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  1. Has anyone run a hx20 gearbox behind a ej205 turbo before? Will it work ok with an upgraded clutch.
  2. thanks a million for your help.. appreciate it.
  3. Hello everyone this is probably an old question that has been asked many times. i have a 2000 v7 Gearbox which has the center diff modified for RWD but still has the front diff etc in it, i want to take the gearbox apart and remove the crown wheel so i can still run front cvs. is gearbox disassembly a difficult job or is it straight forward, im capable of most things but just asking if there are any tricks on disassembly. can anyone help with this please.. mark.
  4. i got a full loom... rs 89. 021 529 585
  5. Hi there everyone my mates BC5 Rs prefacelift has been stolen this morning 5.15am in Manurewa Auckland Area, has gold mags rego uc2137 please let me know if you see it my mobile is 021 084 37667 any help would be appreciated.