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  1. Short answer is yes they are, and so they should. They are old cars now and good ones are harder and harder to get hold of. As with a lot of 90's era cars. Also a lot of 90's JDM, vehicles were built by manufacturers as homologation model vehicles to meet production number requirements for rally and racing purposes. Hence They also had a lot of technology that you might say was before their time. They are also still arguably the most fun models to drive. Take the GC8 STI for example. Probably the most fun STI's subaru has built to date. Take the performance figures of the Version 4 STI. I believe it had a quoted 0-100 time of 4.6secs. Still quick in today's standards. And Very very quick back in the 90's.
  2. Could try that however Water does just pour out of the tank as soon as I take the hose off.
  3. I am doing a split rail system. Stock I beleive is 5/16 which I think is AN5 size. However i am thinking of going up to AN6 braided or push lock hose to use push lock fittings. Some people say AN6 hose will go onto the stock fuel filter but all my research on hose measurements indicates it's too big but I Just wondered if anyone has any first hand experience to confirm for me.
  4. Hey there, Just wanting to confirm, will dash 6 fuel line clamp directly to the stock fuel filter? Or do I need to use an adapter to convert to 6AN fuel fittings to connect the 6an fuel hose.
  5. Ok so I have checked the hose and cant find any blocks, and I have run the pump a number of times but still no luck in getting any water to come out of the water spray nozzles.
  6. Funny guy That's what I thought. Have run it a few times. But nothing getting to the sprayers. Yep I pulled the hose off at the bottom of the tank at the pump and water was pouring out, without the pump going. Will check theres no blockages further up the lines.
  7. Hey there I wondered if there was any tips on feeling the intercooler waterspray system. I have had the tank etc out of my car and now plugged it all back in. The waterspray motor is going but there is no water getting to the nozzles. Anyone had this happen before? Cheers
  8. Ok that is interesting. I would be interested to see photos of how it is now. I had my cat sitting on blocks when I tried to fit the k brace and it didnt look like it was going to be even close to bolting up.
  9. Hey there, Has anyone fitted a whiteline anti lift kit with a cusco front K brace on a GC8? I have tried to fit mine but due to the angle the anti lift kit puts on the control arm, the k brace hits the control arm before you can bolt it down properly. Just wondering if anyone has any tips or has tried this. Cheers
  10. The Aus post service is a shocker for time. I had a parcel take 3-4 weeks to arrive. It should come through eventually.
  11. Just putting it out there. Whiteline have 20% off across their range if you are after anything. Discount code GRIP20 on their website Cheers
  12. So far I've used VHT but am looking at stripping this back of and going again with something else. Have a couple of spare trims to test what works best. Prior to lockdown I bought some mother's trim restorer and have tried it on one trim to see how it looks, but I would appear that this will wear off after time. Not sure how long it will last. So hard to get paint to look like factory. Not too glossy and not too matte.
  13. Hey Guys, Just wondering if anyone has any tips on tidying up roof trims and window trims. I have attempted prepping and then spraying them in satin black VHT. However I am not real happy with out come. I wondered if there is anyway of tidying trims up without actually painting them. Just need to bring the colour back into them. Cheers
  14. Hey guys, I have misplaced a grommet from the firewall on my GC8. It is the one directly behind the down pipe about halfway down the firewall. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement from or does anyone have one? Need it to run some wiring through it. Cheers
  15. I think the facts are is they have gone up in value. 11 yrs ago there would have been a crap ton more of them around so not a great comparison. Supply vs demand means value changes. Be lucky if 3.4k buys you one with a wof and reg, let alone running.