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  1. Ahh cool thanks, I'll take a look at lunch and see what it says!
  2. I've never used the others very much, only to disable the air pump. I believe FreeSSM has a menu about cruise control that's all.
  3. I've got a Tactrix OpenPort 2.0 Rev H, and a few random bluetooth adaptors. FreeSSM doesn't pick up a Serial port when I connect the Tactrix, but RomRaider will connect to the ECU.
  4. Yup light blue and red, that's on the column side of the plug, not the body loom side. You can confirm it's the same with yours by checking for continuity between the two pins and the resistance should change as you press the buttons.
  5. Similar issue to @GregNZ here, I have just installed the switches in the STI, and checked and it already has the 4 pole brake/stop switch: Trying to connect my laptop to the ECU with FreeSSM, but so far no luck in connecting, but I suspect that will tell me why it's not working. For rerence this is a Manual 2011 STI with push button start.
  6. Well after an hour or so with a super crappy multi-meter, I found the wires, cut up an old 3.5-RCA lead and guessed the wiring for the head uni 3.5mm remote in. And success! I feel so dirty doing it this way, but all my tools are at my workshop and I can't get there with the lock-down. so for now it's twisted and taped. Crappy video:
  7. @Andy_Mac Will let you know if we find the cable and get it hooked up. I found a video on Youtube of an aussie guy doing on a legacy/outback and he just went to the steering column and cut the wires where it comes out of there and ran them across to the head unit. So I'll probably look at the same if the plug doesn't have it there
  8. Won an auction a few weeks back on Trademe for a Legacy steering wheel for $1. Total $11 shipped. Only wanted it for the steering wheel controls, crazy how much some people want for those! Installed them on the STI yesterday. Still need to source a 3 wire brake switch to enable Cruise control, and need to find the Remote input cable for the Kenwood head unit then can finally have steering wheel controls running. Thankfully the plugs were the same, so they just plugged right in and bolted right up.
  9. Hmm, I was going to suggest one, but then realised it was for a later model one, maybe might be able to get you something?
  10. Might have sorted some V3 WRX heads, so not quite as nice, but it'll do the job. Unsure if the engine will be going back into this car though, may re-shell into a road car, as I'm not getting a lot of use out of it as a rally car.
  11. Pulled the heads last night, and found the full extent of the damage: Block will need sleeved, and I'd say 4 new pistons, hoping the rods and crank are salvageable...
  12. Just to pull it apart and see how bad the damage actually is, hoping the block, rods, and 3 other pistons are salvageable...
  13. My rally car decided on the weekend that it had a grudge against two of the exhaust valves, and one piston, both lost the fight, and so did my wallet... That last pic is not the sump plug, it was in fact the spark plug from cylinder one..
  14. We used to have one before our current manual STI. The shifts are slow, but you do get used to it, and can kind of 'predict' it, so you just shift a little earlier than you'd expect. A hell of a lot of fun though, for an automatic, and went surprisingly well. But when we got the manual, we could tell just how down-tuned the A-Line was.
  15. Pulled the engine for some maintenance before 4 and Rotary South Island Champs. New rocker cover gaskets, fix the sump leaking. new up pipe gasket, as that was leaking as well, also new turbo inlet and outlet gaskets. Will fix some wiring, and hopefully install some Radium engineering fuel rails. Also a look at the basic twisted setup While it's out Im going to make some brackets for it!
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