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  1. Will get some fresh photos on the weekend and email through. My phone is a Galaxy S9 so hopefully it takes good enough pics.
  2. Do phone quality photos work? Or does it need to be a good camera photo?
  3. Hey there, Has anyone had any experience with five-o motorsport side feed iniectors or deatschwerks ones? Looking for options of bigger side feeds In view of planning go next step on my car. The reason I am asking side feed instead of top feeds, is because I bought some RCM side feed rails that I am currently running the stock yellows in. Hindsight is a great thing and I should have converted to top feed, and aftermarket injectors first time around. However now I have the side feed rails I may as well keep them. Be glad of any real life experience as there doesn't seem to be many 850-1000cc side feed injector options around. Cheers
  4. FYI Whiteline has 25% off everything for their Black Friday sales. Also you can use my referral code: WL2569 on their website to get an extra $20 off any purchase over $150. Get yourself an early Christmas present.
  5. His was an STI I think, so still run the EJ motor I believe.
  6. The website said they did, and every time I ordered, a couple of days later I would get a notification saying it wasn't in stock, and then the next day after that another notification would come through to say it was back in stock. It was quite confusing so I emailed to ask them to confirm if it was available/in stock? And if it was, how do I order it because every time I do it doesnt work. I think i eventually ordered it and the person I was dealing with said to email them the order number. They looked after it from there.
  7. I had this the other day with some parts. Happened to me 3 times so I emailed them about it. And they got it sorted pretty quickly, and had parts within a week.
  8. Yep totally get that time attack stuff is the business and it looks really cool and it does work.....on a time attack car. Given that its not a time attack car and gymkhana is more about show than anything else, it deserves to look nicer.
  9. The wing ruins it for me. Also if they went for a more rally style body kit, but more aggressive it would possibly look nicer than this time attack looking kit. Also Is it just me or does it look like the front was designed by a different person to the back?
  10. Cheers. Didn't think to look there. Never really looked into them before.
  11. hey guys, This could be a dumb question but I thought it is worth asking if any one knows. I have an idea for a personalised number plate however it was used on a WRC car back in the day, for what looks like the 10 days it was in the country. It is showing that the plate was registered in the country then 10 days later has been de registered due to the vehicle leaving the country permanently. Is there anyway I could use that plate again? Or does that mean it is officially used and can't be used again. Cheers.
  12. Agree with that. At least do it to a 4 door then it would be very close to a S201. And also keep it 2 tone. He should remove that body kit and do a 22B wide body to it with 22B bumpers and leave the S201 running gear in it to make it a 22B replica. It would almost be worth what he wants for it given that a real 22B is over 200k these days. And the S201 running gear is good stuff.
  13. It can't be any of the above. Could have at least started with a 4 door STI. So it could at least be legitimately an STI, converted to an S201 replica. Even then it wouldn't be a genuine S201 so still not 50k worth. At least make a retna look like a 22B not an S201........the ugliest subaru ever made.