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  1. I solved the tablet power problem by not using a tablet and using this instead.
  2. Yeah this was nice as I already had one to test. Megasquirt 2 doesn't have onboard memory or SD card for logging so this seems like a fairly easy and cheap easy of doing it. And means I can make tuning changes if I don't have a laptop on me. Plus I can run autotune on long road trips without worrying about battery life. I have a relay for my wideband that only powers up when the car actually starts so I'll use the same source to power this, have tuner studio auto start and connect and trigger logging over 75% tps. I was going to just use a tablet, but when I have a tablet connected it drains the device battery super fast and it seems a pain to fine to make or buy a cable that both charges and does usb otg at the same time so this solves that. Sent from my M6 Note using Tapatalk
  3. Making a digital day/logger work raspberry pi. Can either run Android with ecu software, or rasbian with full version of tuner studio so I can actually make adjustments and setup triggered logging as my ECU has no onboard logging. Sent from my M6 Note using Tapatalk
  4. Yep, confirmed im out, car wont be ready for another week Was looking forward to this as well as it was exactly what I needed to do of having a quick dyno pull or two to make sure my road tune was all good. I mean could always spin up the auto 1.4L auto hyundai, but im not there wil be enough time to wait for that to complete a pull haha.
  5. Well, I might have to be that guy and take my name of the list as well... Im 100% not sure the car is actually going to be running. Going to check on it today and get a better idea. If we get it finished and started that i can road tune it beforehand ill still come down, but as it stands, the engines in the car but need the downpipe modified, and I still need to modify the tune from the old engine for the differences in CAS/trigger wheels/injectors etc. So im still hopeful, but now cant confirm. Typically if i had another week there would be no issue s >_< Sorry guys,
  6. Not if you dont have any to start with! Although it does take away my access ot the fuel pump without dropping the whole tank...
  7. Harness with a non fixed back seat sounds like a terrible idea imo.
  8. Looks like my blown engine has been pulled yesterday in replacement for the new one so unless theres some unforseen drama should be good for this.
  9. Sweet, will do. And if they are hub dynos then it's only half the setup time due to lack of front diff.. Sent from my M6 Note using Tapatalk
  10. If anyone else drops out id be keen for a spot.
  11. I went twice in my stock v6 sti, just adjust your line and run deep and sharp V on the final sweeper. Should have minimal lateral g's then. I did nuke my engine at taupo however Im tied up with superlap rounds till 4th of may but would probably tag along after then to another MM. Although i sold my suby support car, and have now changed from a suby turbo (td04) to a nissan one (r34 gtr) in my mazda...
  12. Well my nuked Mazda motor is certainly a lot more exciting than when I ran a bearing in my sti. Sent from my M6 Note using Tapatalk
  13. "Competed" in round 2 of NZ superlap series this last weekend. Practice on Friday started ok checking tune in first session. Second session on my first hot lap, grenaded 4th gear shifting 3-4 on the hairpin. Got a new box dropped off form auckland that afternoon, with the help of a couple of the guy ripped the old one out that afternoon and put the new one in in the morning. Saturday: did a few sighting laps to test box is ok, was fine but had air line form BOV come off so no boost, did a 1:50 with a top speed of 172kph, instead of the normal high 190s. Second session was back to normal power and droppe dinto the 48s, but track conditions were pretty slippery. Ive done a 1:45.0 previously. Sunday, first session didnt get a tidy lap in, dropped into the 47s but missed a few gearchanges. Second session was on a decent flying lap, then vented the block at around 160kph on the main straight after shiting into 5th. RIP money after xmas.
  14. They have a few dedicated high hp and race car sessions which are like playdays. Need helmets, overalls etc, I did it last year to learn the track but it rained the whole time so didn't help as it was dry Sunday. I briefly went out in a chrome session but there was too many fuçkwits around so didn't stay out long. Sent from my M6 Note using Tapatalk
  15. Ill be there again competing in superlap, will probably do some of the saturday race car sessions and stuff as well since i dont really know manfeild. Hopefully my car runs better this time, I managed a 23 or something on wastegate pressure and backing off due to the car leaning out massively on boost. Ended up having a clogged fuel filter. So def room for improvement.