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  1. Same, stock ride height, got a front lip now, before I put that on I had to be really careful, but now it's even worse. Guess I can trade that off for how much better the lip makes the car look.
  2. Wow 2 1/2 months since last picture. Someone need me to tell you where it is so we can move the game along?
  3. Old: Basque Road Reserve. New:
  4. You do know they aren't welded, right? They have a spool with replaces the whole diff centre.
  5. I want one of these, but struggling to justify the cost, plus exchange rate + shipping. In for group buy.......
  6. Sweet, thanks guys.
  7. 2006 facelift wagon. I need to take the rear bumper off to get it fixed. My car has a genuine towbar, which sits pretty close to the bumper. Does anyone know if the bumper will come off with the towbar in place, or do I have to take the towbar off first? Thanks.
  8. Yeah it wasn't a genuine one, was from some towbar shop, the rating sticker specified for Subaru legacy 2.5i, 1600kg. Didn't say anything about 3.0. My car has a genuine towbar, and it has different ratings for different engine sizes on it.
  9. Get one from a wreckers yard? My brother rang up for a Falcon one, $110 including the bolts and brackets. Fit it yourself on Saturday arvo on your driveway, save $$$
  10. Middle of last year I bought a NZ new 2006 facelift Spec B legacy 3.0 wagon 5EAT with 139,000km from Whangarei. The 3.0's are rated to tow 1800kgs ( 2.5 is 1600kg ), and I've towed about 1650 on it so far, and it goes very well. Around town the trip computer says I'm using about 10.8l/100km, and I was concerned that would blow right out when towing, but to my surprise it stay exactly the same. Then again I'm towing down the motorway to Hampton Downs so no stop start and hills and crap. My car is not tuned, it's completely as it left the factory ( ok I changed the oil and it's had a set of tyres ), and the paddles are great for knocking it back a gear up the hills. Easy cruising, easy towing, still got a very nice daily driver, I love it and couldn't be happier with it. Make sure the towbar rating matches the cars' towing rating ( on any car, not just Subaru ). I looked at a 3.0 legacy wagon that had a towbar, but it was the 2.5 towbar, so only rated to 1600kg, not 1800. Walked away from that one.
  11. That's an easy one, I know where it is, but good luck getting a park there today!! Might have to get up super early tomorrow morning and get out there.
  12. This happened on my NZ new facelift car last weekend too. Dash lit up E/T 2 ( Engine Time 2 hours since start up ). I was getting close to Tauranga from Auckland.
  13. Most definitely!! The used car market in Auckland is pretty cut-throat, they'll tell you whatever they need to to get a sale, and most of them are as straight as a banana. Trust none of them, and always get someone you trust, and who knows the make, to give it a once over. It could save you thousands.
  14. Might want to wait for warmer weather before having another go, 15 is too cold. We never paint if it's less than 20, preferably 23-25. Watch the humidity too ( you want it low ), not that it's so important for the little bit you're doing, but every little bit helps.