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  1. We replaced that. The old one was more or less seized and grindy. Everything was aligned
  2. We managed to get it going. Start it in gear. Drive it around a bit wear it out u bit until it worked. Still have to force it in gear a bit but hopefully that will become easier with time
  3. Must have been a hard decision to make Atleas it will still be in the family more or less.
  4. Yea. Was kind of desperate the other night just wanted to get the clutch change done since there had been a few delays already with getting the wrong clutch and when we realised the bearing was stuffed it was too late and everything was closed. But got a new one and the engine is finally back in just need to finish putting all the things back on. Intercooler and what not
  5. Hi there. Anyone in Dunedin have a spare spigot bearing in Dunedin. Preferably needed ASAP otherwise I'll go to a shop in the morning. Thanks, UPDATE: I GOT ONE!!
  6. My first auto cross was awesome my advise is to take it easy the first few times and the more you learn the track the more you learn about where you can push harder and where to take it easy. My first time of the day was 2.02.23 last time of the day was 1.43.49 and for me beating my own personal time was better than trying to beat anyone else out there.
  7. I don't think I did too badly for my first time and considering I did it in my daily driver
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