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  1. That's a fantastic result. I bet it's way more fun to drive now. Quite crazy what a basic remap will do.
  2. Jeeze what a pain! Awesome feeling to have it running though I bet.
  3. Ah that's fair! if it didn't go right into the hot and stay there, then I'd say you're fine. haven't had any issues since?
  4. Straight from the radiator cap maybe? Never hurts to buy new ones, not too expensive, and rules them out.
  5. I use Blacks Fasteners quite often, well priced and massive variety available. Not sure if there's one near you? https://www.blacksfasteners.co.nz/
  6. I typically just scrapped the remnants of one of those engines sorry!
  7. I'm happy to lend a hand and see what I can do. It's been a few years but used to manage some forums and web hosting a while back.
  8. Go on... they look great with roof racks. I've been tempted myself!
  9. Yeah that'll work fine! Note that the roll pin can be a PITA to remove from under the car, and that it's a dual-roll pin, so have to knock out the center one first, then the outer one.
  10. Yeah sadly with more modern cars it's just too much of a mess, often the transmission mounts themselves will be completely different. Also 100% will need a cert, technically changing the brake pedal in any car requires a cert As much as it sucks, the best/potentially only option is to sell it and upgrade...
  11. I often use Partsouq to find the parts, and buy through Amayama.com they tend to stock, or at least say they stock it more often. Just put through an order yesterday of things that Partsouq said they didn't have, so will see when they get back to me...
  12. Just thought I'd update this with some info I've found, as I'm putting a newer setup in mine since the newer joint is easy to get (PN: 35047AC030). Subaru changed the shift linkages around 1996/1997. Running a couple of Chassis Codes in Amayama I found the images of the two. You can swap between the two styles, but you need the entire shift assembly; the Joint, rod, and selector: < 1996: >= 1997:
  13. Yup from memory it can be removed with ECUflash and a tactrix cable.
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