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  1. They have a few dedicated high hp and race car sessions which are like playdays. Need helmets, overalls etc, I did it last year to learn the track but it rained the whole time so didn't help as it was dry Sunday. I briefly went out in a chrome session but there was too many fuçkwits around so didn't stay out long. Sent from my M6 Note using Tapatalk
  2. Ill be there again competing in superlap, will probably do some of the saturday race car sessions and stuff as well since i dont really know manfeild. Hopefully my car runs better this time, I managed a 23 or something on wastegate pressure and backing off due to the car leaning out massively on boost. Ended up having a clogged fuel filter. So def room for improvement.
  3. Ha, my old car. I had the engine rebuild done, did most of the zero sports stuff, put the wheels on. Done quite a lot of kms since I sold it, I think it had 160ish 3 or 4 years ago. I spent a lot of money that I didnt get back when I sold it haha. Miss the car a lot. Missing off the auction is a rebuilt ver7 block with crossdrilled crank, pbms baffled sump and a few other bits.
  4. Ha yeah, just the wide angle lense. Im not one of the stance boi mx5 owners. Thanks. Also fried my second wideband o2 sensor in a month, and hooked up launch control and a new headunit. Its amazing what $150 buys you these days.
  5. My mx5 thought it was a suby.
  6. Replaced wooden boat wheel with new omp one.
  7. I use Nexen SUR4G on my track/weekend mx5 and love them. Cheap, tons of grip on track and seem fine on the road. Rx7 guys use them as a control Tyre and rate them as good as an r888. Sent from my M6 Note using Tapatalk
  8. Natural environment?
  9. That beautiful mx5 in the cover photo though.
  10. I'd love to come again but just too close to the end of race season to go that far. Sent from my M6 Note using Tapatalk
  11. Dropped my taupo PB to a 1:46.2 @nz superlap round 4
  12. Went to 4 and rotary jambo on the weekend for round 3 of superlap. This wasnt very productive in getting good laptimes.
  13. I ended up with a 1:23.4 with 200hp or less since I couldn't run more than wastegate pressure haha. Reasonably happy for my first time at manfeild. Sent from my M6 Note using Tapatalk
  14. Sweet will do. Ill be the tallish dude with glasses driving this
  15. Go down Friday. I'm doing the track sessions at chrome as practice for superlap as I'm a season competitor and never driven there. Sent from my Redmi 3 using Tapatalk