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  1. Lol I watched that too it was just shameful they basically gave us the history of how good the old Sti's were and then tried to say at the end that the new ones were better Lol they even added the suby rumble soundtrack to the new one, pretty sure they don't sound like that without huge modification Subaru are honestly clutching at straws these days, admittedly the 2020 STI is good but I really don't know what they were thinking with the 2022 models they look hideous and they themselves seem to struggle to find anything nice to say about it Video below is quite funny and accurate I thought https://youtu.be/QaDDNVVwvWY
  2. Lol well thats a lie they definitely dont make them like they used to Cant claim that line unless they have a 6spd manual option Basically a Levorg renamed as far as i'm concerned Disappointed https://www.subaru.co.nz/media/news/subaru-new-zealand-reveals-surprise-2022-wrx-gtb-wagon
  3. Agreed - that just puts people off even before they get to the price lol
  4. Interesting - yeah I remember that too lol, feels like not that long ago either
  5. This is more just out of interest really and not looking to buy But are they really worth this much? seems ridiculous, even if it was lower kms and a bit tidier Id say 40k? but 90k really? Be interested to see others thoughts.. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/subaru/wrx-sti/listing/3227162834?bof=DHzvyz1E
  6. Has they way we post images on the forum changed recently ? They keep just showing up like above for me ..
  7. Bit of an engine detail the other day [img]https://i.ibb.co/g72ppfG/20210807-183013.jpg[/img] [img]https://i.ibb.co/DRdBdmJ/20210807-183027.jpg[/img] [img]https://i.ibb.co/c1qKS1m/20210807-183036.jpg[/img] [img]https://i.ibb.co/x89PxhH/20210807-183059.jpg[/img] [img]https://i.ibb.co/19j2mzx/20210807-183113.jpg[/img] [img]https://i.ibb.co/gFfbLDj/20210807-183122.jpg[/img]
  8. Pretty sure only Rev D can be tuned
  9. Ah yeah Mine don't have one of them that I can see - @Andy_Mac do you know if the V11 Sti's have a fuel filter in the engine bay anywhere?
  10. Actually Does anyone know where this filter is? I thought I did....
  11. Cheers that was my thinking too - Ill check the filter in a month or 2 in the engine bay
  12. Hey guys probably a rookie mistake on my part But while changing the fuel pump on my V11 Sti some sand that was around the fuel pump area fell into the fuel tank and I can now see it settled at the bottom of the tank It's not a lot maybe 2 pinches of salt amount Should I be worried about it? I have put in a new filter at the same time and car runs fine
  13. Hah yeah it is - just had some Goodride All terrains on
  14. Searching thru some old videos on the hard drive My Na Forester SF5 snatching my mates Safari from a mudhole Lol this is just one of the reasons why I love subarus
  15. Interesting, do you know what brand of pads you currently have?
  16. Sorry old thread drag here Can anyone comment on brake pads that aren't really dusty in a V11 STI I replaced my cheap ones with oem Brembo ones, great pad but still absolutely filthy even after few days they are bad And being the multi spoke STI rims they drive me insane cleaning them lol I have the Brembo calipers on mine and maybe its just the nature of having brembo brakes? - Im sure my V7 STI wasn't this bad though.. So anyone know a clean good pad? or should I be looking at the rotors? I guess another solution would be to get some 5 Spoke STI V11 Rims and put them on - at least they will be easy to clean...
  17. If you think your bug eye is too quiet, try taking a stock V11 STI A-line for a drive They honestly sound so lame, which is maybe why I want to sell mine lol
  18. It would seem they have that feature as well? Well the ones this guy installed did anyway he got them in aus
  19. Would these be legal in nz? https://www.ebay.com/itm/C-Shape-OLED-Tube-Headlights-Lamps-For-2008-2014-Subaru-WRX-STI-Xenon-HID-D2S/183907980024?hash=item2ad1c512f8:g:uhsAAOSw5T5frIo7
  20. Interesting read! but I feel ya, sometimes things just dont wanna go your way!
  21. Yes its a great site I buy parts from there all the time and use their diagrams
  22. By Using Carjam and Partsouq I can see it is a TF035 Turbo OEM part number for the turbo is 14411AA770 and if you google that it says TF035 See below links should help https://partsouq.com/en/catalog/genuine/unit?c=Subaru&ssd=%24*KwEZLTxXHVNdaV5DRxonC0FVdXJsHRIfHgwaB2sab1JealYNFF5aCRoaHwkGD19QRkIbGA9RVVxtVFAVQhEIdG0eGhwfR0pRCQYPSQkQHx1GS0wJUw8WCWsPUgAAAACog1-k%24&vid=0&cid=962&uid=28481&q=YA5-010561 https://autoparts.beforward.jp/detail/Engine---Components/Turbochargers/PA45691116/ https://turbocare.co.nz/shop/exchange-turbos/mitsubishi/subaru-exiga-tf035hm-exchange-turbo/
  23. The good news is NPD is expanding to the North island with its 100 Octane.. https://www.npd.co.nz/npd-announces-north-island-expansion-plans/
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