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  1. Installed! @sobanoodle is this the way round it goes? Seems to be pretty close to the plastic by the wipers Not that it matters i guess
  2. Nice peice of equipment came in the mail today! Thanks to @sobanoodle Very well packaged too i must say!
  3. got my new rims today loving the new look! also plastidipped my badges
  4. hey there take it to Brian at NDT developments on pascoe street, knows his subys well, he tuned my v7 sti and i was very impressed! planning on getting my 3.0R reflashed there shortly
  5. I'd love to have a Leone in that condition...
  6. I have just joined the wagon Mafia! just bought me a 2006 Legacy 3.0R 6spd Manual in White
  7. hell yeah theyre awesome! makes you sit a bit lower too!
  8. Installed these today even tho the old forester is just for carrying stuff haha - damn nice seats!
  9. haha ok sweet as, what did they set you back? if you dont mind sharing?
  10. Damn they look sexy! - did you get them new? how much did they set you back? are they on a Legacy?
  11. I purchased this secondhand from Zeus on here but you can get them off ebay - probably the cheapest place would be here? for $46.08NZD + Sipping - pretty sure they only come in red