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  1. ok cheers so the brakes on the wrecked ones are oem without adapters so I will need to also get the rear backing plate and handbrake setup?
  2. So have found a 2007 Legacy being wrecked and was wondering what I would need apart from the Brembo calipers off it to put them onto my 07 Legacy?
  3. Not sure what might be missing but try the link below for diagrams*KwEmEgM1fGdjK2NNVX16Cn5qSk1TIi0gITMlOFQmU21iVWkyJGFlNlJRKyQjJyB8dn04N3cxLicnI39vfW03KDFRN28AAAAAo7Up7A%24&vid=0&cid=1111&q=GC8-065015
  4. If you can drive to pukekohe you could get PBMS to do it for you
  5. Still Have it was gonna chuck it up on Trademe soon PM me if u want it
  6. Same bro
  7. Not many of us on these forums man. Yeah thought that might be the case!
  8. Any Nelson/Tasman/Marlborough members keen for meets always wanted to do a meet up, Top of the south always seems dead!
  9. Certainly were got them from Auckland area
  10. Cheers Yeah I hit buy now as soon as I saw them lol
  11. So my Japan shipment arrived, so satisfying installing these parts haha did a photo shoot recently too
  12. Ah okay where would I get a control Module from?
  13. Ah okay cheers well the RH one i managed to find on Partsouq i want to replace that one cos mine is a bit scratched the other side which is media controls etc is not used now as I installed an aftermarket double din unit
  14. Yea Tried that but cant find em