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  1. Hey there Mate I dont live in that area however I recently enquired with Queenstown Motor Group about service history on a Legacy BH5 I was going to buy, they were very disinterested and I felt like they couldn't be bothered helping, however that is my only experience with them Others from the area may have better opt
  2. If it was my car I would but that's just me
  3. I hate to say it but I'm thinking head gasket is on the way out a legacy gt I had did the same symptoms
  4. Okay cheers thanks for that - who's SAS by the way?
  5. Hmm that's very confusing then as it would appear after reading through all 10 pages in this thread that people with Rev D have done it...
  6. Sorry old thread drag up! - I looked at doing this mod to my BE5 i noticed the hose between the two tees that you remove has a restrictor pill in it should this pill be there?
  7. Yeah can do that but not sure exactly what I need...
  8. Partsouq but not sure of all the parts needed and part numbers and the dealers won't give me the part numbers
  9. Thanks for that -also anyone know where I can get all the part numbers for all parts needed in a cam belt kit?
  10. Nice - which passenger side cover are you talking about? I wont have tools with me in queenstown to check first
  11. So looking at buying another BH5 Legacy cos i miss my old one haha only thing is it needs a cambelt it was last done at 93,000kms and has now just done 212,000kms would it still be okay to drive it home to Nelson from Queenstown? obviously will get it done once I get it home
  12. ok cheers so the brakes on the wrecked ones are oem without adapters so I will need to also get the rear backing plate and handbrake setup?
  13. So have found a 2007 Legacy being wrecked and was wondering what I would need apart from the Brembo calipers off it to put them onto my 07 Legacy?
  14. Not sure what might be missing but try the link below for diagrams*KwEmEgM1fGdjK2NNVX16Cn5qSk1TIi0gITMlOFQmU21iVWkyJGFlNlJRKyQjJyB8dn04N3cxLicnI39vfW03KDFRN28AAAAAo7Up7A%24&vid=0&cid=1111&q=GC8-065015