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  1. Yours must be a one-off or have some wear. Otherwise all EZ30's would be prone to that and they've got a good rep as a reliable engine
  2. In the market for an EZ30 Lancaster/outback although a lot of owners seem to use 91 regularly. My understanding was always that Subarus need 95 or 98 (especially turbo models). Is an EZ30 that's had 91 used in it regularly be a deciding factor as to whether I consider buying the car or not? Cheers and TIA.
  3. Father's pride and joy. Would love to get it back. Probably unlikely at this point but worth a shot
  4. This was stolen a few years back, but thought it might still be worth putting out there. Immaculate 94' silver legacy wagon, Completely stock visually with the only 'modification' being a slightly less restrictive exhaust with a nice rumble. No towbar, not a GTB. Plates are XP7297. Cash reward will be offered by myself. Stolen from the Botanic Gardens in Wellington. Cheers
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