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  1. That's an easy one, I know where it is, but good luck getting a park there today!! Might have to get up super early tomorrow morning and get out there.
  2. This happened on my NZ new facelift car last weekend too. Dash lit up E/T 2 ( Engine Time 2 hours since start up ). I was getting close to Tauranga from Auckland.
  3. Most definitely!! The used car market in Auckland is pretty cut-throat, they'll tell you whatever they need to to get a sale, and most of them are as straight as a banana. Trust none of them, and always get someone you trust, and who knows the make, to give it a once over. It could save you thousands.
  4. Might want to wait for warmer weather before having another go, 15 is too cold. We never paint if it's less than 20, preferably 23-25. Watch the humidity too ( you want it low ), not that it's so important for the little bit you're doing, but every little bit helps.
  5. The factory location is next to the number plate light, not in it. There is a perforation in the plastic trim so you can punch out that piece to fit the camera. I've tried a number of avenues both here and overseas to get a factory camera for my 2007 facelift wagon, but no luck so far. Keep us updated with your progress.
  6. Give us a clue??
  7. Any news on if this is going ahead?
  8. Knowing how the authorities take airport security these days, maybe no one wants to temp a "chat" with said authorities? New location time maybe?
  9. That's good to know, because I'm fussy too, very fussy. Who is / what shop is Pappu? Does he do paintwork as well or only tuning?
  10. I plan to. But who to trust to do it right? Even though he copped a flogging on here, on other forums around the world XRT has had good reviews and results. I haven't seen even an average review of him. The locals by comparison seem to be quite hit and miss regarding people's satisfaction with work done. I'm in Auckland btw.
  11. Fitted a Cosworth air filter today. The guys on seem to like them, and the price ( AUD$65 ) wasn't bad compared to a stock one from Repco. The Poms seem to get better fuel economy with the filter, so I'll be interested to see if it makes a difference for me. I've only had my car ( MY07 Legacy 3.0RB 5EAT wagon, 140,000km ) for nearly 2 months, but since I've had it, it has been averaging 12.4L around town in I mode, and 13.0 in S mode, even though I drive it the same regardless of mode - can't figure that one out. Also fitted a near new grill I got from a private seller on eBay Australia - mine is shattered and semi held together with a superglue and tape, soon as you touch it or remove it to clean stuff properly it falls apart. Grill cost me AUD$100 + AUD$45 shipping - couldn't find a facelift grill at a wreckers in NZ, too new they all said. Lastly, got a genuine Subaru rubber cargo mat from Sublab. Not cheap, but cheaper and easier to clean than the carpet. Just got to get a new glovebox lid / door now cos the ball and chain scratched the hell out of it with the zips and domes on her backpack the other day - not happy!!!!!
  12. I know exactly where this is too, but not going to risk a meeting with the 5-0.
  13. Weekends are best for me too. Most interested in learning about / how to clay barring and machine polishing ( rather than hand ).
  14. Thanks so much guys!!! Off to TradeME now to find some cars with the bits I want.