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  1. Has anyone found any threads where this has been done successfully? I know Super Gramps from Mighty Car Mods was this swap and they made it work by modifying the crossmember and using a Haltech but I wanted to know if anyone had any experiences with this swap?
  2. I have just reinstalled an EZ30R timing chain using the factory service manual. When installing the RH chain (pistons 1 3 5), you have to align the blue chain link with the LH chain on the lower idler sprocket. The problem is that even though I have done this and followed everything properly, the RH chain slacks out at a point during rotation when turned over by hand, then regains tension. Is this normal? The engine is currently on a stand and isn't full of oil.
  3. Is someone able to point me in the direction of those small rubber seals that I'll need to replace that go in the centre of the block?
  4. Was suspected to have spun a bearing but that obviously isn’t the case so have no idea what actually went wrong with it. It’s a low km block so I want to put ej205 internals inside and boost it and put it back in my car. Then do all the wiring stuff
  5. It was stuck together pretty tight. Its an EJ204 block and my plan is to put EJ205 internals in it since its the old motor from my car and the bores are in good shape. The crank that came out was mint and its tidy inside so is it possible to reuse crank bearings or is it better to replace them along with the seals?
  6. That's good and yeah lesson learned, listen to your conscious and read up about it before trying to eyeball it
  7. I've rubbed it back a little bit with some sandpaper but those are the marks
  8. I was wondering if anyone had experience rebuilding short blocks. I've pulled apart one but not knowing the best way to separate the halves, I use a flat head screw driver to split the block and it has left a few small marks on the edge of the seal. Just wanting to know if its require to have the faces resurfaced or if a bit of light sanding to flatten it a bit plus the liquid gasket sealer that goes on the face will be sufficient to reseal the block when it goes back together?
  9. Shouldn't do, the car was converted to manual about 2-3 weeks ago so my first thought is maybe one of the parts I bought for the hydraulic line is faulty.
  10. Having a problem with my Imprezas clutch line. When the car is cold the pedal has good feel and is normal however once it starts getting driven and warmed up the pedal gets progressively more pressurised, like its moving more fluid. Any ideas on what might be causing this?
  11. Forgot to update but I got the speed sensor done. Still gotta do the ecu but I haven’t got around to it yet
  12. If the manual recommeds 75w-90 there's not really a reason to go against it.
  13. I am trying to wire up the speed sensor and ground the ECU pin on my 2000 GG9 Impreza (EJ204). I can't find a wiring diagram that tells me which pin I need to ground to get the ECU into manual mode. I also need to wire up the speed sensor from the new trans which is a 2001 WRX box with the 3 pin connector. Can anyone provide the info I need? Cheers
  14. Gonna do an auto to manual swap on my 2000 bugeye wagon soon. Just wondering if all the CV shafts are the same between auto and manual or will I need to swap them out too? I'm probably looking at getting a Hi/Lo box since I know where one is available plus a matching diff to go with it. The car currently has a SS auto.
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