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  1. Good info. I am running an internal wastegate. Will most likely leave the stock actuator based in info above.
  2. Thanks @boon very insightful info!!. The car is tuned with a LinkG4 and 3 port solenoid so no AFM. 3 port is plumbed to wastegate, compressor housing and turbo Intake.
  3. Fair enough. But it is nice when people explain themselves and share their knowledge around how things work and why something is a good/bad idea.
  4. Cheers thats helpful info. Perhaps I just stay with the stock actuator then if its not really going to make any difference to boost response etc.
  5. Yep I am using a 3 port solenoid and the first tune up on the car worked fine. I have since changed a couple of things on my set up so I am going back to dyno to have the tune tidied up at end of March. Before doing so I wanted to do some research into these actuators to see if i would potentially see some further gains by changing to one. Would it be right to think a 12-14psi spring should mean the car should get to 12-14psi faster/easier as the wastegate is managing this before the 3 port solenoid takes over to manage boost control from there on after. I may be completely wrong in my understanding of all this, but I figured if you don't ask you don't know. There doesn't seem to be any info documented online of people using them, so maybe its not worth doing.
  6. No, You have misunderstood me. I want to hear from someone who has changed from using a stock actuator to an IWG75 with higher base pressure and had an improvement in performance....or vice versa or not seen any change. As mentioned above some real world results. If I am right a stock VF22 actuator is about 7-8psi. Hence when the car is tuned to approx 22psi the wastgate duty cycle is very high. Am I wrong to think that a higher base pressure would help boost build faster? Therefore resulting in a better power band and also mean lower wastgate duty cycle and better boost management? At the end of the day, if you haven't tried you can't really say it will or won't do anything. If no one on here has used one shall I be the guinea pig and see what results I find?
  7. Nope nothing wrong with stock actuator. Just purely interested to know if someone has used an IWG75 and seen any benefits of doing so. E.g. do they do what they say. Does it bring on boost noticeably sooner if using 12-14psi spring? Does it hold boost better than stock? Is it going to help low-mid range power? Having a bigger spring will most likely mean running less wastgate duty cycle, so can this side of it only be a good thing? Basically keen to hear some real world experience.
  8. Digging up this old thread again. I am still looking into fitting an IWG75 to my VF22. Does anyone know if the VF48 turbo as similar physical dimensions and compressor housings to the older VF turbos such as VF22? If they do one of the VF48 specific kits may work. Alternatively has anyone used an avoturbo actuator kit in their builds?
  9. Yes I have had trouble with this, however I got a file and filed the inside edges of the holes in the cross member just enough So I could get the bolts going in straight and then got them both going at the same time and did them each up together. Otherwise if I got one going and did it up too tight the other one would immediately try to cross thread. Even then I still had to getvthe first going and then pull hard on the cross member to get the other one going. Have had the bolts in and out twice since and they have been fine.
  10. Hindsight is a great thing. I put an offered a guy the 32k asking price on an R32 GTR 5 years ago. Then he decided not to sell it.
  11. Yep if you were full time doing it, sure they would come knocking. But what @gripless was inferring was that if you bought anything and did it up and sold for a profit you would need to pay tax. Which is totally not the case.
  12. Is this classic tall poppy syndrome and being jealous that someone may be able to make some money on a vehicle?? The comment is totally irrelevant, there is No such thing as profit tax on privately owned goods. Heck even buying and selling a house only had capital gains tax come in a few years ago. Until that point if you sold for more than you bought for then good for you.
  13. Revival again. Got another project happening. So if this is the case that V5-6 yellows are 550cc does that mean the V7 pink top feeds are only 15cc more? So basically the same size. Or do the top feed injectors operate better overall giving better fueling?
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