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  1. @Subrufixed it for you and found the bug stopping you from changing it yourself The button on the profile is back
  2. I forgot the old "remove your valuables, or someone else will" saying. I'm usually really good at putting my radar detector away... clearly not on this occasion as it was enough for an opportunist to do this:
  3. I've never owned a 4th gen but have driven a few. 5th gen definitely feel heavier and seem more comfort than sport orientated. More space inside, with much more legroom for the rear passengers. My 3.6R has over 230,000km now with no major faults in my ownership *touch wood*. That being said, they're a great car for the money; comfortable, great factory audio, well optioned. And they can still be driven in a spirited manner, just opt for grippy tires and "sporty" brake pads.
  4. I made a map for the South Island locations: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1PwR48eNngNTRbqxgoCacV3TK0kPd5C4a&usp=sharing
  5. I found this detailed guide on the factory McIntosh Headunit, Amplifier and Speakers: https://jeremy.geek.nz/2010/06/17/mcintosh-ef-1080i-information/
  6. So the tensioner assembly arrived from Rock Auto. Managed to fight the car to remove the old one without having to remove the power steering pump. Glad I opted to order the whole assembly rather than just the pulley, as it turns out the assembly was damaged. Then it was another battle to try and fit the new assembly without being able to see the bolt holes. Universal joints came in handy here. Once back together, belt on and bleeding the coolant system tomorrow night.
  7. I have update the forum with two new themes to choose from: ClubSub Dark Theme ClubSub Light Theme This should also fix the "burger" menu on mobile devices. To change between dark and light themes, simply scroll to the bottom of the page and click theme and select your desired option. Any issues or feedback just mention me
  8. Hopefully its just a busted radiator cap or hose or something minor.
  9. Old GT30 chrome grille is out and the B4 grille is in. And yes, it's filthy... (damn Auckland water restrictions)
  10. Returned back to Auckland after a South Island road trip including FlatNats with a few other CS members. Heading North from Akaroa I noticed my rad fans running loudly whilst sitting still. Was a hot day (29°C) and had just had a spirted drive over the Akaroa hills so didn't think much of it. No temp gauge in the car meant I relied on Cold/Hot temp warning lights. After taking it easy for a while I and still hearing the fans I became a tad more concerned. Plugged in my trusty OBD2 Bluetooth adapter and ran Torque... coolant temp was sitting between 102-108°C. Stopped in K
  11. until
    "This is Day 1 of the National Subaru meet Flat Nats 2020 being held in Chch Labour weekend 24 & 25 Oct 2020 Join us for a track day at Ruapuna Sat 24 Oct 2020. Hosted by Christchurch Trackdays. $120 per car register here http://www.christchurchtrackdays.com/form-view/8 Follow the Flat Nats 2020 page for more Day 1 and Day 2 events!" For more information, check out the event on Facebook
  12. until
    For more information, check out the Flat Nats Facebook page
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