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  1. These guys did my 06 Legacy but it may not work on all nav systems Installer Services 14 Ryan Pl, Manukau, 2104 PH 0800 348 669
  2. Hi guys so I have an na 1999 forester C/20 manual and recently the reverse gear stopped working It all started when I got it stuck down by the river and I was tryna reverse out and it did involve high revs and a few clutch dumps lol that's what the old foresters for having fun! So once i got out it was stuck in reverse and the only way to get it out was to pop it out while rolling back and it would make a horrible noise while in reverse So finally the other day it stopped working all together now and it just makes a grinding noise when u try to reverse - my question is now what's the best way to get it sorted? Pop a second hand box in? Or try to fix it?
  3. Has yours been reflashed/tuned?
  4. Anyone around the Nelson Bays/Blenheim area that would lend a Tactrix cable to me? or even further afield wanting to get my 3.0R remapped
  5. Indeed it is! sorry @4G63B8 im wanting a manual oh well looks like I might just have to go back to a V7/V8 STI
  6. Well I have owened a V7 STI - nice car but wanting something new and was very impressed when I drove a V11 there are so many around surely there are other owners on here can comment, not that I dont beleive you @Kiwi_Fozze I'd just like to see what others have had
  7. Hmm that's a pity - such a nice car!
  8. Hi team so I tried out a 2.0L 2008 V11 STI yesterday and I am so impressed I think i want to buy one now lol, but with others on here saying they blow engines etc is it really that common? I cant really afford to buy the 2010+ age ones
  9. Ah thought that was the case, cheers
  10. Question - if i had some v7 sti rear hubs would they go onto my 2006 3.0r and if so would v7-8 brembos for the rear bolt up?
  11. Okay good to know! how does he do a remote tune and anyone know costing?
  12. Interesting you say to tune first? that means if you want to do any mods you would have to tune again after? doubling the cost I have a 2006 Legacy 3.0R 6MT that I want to tune but would prefer to do some exhaust mods first.. let me know your thoughts @west_minist
  13. No probs! No I didn't keep it in place after as it wasn't really an issue unless I was on less than a quarter of a tank Yeah I used a 32oz tank - bit of a squeeze getting it in the opening but it is possible
  14. I tried this mod myself on my V7 STI as i was getting really bad surge but it turned out the main problem that the stock fuel sock wasn't used once I put that back on it was a lot better- not perfect but I wasn't tracking the car so wasn't too worried I actually bought 2x of the plane fuel tank 1x which is brand new If you want it? its the exact same Dubro tank pictured
  15. Ive had 6 different Legacys now from twin turbo BH5 to the facelift turbo BP5 and now i have a 6spd 3.0R and absolutely love it, sure you dont get the turbo experience but its got low down power and torque when you need it - the EZ30 is definitely no slouch especially if you do a re-flash and maybe exhaust which I am going to do at some stage..
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