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  1. If you're looking for a subtech downpipe I still have one for sale at the moment in the parts selling section
  2. Mean, i'll hit SAS up, cheers. I'd heard a couple of names that forum members usually trust, just wasn't sure whether that was simple jobs or full workshop style repairs.
  3. Yeah it is pretty high now haha, I got the car about 2 years ago and I think i've put on about 40,000 kms since i got it... Lots of road trips haha. My flatmate has a 1999 outback, and that's got about 5000k's less than mine does... Admittedly mine is also from MY2003 as far as i'm aware, making it almost 13.
  4. Yeah fair enough man! Sorry if I came off a bit snarky...
  5. Sorry, thought the fact that I posted in the christchurch subforum would make it obvious, plus the fact I've gone Stubaru who's based in CHCH Alright, that's around what I was thinking in the first place, cheers for the response!
  6. Hi guys, My BP legacy GT has just cranked over 200,000 kms and i'm looking into the cambelt service I'm assuming I need to get done. What is it exactly that should be changed in this service? I've heard it's more than just the belt itself? I've been going to Stubaru for services up to this point because he's been doing good work, even if on the less cheap side of things. Is there somewhere/someone else who would be a better option cost and quality wise? How much does this service usually cost? Cheers guys, Sorry for so many questions! Just wanna make sure I'm getting the right stuff done and for a reasonable price.
  7. Just as a confirmation, the cable I mentioned earlier doesn't use the ELM327 chip, it uses the FT232BL chip which is capable of interfacing correctly with SSM, which is why I suggested it I'd gone through all the kerfuffle with a bluetooth ELM327 adapter not working and ended up with that cable which has worked for me using BTSSM.
  8. That looks just like a repackaged version of a cable I bought off ebay for like $10 dollars. If you search for "VAG USB 409 Interface OBDII Car Diagnostics Cable with FT232BL Chip" on ebay, one of those cables worked for me. Just make sure it definitely has the FT232BL chip, that's the chip that correctly handles the SSM protocol that other adapters can't handle. I have an 03 JDM BP5 legacy, which isn't OBD2 and I can confirm that btssm works with this cable, with the updates to torque it may work as well.
  9. And i'll mention that that cable has the correct hardware for the SSM protocol, and btSSM actually correctly implements the protocol (unlike Torque which i haven't been able to get working with their alpha implementation) so i'm pretty sure it should work for any other JDM import that still uses SSM instead of the proper OBD2 standard.
  10. http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2057872.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.H0.XVAG+USB+409+Interface+OBDII+Car+Diagnostics+Cable+with+FT232BL+Chip.TRS0&_nkw=VAG+USB+409+Interface+OBDII+Car+Diagnostics+Cable+with+FT232BL+Chip&_sacat=0 I can confirm that one of those cables with an OTG adapter works with the BTSSM app fully for JDM imports, I have a JDM 04 LGT. Not as pretty as a Tactrix cable, but like a 1/10th of the price, so I'm happy!
  11. Man, can't wait until the day i don't have to think about it too hard either... I'll definately be seeing what they say at least.
  12. I've had my manual 4th gen LGT for a few months, and it seems to be between 11.3 l/100km and 10 l/100km for around town driving. I went from a car that cost me 50 bucks every 2-3 weeks in fuel so a bit of a jump up for me...
  13. Haha of course, sorry. BP, was behind me coming down part of papanui road, and turned left onto bealey. May have been sunday too, can't quite remember. I was driving a silver BP5 LGT.
  14. Yeah, i was assuming there would be extra cost or something with it, just wanted to see what other people's experiences have been. I'll still at least enquire, they can't increase premiums just on me asking...
  15. I was driving home on saturday i think? And had a dark blue post-facelift legacy GT with a mesh grille behind me. Just wondering if it was someone on this forum