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  1. hey guys, Just wiring in a Mac 3 port solenoid to my GC8 factory wiring. There is nothing on the solenoid to tell me what wire should be ground and what should be power. (I am just guessing this is what the two wires are) How do I know what is the correct way around to put the pins in the plug? Cheers
  2. Mighty car mods have a video of fitting one to their legacy.
  3. hey guys, Anyone know where to get wing mirror glass from? Glass only? Cheers
  4. hey guys, Has anyone had to replace the lower rear windscreen trim when replacing the rear wind shielding a gc8? I can't seem to get hold of an original trim. Is there any aftermarket options? Be glad of any help Cheers
  5. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to what wiring connector I need, to connect to plug on factory wiring. Also the car is a V5 so has the air temp sensor above the RH headlight. Anyone here used factory wiring for that sensor to wire in aftermarket IAT? If so did you make an adapter loom to connect between factory wiring and the aftermarket IAT?
  6. All the ports I am blocking off are made of steel, so clamping the bolt won't work. Second thoughts I could remove the steel pieces and seal some bolts into the silicon pipe in their place, and clamp them also.
  7. Hey Guys, just fitting a catch tank to my car, but i am still using the stock replacement silicone turbo intake, so it still has the venting ports that i will no longer be using. what have people been using to cap these off? i can't seem to find a decent silicone blank cap the correct size. Allports do have some samco ones in blue but i am after black. cheers
  8. Can anyone please confirm if -6an fuel line will clamp directly on to the factory fuel filter???? A lot of aftermarket kits have -6 line with a hose finisher to clamp to the factory fuel filter but I want to be totally sure as it seems a bit big since the factory fuel lines are -5an.
  9. Ok I have the lamco sensor and it looks like it should screw right into the block in replace of the bung on cylinder 3. Will give that a go.
  10. I have a set of these too which I have just wired into the car and now I need to install the sensors. This oil temp bung, is this the one on top of the block at the back on cylinder 3? I am thinking it could be heaps tidier using this than the sump plug.
  11. Short answer is yes they are, and so they should. They are old cars now and good ones are harder and harder to get hold of. As with a lot of 90's era cars. Also a lot of 90's JDM, vehicles were built by manufacturers as homologation model vehicles to meet production number requirements for rally and racing purposes. Hence They also had a lot of technology that you might say was before their time. They are also still arguably the most fun models to drive. Take the GC8 STI for example. Probably the most fun STI's subaru has built to date. Take the performance figures of the Version 4 STI. I believe it had a quoted 0-100 time of 4.6secs. Still quick in today's standards. And Very very quick back in the 90's.
  12. Could try that however Water does just pour out of the tank as soon as I take the hose off.
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