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  1. I once had this poor imitation park next to my sti. Its pretty common for mx5 owners to park together, but probably because they are such a common car.
  2. 225/45/15 Sent from my Redmi 3 using Tapatalk
  3. Do you do kumho v720s?
  4. Probably, although the mx5 is a stock internal engine, turbocharged with twice the factory hp whereas the STI was bone stock everything. But yeah completely different engines so not really compatible, was more just the irony of the one i spent money on good oil/OEM filters etc was the one that blew up.
  5. The only engine ive nuked is also the only engine that ive run on synthetic oil , my STI. My 3 tracked mx5s all run generic castrol mineral oil without issue so far at least. Mechanic just said change it regularly and itll be fine, so i just put fresh stuff in every 2 or 3 events.
  6. Sold my Subaru good buy sweet legacy 3.0r prince, how i will miss your lovely engine note. Untill I replace it with a wago in a few months that is. I also replaced the suspension in my suby turbo'd mx5 with adjustable coilovers, sits much better now and should handle significantly better than the stock bilsteins. Keen to get it back on track Stock rear, new front
  7. I have a superlap event in Taupo on the 7/8th April but if its later in the month could be keen to come along again. Megameet was pretty fun this year. Assuming im allowed back in my non subaru.
  8. Banned from submission for not even knowing my own car model.
  9. Is it worth posting a petty photo of my completely stock bl5 3.0r
  10. What did people pay to get it done? Got quoted around 225$ if i remove the arms and take them in for them to supply/press for me. Or around 450$ for a drive in drive out.
  11. haha no, im selling it anyway so i can buy a wagon. Performance mods on a 3L auto sedan that ive done 10000kms in 3 years is a bit pointless The wagon will just replace it as a tow hack for the fun car/long distance cruiser. Though the antilift kit i put in my old sti was nice.
  12. Trusty legacy that i havent had to spend any money on in nearly 3 years of ownership besides gas and insurance failed WOF today. both front LCA rear bushings are torn. Also due for service so guess its time to throw some money at it. Right when im trying to sell it...
  13. Uploaded tow othe earlier laps with speed/gforce data.
  14. I think it would be helpful if non registered members could at least have read only access to for sale posts, a few times ive linked things to people but they cant see it.