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  1. I think the facts are is they have gone up in value. 11 yrs ago there would have been a crap ton more of them around so not a great comparison. Supply vs demand means value changes. Be lucky if 3.4k buys you one with a wof and reg, let alone running.
  2. Sweet. Would like confirmed pricing for items on my list before I give the go ahead to order.
  3. My whole interior is out of the car, and I am getting trimfix to do it.
  4. Mine is a version 5 STi Ra limited Perhaps the dash should be black, and is just super faded.
  5. Hey guys, I am just tidying up my interior in my car and am going to repeat the dash board because it is faded, however there is a bit going on with the colour scheme in these cars and I am not sure what I should be colour matching the dash board too. The door cards are a real dark grey, on the top half, and light grey bottom half., and then the handles on them are a grey colour halfway between the two. Anyone know if the dash should match one of these colours?
  6. I'm not sure how far away it should or shouldnt be. But I'm just hesitant to wreck the hpc coating by cutting a hole and welding a new port in the right spot on the bellmouth. If I do have to do this I probably will because finding an aftermarket stainless front pipe for the GC8 chassis with 02 port correct is a mission.
  7. I have a 3 inch hks catless downpipe on my GC8 that has the top 02 port in the wrong place so the sensor hits the clutch master. Any of this know if there would be any issues in relocating the O2 sensor tot he port that is at the bottom end of the downpipe? Pipe has already been HPC coated so want to try and avoid cutting and welding if I can.
  8. I was looking at ones done less than 100ks
  9. No such thing as importing a pre 2000 wrx for 10k nowadays. I had a look not so long ago and you would be Be very lucky to import a pre 2000 STI done low kms for under 18k by the time it is landed in the country. Most of the imports on trade me are low kms STI's. Unfortunately there are not many of these cars around now, and prices in Japan have gone up for them and hence they are slowly getting more expensive here too.
  10. Cant say I've checked. Where would I find them?
  11. Yer I've punched my RA chassis number in numerous times but it doesnt seem to show anything for the roof scoop.
  12. Hey guys, Wondering if anyone can help me install my roof vent back into my RA. Been a couple of years since I pulled it out to do my restoration, and it's about the only thing I didnt take photos of before hand. I have gone to put it together and everything is good but I have two washers about 10mm ID and 14mm OD. And I am not sure where these go. Do they go on the little grommet that is on top of the roof vent itself? Wondered if anyone with an Ra that has the stock roof vent could check this out. Cheers.
  13. Upgrade to a 94 Sti Ecu, STI VF28 /VF23 or similar and yellow sti injectors and be done. Should be able to get all second hand for good price.
  14. Theres two black, two red and two yellow wires. I will need to check the wiring diagram for the gauges to confirm what they all do. I think last time I just put each of the two together and matched them to same colours from the headunit
  15. i'm installing some classic Lamco Gauges into my GC8 and was just after some tips on how i should wire in the power wire. or What i should tap into? the last time i had them installed i think i tapped into the power wire on the headunit and the lights on the gauges would run full time, so it was hard to see the markings during the day. however this time around i want the lights to only come on when the headlights have been turned on. has anyone had experience of installing these gauges? be glad of your response