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  1. Should have renamed them to D-Tune - detonation tune my one even detted on 98
  2. Absolutely beautiful e-tune!
  3. Anyone have any more ideas on this? Still getting code 65 now the car actually boosts normally but still getting the cel? Also after 30min of driving or so it will go out?
  4. Installed this! Really happy with the fitment
  5. Repaired the bolster on my recaro today, the foam had collapsed on the drivers side as they do
  6. Not wanting to Thread Hijack but what are the V11 issues you mention just of interest?
  7. Haha Im dying I know Bailey hes just tryna be a funny C***
  8. Okay so radiator went back in and I took it for a good drive and it seemed ok didn't overheat and the overflow bottle only filled to halfway this time, went in and had tea then took it for another spin, this time it overflowed the bottle and same old problem the temp came up again! - I tried what you said with the 2-3k rpm for a bit and the temp did come back to normal - and yes the fans are definitely blowing the right way my only idea now is the head gasket is only just starting to leak every now and then especially when I drive it a bit harder
  9. anyone?
  10. Okay so took the Radiator in to be flushed out and it was 20% blocked, will be putting back in tonight, would 20% blockage cause it to warm up a bit at idle? it never gets real hot when it does warm above normal, and as I said it would come back to normal once driving
  11. On that reasoning do you take a shower ever?
  12. yes thats a good point I will check that too
  13. Okay so I replaced the thermostat and it has made no difference, i'v noticed it wont ever overheat when driving its only when you stop at idle for around 5min or more it starts to rise - In now thinking a blocked radiator?
  14. Okay thats interesting thanks for the feedback guys i guess I've never really had to do a 50k service, i also notice they would change the brake fluid and coolant is this really necessary? btw my 3.0R is Manual also
  15. Lol i did now that they have done a breakdown its gone up to $918.03 Holy S*** is the oil made from gold and 1.5hrs to do a can of upper engine cleaner??