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  1. Yea I thought of getting it lifted a bit but I use it on the road quite a bit too so didn't want to compromise that? - anyone else on here with interesting pics they could share?
  2. Yep sure do! that's why I chose the non turbo version as well cos none of them came out with hi/lo
  3. Does anyone have one they use for a bit of fun and go off roading? - I have one - see pics below 1999 SF5 Forester C/20 manual and I cant believe the places it goes Be interesting to see any other members pics of 4wding in their Forester/Outback/Leone?
  4. Thats hideous! Subaru ought to be ashamed
  5. 6MT?
  6. any other ideas?
  7. Yea tried that also, haha bloody twin turbos! hmm im stuck then
  8. anyone else?
  9. Ah ok hah yea i thought so, when it does low boost it boosts OK on both turbos and it changes over OK, its just that on primary it boosts around 7psi and secondary 10psi I did also clean out the boost solenoid in the guard
  10. Morning guys So my 1996 Legacy GTB has come up with the code 65 which is 'Differential Pressure Sensor' so I located and cleaned the sensor out but still getting the same code.. car runs ok apart from running lowish boost - and Im guessing the DPS has something to do with that? IIRC the DPS senses the difference between the two boost pressures of the primary and secondary turbos? So my next question is where can I get a replacement DPS? cant seem to find the Part number here http://jp-carparts.com/subaru/carlist.php?maker=subaru tried Ebay also Any Ideas?
  11. Under backseat iirc?
  12. Why would it do that?
  13. Hi guys just have a strange issue with the fuel gauge reading incorrectly on my 3.0r legacy, i just filled it up ro the brim and sometimes when i start it now it will read 3/4 full and then sometimes it will read right full Any ideas why or what would cause this?
  14. Sweet will check those items , where abouts is the boost solenoid?
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