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  1. Lol Ive lived in Nelson my whole life and never heard of "Subaru performance repairs" who is this company?
  2. Looks like spam to me
  3. Rally armour flaps onto the legacy today
  4. I have found the same! I generally stay away from anything Repco branded
  5. Haha i know that feeling
  6. Haha sorry about that bro! Yeah i saw them too but as u say not the best condition
  7. Thought id share these just here lol snapped these up off trademe and into my legacy no issues at all as mine had no side airbags and the seatbelt plug was the same! My life is now complete lol
  8. Recents of my new BL5 Legacy sedan in Manual i absolutely love her!
  9. Yeah could well have been I guess - anyone else had issues with K&N Filters or oiled ones in general?
  10. Anyone have any clues as to what may have happened?
  11. So after searching online I reset the ECU by disconnecting the battery and pumping the brakes, after that the boost was back!!! Any ideas why the boost went down in the first place?
  12. Hmm yeah well when I removed the sensor it was filthy, no I havent unfortunately, it's both sluggish and low on boost, hmm ok how do I go about resetting it on an 07 legacy?
  13. So last night i changed out my factory air filter for a K&N Panel Filter in my 2007 Legacy GT went for a drive afterwards and shortly into the drive i noticed the boost was cut back to 0.5bar instead of its usual 1.0bar I checked all hoses etc and everything is ok my only conclusion is the air flow sensor was on the way out and the new filter put oil onto it.. I tried cleaning the sensor etc but no luck, car didnt throw any Cel im guessing i need a new sensor? Looks to have never been cleaned or changed since new and car has just done 106,000kms Any ideas?
  14. Yes that sounds like a plan