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  1. i would go get this after work, but i think id rather get a haircut haha
  2. well that would explain the swap from wingers to sub tech. but back on topic, he would be my first choice.
  3. Did you manage to get the new one?
  4. im not sure about croydon but he did work at both SubTech and Winger's. So he definitely knows his stuff. I have recommended most of my friends to go there and they are all very pleased with his work and prices. Give him a text/call on 0210371393 and say Steve sent ya
  5. hmmm provided my fuel level is positive i shall attend
  6. definitely worth talking to. does an excellent job, provides warranty on workmansip, sharp pricing and an overall good guy
  7. or around $600 for a fully custom pipe.
  8. $200 and you can have an s204 down pipe
  9. my legacy wagon has 20% all round. never had an issue with wof's or police.
  10. ended up going to taupo. half a tank to get here. half a tank to get back.
  11. perhaps ill have a closer excursion to taupo or somewhere nearby haha. anything happening this easter weekend? want to get out of auckland
  12. Hi Guys, Anyone here know how much to expect to pay on fuel (98) to get to wellington and back in a Subaru B4 twin turbo? Cheers
  13. will go get that one tomorrow if nobody else has. nice easy one
  14. not got one in mine. what psi are you running?