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  1. Hindsight is a great thing. I put an offered a guy the 32k asking price on an R32 GTR 5 years ago. Then he decided not to sell it.
  2. All good things come to an end.
  3. Yep if you were full time doing it, sure they would come knocking. But what @gripless was inferring was that if you bought anything and did it up and sold for a profit you would need to pay tax. Which is totally not the case.
  4. Is this classic tall poppy syndrome and being jealous that someone may be able to make some money on a vehicle?? The comment is totally irrelevant, there is No such thing as profit tax on privately owned goods. Heck even buying and selling a house only had capital gains tax come in a few years ago. Until that point if you sold for more than you bought for then good for you.
  5. Revival again. Got another project happening. So if this is the case that V5-6 yellows are 550cc does that mean the V7 pink top feeds are only 15cc more? So basically the same size. Or do the top feed injectors operate better overall giving better fueling?
  6. Absolutely!!! Can get some pretty sweet turbo kits for the BRZ too. Sell the GC8 for big bucks and get a BRZ.
  7. Fair point but even a high kms one that looks in average condition, you can't import for less than $40k. Hence drives local pricing up as the cars are already here. Whether people are getting value or not these cars are a throw back to the good old JDM import days. Which is why people are wanting them and prepared to pay decent dollars for them globally. I mean different kettle of fish but who thought a 22B would be worth 450k USD!!!!! You could arguably say thats not good value comoared to what that sort of money can buy, as underneath the wide body they are more or less just a V4 STI with 2.2l engine. So good value or not doesn't really come into the debate.
  8. Just threw the rs comment for giggles. The Focus RS is definitely a nice car. I would own one.
  9. Unfortunately or fortunately they aren't dreamers, its just a fact. These cars are now asking this money. In Australia a car like Nirans would be worth over 100k. If anything NZ is behind the times with values. Try importing a tidy one for less than 80k landed and on the road. No one wants to own a Ford and also the focus doesn't have the JDM factor.
  10. Out of interest what turbo was it that had the IWG75? Did it make a decent difference with boost control? They make a IWG75 specifically for the VF39, VF48 single scroll turbos, so wondering if one of those would bolt straight to a VF22 provided the Comp housings have the mounting bolts on the same spot.
  11. Hey there, Has anyone fitted a turbosmart wastegate actuator to a VF22 or other single scroll VF turbo? If so what kit did you use? And is it even worth doing? Cheers
  12. Yes too much black plastic at the back, and around the car in general. The engine bay is interesting. Not sure that I am a huge fan of having an oil filter as one of the first things to see in the engine bay. I can see one of the first mods for people being and oil filter with the STI logo on the top/bottom of it. Look forward to the STI
  13. Yep I ended up making up a shield out of some sheet. Cut two pieces and mounted it off the bottom bolt on the cam cover, and then shaped it down the front of the headers, to protect the front loom and bolted it to one of the radiator mounts.
  14. I got the black HiPer Coat Extreme
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