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  1. Yeah, you just might need to watch out for boost creep, but like Loren said, even just a check-up on the dyno to be safe.
  2. if you do an entire WRX swap, you should probably also swap over the master cylinder too
  3. Hey! so, standard GF WRX stuff will fit if you wish to change to that. the later V4+ models have rear vented rotors which you could change to. I believe you'll need hubs etc to go along with these. I've done the v4+ WRX upgrade to my v3 WRX, but am also considering the larger rotors from a BP/BL 3.0/GT. I believe I read it is a bolt-on upgrade once you have a disc setup. If you want another upgrade, I have upgraded my fronts to the same BP/BL brakes, and it's a huge rotor change, requires minimum 17" wheels though.
  4. Not on my car, but serviced for my mate's nice Legacy RS RA rally car over the weekend, very cool car, and very quick! With the classic clubsub sticker of course
  5. I was previously with Classic Cover for my last legacy I think, and NAC for my FTO before that, no complaints on either. I went through a broker for my last cars, who were able to get it much cheaper than directly to the insurance provider. So that might be an option
  6. Took Dad's STI drag racing on Saturday up at the Oamaru Airport, pretty busy day, over 100 entrants, but great fun. We both shared the car, 4 runs each. It ran brilliantly, a great test of the car, and it was faultless, only driver error all day. The only slight thing I think I could say, is I have suspicions that the 3rd gear synchro is on its way out, as it would occasionally not want to go in down the strip, which sadly happened on my last run I ran a best of 13.05, and Dad ran a 13.4 I think it was. It would've easily done a 12.x if I'd not stuffed up my last run sadly.
  7. Ooh, I've considered doing exactly this, just never took the plunge, as I don't quite have enough I/O left on my G4+ Plugin to do it easily, quite keen to try though. What manifold and chassis are you attempting to install it onto? Is the throttle body pinout bolt pattern different?
  8. That's awesome. Did you have muddies/atrs on the SF5?
  9. That's a fantastic result. I bet it's way more fun to drive now. Quite crazy what a basic remap will do.
  10. Jeeze what a pain! Awesome feeling to have it running though I bet.
  11. Ah that's fair! if it didn't go right into the hot and stay there, then I'd say you're fine. haven't had any issues since?
  12. Straight from the radiator cap maybe? Never hurts to buy new ones, not too expensive, and rules them out.
  13. I use Blacks Fasteners quite often, well priced and massive variety available. Not sure if there's one near you? https://www.blacksfasteners.co.nz/
  14. I typically just scrapped the remnants of one of those engines sorry!
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