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  1. Installed my Valenti Tail lights & Hi-Stop light.. quite an improvement in the looks department.. especially on a black car! Just need to do something about that Chrome strip now. Might just plastidip it like I did the badges. Before After
  2. Just buy lots of chicken.. stay all day
  3. Have purchased some aftermarket lights but the buyer won't ship, so I need someone to at least go and arrange a pickup with the seller... and then we can arrange shipment to me somehow. The seller lives in Ferry Rd, Christchurch.. somewhere. Who can help me out with this.. chur
  4. A few years ago I got one from in the US, was around the $100(ish) mark. They have different USDM model numbers, but the part numbers matched up.You just need to to go through their database of cars to see if you can find the correct one. At the time, mine was for a V7 STi.. don't know what you need. Also, if I remember correctly, there is a difference between front and rear (pre- or post- turbo). The one I got was front (pre-turbo, in the exhaust manifold). From the image above, it was the lower one. The big white connector on the end fit through the 'O' end of a standard 17mm (I think) ring spanner, so it was easy enough to install myself, once you get all the heat-shielding off (which was a pain).
  5. So I realise this may be a bit late notice, but I'm driving up to Rotorua on Friday morning, and coming back Monday afternoon / evening. If anybody needs anything shipped between those destinations, then let me know and we can likely hook something up. Chur
  6. Has a carbon bonnet and yes it's been kept in excellent condition. Is an old school CSér, has been around the scene for probably about 15 years, if not longer
  7. Yep but wanted to tag him in the post hah
  8. When you swap the suspension over.. you put this over the top of the top-mount, then install it into the car. So basically, it is sandwiched between the top-mount and the car's chassis. They are 10mm thick so it should still give more than enough thread to bolt your nuts onto. Send me a PM and we'll sort out the $ and postage
  9. That would be a member by the screen name Mitsuriboshi, or something like that haha.. but it doesn't look like he has his account on here any more? Chuck it in the Wellington Facebook page
  10. As luck would have it, I have a set that I got for my Foz's but never used Brand new, still in packet. $65 inc shipping
  11. When you install the struts into the rear, they will sit 10-15mm lower than the fronts. So you need to get a spacer to get them looking level. But if you like the look, then there's nothing functionally wrong with it.
  12. Car: MY10 Legacy BR So I'm wanting to install a dashcam at some point soon, and I'm needing to know the best and easiest source to tap into, to hardwire it in. I'm thinking a wire under the ignition, or somewhere that goes into the drivers-side door wiring. Anybody got a later model legacy and done something similar with a camera or something else that's been hard-wired? I'd prefer not to take the stereo out and get into that wiring, but I will if I have to.
  13. Scoobydoo

    My New STI Foz

    I'd definitely own another one again. Just the fuel bill was killing me on all the road trips I was doing! Great as a round town / fun car though.
  14. Easter you say.. well I currently have no plans for that weekend so I'll likely be around. If you jump onto the ClubSUB Facebook group then it can be easier to organise impromptu meetups
  15. On further thinking.. in my last Forester, I remember that I also had rather angled end links. I got some adjustable links and they helped. The STi lower arms are different to the XT ones.. you can attach a bracing kit to the XT arms that the STi arms don't need. The difference in the bushes being black vs yellow... the black ones are their 'greaseless' variety, but other than that they are the same. However I'd still use some grease though as I've heard the 'greaseless' ones can lose their fluidity and start squeaking after a while.