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  1. Cheers haha yeah I appreciate your feedback! yeah I haven't tested one yet but will do this weekend
  2. Thanks for the feedback, well the last auto I had was a 3.0R legacy it did have the paddles but no blipping or anything and Ive never owned a GRB series STI so for Me I think an Auto GRB, (yes Im getting sick of manual for my daily) would be a great option They look great, lots more room than my BL5 Legacy and I would say quicker than my 2.0L BL5 Turbo?
  3. Cheers - it seems some come with the Brembos so I would be looking to get one of those - a few on TM currently When you say slow how do you mean? is there a big delay in the gear change once you hit the paddle?
  4. Poor Ol Sf5! she needs some love!
  5. Hi team are thinking of getting an STI A-Line (I know its Auto dont judge me lol) just wondering if there are many members on here who have owned one and can comment on them? when using the paddles on downshift doe the car match the revs so you dont feel anything on downchange? or is it like all the classic autos? Any known issues with the A-lines? I would be getting a 2010+ model
  6. Sweet well Im getting it looked at by the tuner next week so we will see by the way whats LV?
  7. So it normally does just above 1bar now sits dead on 0.5bar (7.25 psi) has no CEL or anything and actually runs smooth just low boost and it did it for no apparent reason I did an ecu reset the other day and boost was back for a while but went back to 0.5bar
  8. Thanks Andy yeah i thought it might be related to it, like maybe the ecu is putting it into limp mode because of the issue?
  9. Okay after calling Subaru NZ they say dads outback was actually a 2010 model which is not good, the other thing is I wonder if my boost issues are because of the connector? mines an 07 BL5 Turbs
  10. Interesting cos my dads 09 Outbacks cradle just melted and s*** itself I rang Subaru and they said no there isn't a recall on his model and that they couldn't do anything... I checked my 07 Legacy at the same time and advised there is one and a letter would be coming soon, recently my boost is down i wonder if the cradle/pump is the issue?
  11. Hey got his in the mail too today. Glad to get it and can get it sorted out This is interesting does anyone know why the fuel pump needs to be checked and what year cars this applies to?
  12. I attempted to do this for my 2007 BL5 Legacy but Nelson Subaru advised there wasn't any recalls on my vehicle - this was there response when I emailed them Hi We recall check every vehicle when booked in but I rechecked yours again and there is no Recalls outstanding for your VIN number. Regards
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