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  1. NHH Took on Tyre Power, I deal with the sale enquiry's for Tyre power
  2. $380 fitted or $350.75 not fitted this is for 225/50/15 V70A Escta
  3. Adjustable suspension possibly, Rota's possibly too I will enquiry to see if we can, PM your brand of suspension you're after and the type of rota's you want
  4. Can supply suspension, mag wheels and tyres. Show me what your after and I will give you a price
  5. North Harbour Tyre Power. On wairau road between Hyundai and Isuzu car dealers. I work for them so I can help out Sell Kumho, Hankook, Toyo, Yokohama, Goodyear and dunlop plus many more
  6. The 25 cars have been put up check it out guys If this is your car and those wheels aint work meisters then 0/10
  7. I don't believe they set you up more like a certain someone had set it up on their name but once they were removed the bots just selected a random person who happened to be you, It would be unfair to remove you from the top 25 because of some cheater so there was no need to worry
  8. email them back with your chassis number and they will put you in the voting
  9. The first 22B!!!!!!!!! Make it get #1
  10. Don't worry Subaru NZ marketing team has been notified about it, I can't say what they told me but don't worry all is good.
  11. gaming

    Assetto Corsa yes good game however Project Cars I don't like it too much money and no support from the Devs and from the reviews I see on steam it is not a very good game