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  1. Heya! Welcome along to the forum! One piece of advice I'd give you, not related to your question, is to add at least some form of heater back into the car, and at least a fan. My RS Legacy rally car no heater or anything, and the worst thing was getting to the start line at an event, on a cold morning, and your windscreen instantly fogging up Regarding the wiring loom, I'd almost look at getting another stock one if I were you, it would be the easiest to start with a stock loom, and get it running again, then slowly strip out what you're not needing. I had an engine bay fire in my RS a few years back, which got me starting in thinning out the wiring loom, I repaired the damaged parts, then just started stripping back what wasn't needed. I went a little snip happy, and it took me weeks to troubleshoot it and find where I'd gone too far. I should've just started with another loom, but they were getting harder to find for an RS.
  2. If you're willing to spend a few grand, I believe subaru will sell you a brand new short block too.
  3. Looks super nice, always loved that shape! Although I never noticed until your pictures, how much it looks like an outlander from the side haha. It's definitely a model I'd look at if I was wanting something a bit more 'suv' like.
  4. I'm also getting a set of heads shipped down from Auckland to Dunedin, I'd say to see if they could be shipped together, but mine are going through a machine shop in Auckland first.
  5. Would you be up for doing the work yourself? As DIY it's much much much cheaper than that, just can be quite tedious, and take quite a while.
  6. You may be best to buy a cheap one or a shell. There's one in Dunedin atm for $800. So less than the cost of a cert.
  7. Yup, have bought a few sets of tyres from them, pretty good value. Just remember they rack on $49 or so per tyre for install and disposal.
  8. I'd say you'd still pass, it's something huge like 700g or something, which is super easy to pass. His MPS was tuned, and ran crazy rich, and flew through, nowhere near the limit, and he has no cats at all.
  9. Not quite right either actually, you can still pass a WOF with no cat, as long as you pass an emissions test too, which is an extra cost. A friend 'failed' a wof on no cats in his MPS, but elected to do an emissions test, and passed. So he just hands over a copy of the test with his WOF to pass now. We were surprised he passed, but it's actually a very lax test, so even with an aftermarket turbo and everything massively modified, he still gets WOFs.
  10. Yeah we had the pump fail on our last STI, so definitely removing on this one. TGVs I've heard can help flow, but probably not so much at this power leve.
  11. Same actually. We're going to do the air pump delete, and maybe a TGV delete beforehand, although not sure if the TGV delete is really necessary..
  12. Sold my Falcon yesterday, quite excited about that! Bought it almost 2 years ago for $6990, sold yesterday for $6500, not bad... And the STI has a new down-pipe from PBMS sitting beside it, and awaiting arrival of a new fuel pump, and ProcessWest intake, then just need to organise a tune and get it all installed.
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