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  1. Yeah I'd say it's just old oil, much like what Loren said.
  2. Interesting! I'd heard the same that the RevD doesn't require that, as it's "Done from factory". Glad it's boosting better now!
  3. Was meaning more testing to see if the wastegate is holding shut, so applying pressure straight to the wastegate spring and seeing if it holds II had an issue with my BC5 RS-RA when I first purchased it, and it wasn't holding boost, turned out the wastegate spring wasn't holding anymore, and just flying open 🤣
  4. Here's a quick question, do you have access to an air compressor? Could you potentially put a vac line direct to the wastegates from a regulated air compressor and check that they're holding?
  5. Yeah, I'd say that the flywheel has probably been taken down too much, time for a new one!
  6. Was pretty straight forward when we did it on my parents previous STI's, an 09 and 11. Just download the ROM, remove those few codes, save, and reupload. Was a bit of a pain to get it to connect initially to download it, but got there eventually. The physical delete was easy as we had the motor out, but even with it in it wouldn't have been too bad. Depends how far you want to go with it, as the plate on the driver's side head was a bit of a pain to get to behind the up pipe.
  7. BL/BP is where they changed a bit, I think the fronts might be swappable with some earlier ones, but from memory the rears changed to the single lower bolt design?
  8. Yeah I've always done this whenever I've removed the manifold, just to help clean it up too.
  9. Yeah, you just might need to watch out for boost creep, but like Loren said, even just a check-up on the dyno to be safe.
  10. if you do an entire WRX swap, you should probably also swap over the master cylinder too
  11. Hey! so, standard GF WRX stuff will fit if you wish to change to that. the later V4+ models have rear vented rotors which you could change to. I believe you'll need hubs etc to go along with these. I've done the v4+ WRX upgrade to my v3 WRX, but am also considering the larger rotors from a BP/BL 3.0/GT. I believe I read it is a bolt-on upgrade once you have a disc setup. If you want another upgrade, I have upgraded my fronts to the same BP/BL brakes, and it's a huge rotor change, requires minimum 17" wheels though.
  12. Not on my car, but serviced for my mate's nice Legacy RS RA rally car over the weekend, very cool car, and very quick! With the classic clubsub sticker of course
  13. I was previously with Classic Cover for my last legacy I think, and NAC for my FTO before that, no complaints on either. I went through a broker for my last cars, who were able to get it much cheaper than directly to the insurance provider. So that might be an option
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