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  1. As far as my research that I did when I bought my bp5 with an ej20x I concluded there was no difference other then turbos.
  2. Biggest things that will actually improve performance is new plugs, air filter and fluids.
  3. I understand your position, you feel like the car is now tainted in some way and it's taken away your general likeness for the car and feel like you won't enjoy it as much as you would have had you known the actual truth. Been there done that. But if it's a good car then drive it and enjoy it. Spend some $$ if you want getting the cambelt done, but I bet it doesn't need doing. Sure belts can perish with age but most of the time they are good for 10+ years Unless you can prove they knowingly misadvertised the car then you will be wasting time at the tribunal. Things like pre purchase inspection etc comes into this here. It's all about buyer doing their due diligence.
  4. Added a little rear spoiler. Probably won't stay but looks ok I guess.
  5. Mine really only makes an audible noise over 40kms, then it's quieter at 100 and is most noticeable at 80
  6. Hmmm cheers for that mate, yeah it makes noise all the time and I've noticed it's louder in the mornings too. Can't say I've noticed a difference when turning to be honest I should check that out, we don't have much corners here lol
  7. So had this into another shop, this time they told me they could not locate any noise in the gearbox or diff. He said he thinks it is still a wheel bearing issue or brake rotor. He didn't want to pull hub off in case it was rooted and I was stuck. So it's still not completely diagnosed and noise has gotten quieter if anything.
  8. Next time your near here hit me up.
  9. I'd be keen for a meet up though if we did manage to get a few members together.
  10. Not many of us on these forums man.
  11. Just checked fluid, I did ask them to confirm fluid levels. I've been super busy at work so just haven't had a chance to do S***, and low and behold it's on L, not even close to the middle or near full....
  12. Shop said they think it's a bearing in the gearbox. Couldn't tell me at all where or what it would be and said they just heard where it came from. Not convinced to be honest
  13. Been taken into the workshop to have it looked at, drove with the guy and he said it sounded like brakes for a second but because it's 100% wheel speed dependent he's thinking it's front diff. Will see once hey out on hoist and use stethoscope. Conflicting advice from Subaru specialists who couldn't look at it till next week though
  14. Just chatted with subaru specialists here and they said it's 100% either the brake pad is gone or the bearing so that's good