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  1. Can anyone confirm the factory boost pressure of a JDM V11 STI EJ207? My 2012 hits 21-22psi according to live feed from the ECU. Also does anyone have a copy of an owners manual for the same vehicle?
  2. Im there. Weather isnt looking flash.
  3. Sweet. Have got a set of 3rd gen d2s but looking to buy into a 4th. Will need to find out about cost of tophats. Cheers
  4. Thanks mate. Do you know what the difference in the tophats are?
  5. Quick question. Will 3rd gen suspension bolt up to 4th gen chasis/hubs. If not, why not? Cheers
  6. So I have a V3/4 manual box that I'm putting in a BE5 leg. The BE5 manual box has electronic senders for tacho whereas this box has what looks to be an oldschool mechanical tacho cable. Just want to confirm that these two types are interchangeable on the transmission.
  7. 83 Falcon - restoration in prog 00 B4 leg - daily 99 B4 leg - project 99 GTB - dereg parting out
  8. Perhaps, looks okay on my monitor. Can rattle of another quick edit if needed.
  9. Thought the same thing but didn't see any objections in OP so just thought I'd throw them up. If its for non-profit I don't see the problem but its up to whoever is in charge to make that decision. The Images are legally mine.