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  1. The aim would be more around the 260-280kw mark. 300kw i think would be outside the capability of where the motor is at present.
  2. Yes no doubt top end it would spank a VF. This particular build is running a custom water to air top mount intercooler so cooling should be reasonable.......if it worked well I may potentially look at replacing my VF22 on my recently tune RA also. Which is running a P West cold air intake and P West TMIC. I did a test last weekend driving the car around town with the intercooler waterspray on Auto. After 15min drive the intercooler was very cool still. So this would help cooling if I went to a bigger turbo on the RA....and yes I do know it doesn't take long to drain the tank in th
  3. Interesting feed lback on the Tomei Be really interested to know if funkys was a GCG stock location or not. They claim similar response to stock turbo but it would be good to have some real life feedback. Also there is no work done to the heads on the motor it would be going on. Would like more power than a VF but if it is going to have heaps more lag, I may be better to stick with vf23 or 22 and sacrifice some power for quicker response.
  4. Hey guys, Anyone on here have any real life experience with the stock location GCG GTX2867R or GTX3071R bolt on turbos? I know there are a lot of variables but how responsive and roughly when do you see full boost with these? I know there's a few going to say stock location is a waste of time but this is specifically for a project where we are keeping stock location turbo. But wanting more than what a VF can offer. Be glad of any feedback.
  5. I may be wrong but don't quite a lot of tuners lock the ECU's? Just had my car tuned at EnH and happy as with the result and they a good folk to deal with.
  6. The top left corner of the sheet says flywheel torque, hp and kw. So maybe its not at wheels. Even so thats still very good number from a TD04. I have a friend in aussie with v7 wrx with a vf48 on it and sti intercooler and only made 176kw at wheels.
  7. If you don't end up using the STI TMIC I could be interested in buying it if it is in tidy condition.
  8. I had a friend 3D print an AFM pipe without the AFM in it for when I tuned the car on the Link ecu. Keeps the intake set up looking factory and means you don't have the AFM sitting in the intake doing nothing and looking messy.
  9. Yep I got in there tonight and checked all the connections with the ignition on. Must have been a bad connection on one of the power wires as when I gave it a wriggle and it came good again.
  10. I dont recall seeing a black box as such but it does have the extra wire to plug into the factory wiring so that the light doesn't show on the dash. Does the black box mount up behind the gauges inside the pod? It has been working fine for the last 6 months it has been in the car. I had been driving it Saturday morning and everything was fine. Went to go out in the afternoon and pressure gauge was totally up the whack. I un plugged it and plugged it back in and started the car again and the gauge was read fine again that one time. Now its continually reading bad.
  11. Hey guys, Just want to confirm what oil pressure senders work with the Old skool factory lamco gauge set and wiring? From memory there was a thread somewhere online saying Defi ones work. Is this correct? Are there other options that would work also? I think my sender has gone bad as it reads 2 bar of oil pressure with only the ignition on and then goes to maximum when engine starts. Or could this be bad wire connection?? Be glad for feedback
  12. Should be able to hit close to 230kw with the VF22. And they are fun!
  13. Ok thats interesting. Perhaps the V7 splitter is similar in size to the PW one so have the sprayers in similar spot. Maybe I should just look for some factory V7 sprayers.
  14. I looked at garden sprinkler options but they are quite a lot smaller than the allocated mounting holes. I didnt want to go drilling holes al through the splitter to mount them. Will look into spray and wipe nozzles.
  15. hey Guys, Anyone had any experience fitting intercooler water spray nozzles to the Process west intercooler splitter? The stock nozzles are designed to mount horizontally and spray horizontally. however the process west splitter is bigger so the mounting position is vertical, which means the stock sprayers spray directly onto the end tank/throttle body area of the intercooler. For the moment I have fitted some universal windscreen washer nozzles and butchered the ends so the little balls can spin far enough to spray almost right angles so the water hits the
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