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  1. I can't think of a worse place to advertise you own a Subaru than Porirua. Just saying..........
  2. Your Ultrex on my Auto have the opposite effect, more torque and no drone which was my primary concern, Matt has tuned for the system as such but I have Raptor headers arriving this week so we will take the next step. Matt's has so far given me 60-70k extra per tank Wellington - Auckland, this can only improve with the headers. Thanks Nikolai
  3. Mount Wellington to Wellington CBD 634km, time 6:37 one tank but light on. Via western lake from Tokoroa to Turangi. Several trips for the keyboard warriors.
  4. Being over 6' foot I cannot see the selected gear in a JDM H6 auto via the dashboard. As the Sat Nav display is redundant apart from the reversing camera which I don't use/need, is it possible to to route the dashboard display to video screen. The motor is so smooth you lose the seat of the pants feeling. New exhaust would probably fix this but if possible transferring the dashboard display is preferable. Germany Clarkson is wrong,, flappy paddles do have a place, except if you are too tall.
  5. I gave them a shot based on recommendations on here and am very satisfied
  6. Thank you another avenue to look at
  7. Thanks for that, will make contact with them later today. Man made it man should be able to fix it!!
  8. Thanks Andy. That link gives a NZ dollar price of $800. XXXXXX Subaru quoted $1500 plus labour. Ouch!
  9. 3.0R power steer pump has just developed a noise, not unlike a bearing noise. Are they able to be repaired or is it buy new? New price gives me heebies.http://clubsub.org.nz/forum/images/smilies/confused.png