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  1. Took the sister's nugget in for 5 new tyres and an alignment... Tyres were 2007 factory fitted Dunlops!
  2. Cover it in mud perhaps? haha Or clean it, one of the two. Ahhh quite possibly, but my memory is shocking haha
  3. Might be a bit longer as the Forester is (again) in for some unexpected work...
  4. New decade... I'll give it a go. Think that area has changed a wee bit though
  5. Finally fitted this! Thanks to more help from @Kiwi_Fozze Also picked myself up recovery boards, compressor, and a few other pieces from SCA. And the Forester is booked in for 5x Yokohama Geolander G015 ATs on Friday!
  6. Picked up a Sump Guard for the Forester, with some help from @Kiwi_Fozzeremoved a snapped bolt that was in the way... only to find that it had been cross threaded to hell by the previous owner... Now to grab a thread repair kit...
  7. I went to Supercheap Auto and had them price match a price on a Century battery from Super Start Batteries (they do free freight and way cheaper prices) but I need it that day.
  8. Still a WIP but hoping to pick this up this week
  9. Well... since I've been without my own car for >2 months, I started looking at Foresters for some softroad adventures... I am now the owner of a NZ New SH XT
  10. Pretty common issue with the power steering pumps on the Flat 6 Subarus. The power steering pump will just need a rebuild with a new seal kit. Most Subaru specialists will be familiar with the issue.
  11. Yeah I did look at the Mk6 R but I went for this as it's a huge step up with the mod cons and comfort for everyday driving. The Mk6 R still has cambelt which I wanted to avoid too. And the Mk7 R was a good $10k or so more than this. Might upgrade to the R at some point but this was what ticked my boxes and fit the budget. I've yet to drive this properly... (Thanks Covid) but round town it's comfy and quick. Definitely a change from a heavy AWD Legacy. And having the special active front diff is meant to make a huge difference over the standard GTI. Sent using Tapatalk
  12. I now own one less Subaru. The BMF has moved on to a new owner.
  13. I forgot the old "remove your valuables, or someone else will" saying. I'm usually really good at putting my radar detector away... clearly not on this occasion as it was enough for an opportunist to do this:
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