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  1. I can Also vouch for Nick at North Shore Toyota my Brother owns An Altezza and Nick always sorts him out with awesome discounts on parts etc
  2. All good mate thanks anyway I have got a second hand one arriving today - fingers crossed it will sort the issue..
  3. Yes it is 61100AE001
  4. Hi guys so the Drivers side Central locking actuator on my Sti Forester has packed up what’s the best way to go about getting a new one/fixing it wreckers are wanting $120 + GST and a new one from Subaru is around $250 + GST partsouq have no stock which is frustrating as they are only $61ish! Anyone had a similar issue? Any ideas?
  5. Would anyone be interested in one i have one i bought and was going to use but have decided not to see pics below - is unopened
  6. Indeed it was! yeah its tidy as, just need to put the original badges etc back on it! Yeah same It made me smile even before the tune! now it does other things to me lol!
  7. Hi guys just though id show off my new ride! so its a 2005 STI Forester recently aquired from Ajay @Subirex Automotive thanks to Ajay and his team he did an awesome job of getting it ready for me on time! once it was finished it went to @PBMS they manged to get a safe but very satisfying 208KW ATW out of it - few pics below of her on her drive down to Nelson!
  8. Anyone else?
  9. Yeah true im still wary about the engine failures the pre 2010 models have.. i badly want one but cant afford a 2010 model...
  10. Have found a 2009 sti with 160kms on the clock is it likely to blow up on me lol?
  11. Yeah okay thats good to know thanks! Haha possibly!
  12. Hi guys I'm looking at buying a 2006 Forester STI and was just wondering if there is any known issues with these vehicles? they are obviously a 2.5 motor and people say the Subaru 2.5 motors are known for doing head gaskets.. I love the idea of the STI Forester being quick great looking and very practical! Any tips or known issues would be muchly appreciated
  13. Hi guys So the Heater core in my 1989 Subaru Leone has decided to leak and from what i can see online etc its a pretty major job to replace it, obviously the other option would be to just bypass it in the engine bay but it gets cold in the winter! Has anyone replaced one before? and if so what is involved?
  14. These guys did my 06 Legacy but it may not work on all nav systems Installer Services 14 Ryan Pl, Manukau, 2104 PH 0800 348 669