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  1. Anyone got the photos for this?
  2. Anyone got the boost/vacuum diagram for cars with vdc and tcs? Wanting to try the hose 10 mod but can’t figure out the twin nipple bov with the extra vacuum solenoid..
  3. Tried this yesterday, noticed quicker response to 10psi but felt slower to 15psi after the secondary kicks in, hitting 15psi around 5k rpm, is this normal?
  4. Tried this tonight and went to 5psi on both before and after vod, maybe not possible on the twin port vdc bov...
  5. Thread revival! Can this be done with the VDC twin port bov? The hose setup on that looks quite different to the photos that are still working on this thread...
  6. Does anyone know if pre facelift 4pin switch is the same as post facelift 4 pin switch?
  7. Viewing forum on a phone so not sure if that helps but thanks anyway 👍
  8. Photos broken? Already checked on chrome too
  9. Mother of God! Beaten by Apple again!
  10. This guy is seriously a good sort, before writing this diy he helped me out with info for this mod and even sent me a spare ecu plug so I had the pins FOR FREE!
  11. What is everyone paying for the brake switch? I just got quoted $132 delivered to nelson for a used brake switch, a used 4 pin plug for the brake switch and 1 spare ecu plug (to get the pins) from Strongs ...
  12. Yea 2007 JDM face lift push start GT doesn't have the 4 pin plug either. Now to find the correct ecu pin out diagrams and where to buy the ecu pins for the ecu plugs to complete a DIY...
  13. So the manual I looked up says to use b136 and pin 9 for the brake and b134 pin 1 for clutch switch bypass, I think this is for a JDM 2007 GT auto but possibly not Also thanks for detailed pics!
  14. Too easy mate that's fair enough what's your business called and what type of work do you do? Do you have a website?