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  1. Any idea on timeframe for parts to come in?
  2. Nevermind did the check and my bl5 is on the list but no parts. Is it simply just a matter of waiting? Or can we be proactive and contact dealers to get them done?
  3. Tried checking my bp5 and bl5 shows nothing for both. But a mate has same year as mine and has them. What's the go here?
  4. Hey man I don't mind putting it on my legacy for the testing lulz. Send it my way cheers
  5. Sweet cheers, looks like an 08-13 wrx fits by the looks of it.
  6. I can't seem to find anything online or trademe. After something cheapish. Not super cheap but not gfb expensive either
  7. I'd really like to throw a blow off valve on my bl5, but unsure what to go for? Are there bolt on options that fit other cars like on the be/bhs?
  8. Yeah man I can imagine, though this does have a short shifter installed
  9. My bp5 wagon was definitely fast but this just feels so damn quick in second gear. Goes so so well.
  10. Pretty sure they operate from Facebook, it's his side business
  11. My god this thing is quick! Holy smokes it pulls so well, the difference compared to my be is massive
  12. I got the bl5!! After phoning the guy who did all the work he actually told me it was his car previously
  13. 205khs, and the invoice says $1000
  14. Only mention of khs was on the cambelt on 1/6/18. Long block was purchased through parts connection receipt says $1899 or something like that, I guess I can call the guy who did the work and find out. Does seem rather weird though so would have the td04 since its manual then cool
  15. Looking at an 04 legacy bl5. Had a replacement long block in November 2017, done by Subaru performance repairs in nelson. Then at 1/6/18 cambelt, tensioners etc were done by same place. Bit confused on this, if a long block was installed why would you replace the cambelt etc only a year later? Surely would have been done when long block was installed. There is receipts for this Am I missing something here? Also what should the stock turbo be on an ej20x? I assume vf38?
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