the engine is actually a V8. In my experience a 250kw V8 is actually quite boring. A 400kw v8..different story.
  14. Given earlier you were mentioning a big turbo running at low boost is going to make the car feel like a na V8, is the reason I am wary of going to a turbo that big. But thinking something a touch smaller maybe more what I'm after. I understand that but given at 220-230kw and 23psi the VF22 is basically a hairdryer i was thinking something like a GCG GTX2867R at less boost will make a bit more power or similar but be more efficient doing it and keep things a bit colder as @Gripless was referring to. I just don't think there is much point in going too big but I could be wrong.
  15. Realistically my engine isn't capable of 300kw so I'm not considering pushing it that far. Just after something to give more than the VF22 without losing the raw feel. Or maybe I should just stick with the VF22.
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