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      The 2018 ClubSUB Calendar, Powered by Possum Borne Motorsport is now available.

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  1. No probs! No I didn't keep it in place after as it wasn't really an issue unless I was on less than a quarter of a tank Yeah I used a 32oz tank - bit of a squeeze getting it in the opening but it is possible
  2. I tried this mod myself on my V7 STI as i was getting really bad surge but it turned out the main problem that the stock fuel sock wasn't used once I put that back on it was a lot better- not perfect but I wasn't tracking the car so wasn't too worried I actually bought 2x of the plane fuel tank 1x which is brand new If you want it? its the exact same Dubro tank pictured
  3. Ive had 6 different Legacys now from twin turbo BH5 to the facelift turbo BP5 and now i have a 6spd 3.0R and absolutely love it, sure you dont get the turbo experience but its got low down power and torque when you need it - the EZ30 is definitely no slouch especially if you do a re-flash and maybe exhaust which I am going to do at some stage..
  4. Nelson now have 2x BP Connect stations with BP98 - have done for nearly a year now - thankfully for me and fellow nelsonians!
  5. Sorry just had to post this lol
  6. Sorry old thread drag, but iam too looking at getting a 2007 GRB STI with 100,000kms on the clock, Kiwi Fozze when you say its a big trend beacuse of the piston rings - is this when modded or even just standard? tbh I havent heard of the JDM 2.0l doing this?
  7. I bought this for my Legacy 3.0R, pricey but the best gearknob I have ever bought - looks good and feels good too https://www.japanparts.com/parts/detail/48053
  8. Satans knob lmao
  9. +1 also if the rocker seals weren't genuine Subaru Seals then they could be still leaking
  10. What are they worth?
  11. Ah okay do the Subaru 4 pot and 2 pots fit okay without handbrake issues?
  12. Yeah that's what I thought too - also what did you do for the rear handbrake shoe issue?
  13. Well I'm pretty keen to put some brembos on my 2006 3.0R whats the best option for sourcing the adapters for the rear? does anyone sell them in NZ? or do I need to head to ebay?
  14. Should have renamed them to D-Tune - detonation tune my one even detted on 98
  15. Absolutely beautiful e-tune!