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  1. Danm @ADIKT savage bro..... but yeap pretty true actually. Just need headers, that's all
  2. @Andy_Mac I'll have to try them again, last time I emailed multiple times and never had a reply! Headers is all I need. Pitstop can fab me up the rest.
  3. Sup guys, anyone know if I can get headers in NZ from raptor or others, need for EZ30 my second cats are shot. @[email protected]_Mac @sobanoodle @McDoof
  4. Hey wassup welcome to the 3ltr gang! Lol mine did the same few months ago left me on the road side. 🤣 The brembos are a nice addition saves the money converting it now Yo @sobanoodle that looks mint! Vossens all the tings........
  5. @SpeedySub I'm a nope at that final cost!! 😵 hahah. Id be Keen for headers though. They look good quality
  6. @calebwrx 3rd cat delete and set of new mufflers is nice. Cheap enough at pitstop! Any other suggestions for fab shops??
  7. I was at flatnats last year and heard a EZ30 with headers, it broadens the overall sound. I think you get less engine and more exhaust, I'd be Keen to keep this going and see if there is any alternative!? Atm I like my 2.5inch although sound is only out the pipes, you don't get so much in the cabin like headers might help??
  8. If mine is anything to compare of, I currently get 17.86L/100km in my 3.0R it has been tuned and has mixed driving in West Auckland and motorways. This is not efficient at all....... 😵👎
  9. FlatNats 2019 Pukekohe Park Raceway. @Invisible
  10. +1 bushings, swaybars, endlinks and coilovers. Not ideal for roads though, especially all these pot holes and speedbumps around (Akld). It is quite stiff. Never tracked but I'm assuming that's where my setup shines.
  11. I spoke to Steven from DBA last night, he suggested approach race brakes for a full kit, there is DBA rotors made for the 316 rear 2pot but with the wrx/legacy 170 parking brake. Racebrakes should do a whole new brembo kit. Considering second hand prices I reckon new could be a go? What was the cost for your conversion? Pm me if you want @sobanoodle
  12. @sobanoodle I need to rack your brain about doing the brembo conversion. What version do I look for? What's the correct parts for rear adapter/shoe
  13. Hey any luck I have been avoiding winger purely for the above..... Expensive! 👎
  14. @sobanoodle do you recommend Cusco top strut braces? Part numbers?
  15. Hey @Niran could I get pricing on 05' BPE stuff. whiteline front and rear swaybar links. Cusco Front top strut brace. Ultraracing rear bottom swaybar brace Part # UR-RL2-2588 Anyone got part numbers?
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