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  1. My first auto cross was awesome my advise is to take it easy the first few times and the more you learn the track the more you learn about where you can push harder and where to take it easy. My first time of the day was 2.02.23 last time of the day was 1.43.49 and for me beating my own personal time was better than trying to beat anyone else out there.
  2. I don't think I did too badly for my first time and considering I did it in my daily driver
  3. @RAYDEO. Are you coming?
  4. What time?
  5. i finally put my clubsub sticker on
  6. Monday then?
  7. any day works for me
  8. I'm Interested
  9. There is a charity cruise happening in Dunedin on Sunday 20th November 2016 for the hospice. If anyone is interested in or out of Dunedin, would be cool to see a few Subarus there. please see the link below for all the details.
  10. going to be a lot of traveling/quite costly from the likes of Dunedin or anywhere in the south island but definitely keen
  11. oh well atleast its in the clubsub family. i really do want to get an S401. one day lol. will be good to see it when its up and running properly again
  12. Did you buy the s401 recently? I just saw the photos in that article I was looking at that while it was on trademe I missed out