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  1. s*** that's cool. More pics?
  2. Some of you may remember my gold bh5 from a few years ago, I saw it in Nelson yesterday parked up along the waterfront. In a very sad state, was so gutted to see it like that. Massive dents everywhere curbed mags, scratches and just a huge mess.
  3. Was in for passenger air bag, fuel pump harness and secondary air pump fuse. Hah good point on the shifter the guy said they didn't need to touch the shifter and wouldn't have..... This has been a muck around like heck
  4. Car has to go back into the dealers as airbag light keeps coming on. I took it back the same day after the recall work and they admitted there was high resistance in one of the connections but the airbag light was simply a coincidence. It's for the front crash airbag sensor. They reset it and sent me on my way. I said how unlikely it was that it just happens to come on after their work. If they try charge me for the parts then it's going to be a tough day at the office for them. I'm not going to front up costs for a mistake they made. Pretty clear what ever they did wrong shorted something out or the high resistance caused the issue. Plus there was greasey finger marks on both A pillars. Unclipped gear shifter, no idea why they needed to touch that? Dirt on the headrests from where they were working on the fuel pump. Seats were left in the reclined position. Car was also in sports mode. It's never in sports mode so was a bit confused by that. They are not a Subaru dealer so I suspect they just are the only place here who can do the work. Wish I had of travelled to Nelson to do it to be honest
  5. So got the car back. Feels very different, seats etc memory was reset, but not 2 minutes from my house the airbag light comes on....... Haven't got to check the dash for gaps etc yet
  6. Well so far one upsell has been put forward lol. Apparently my fuel filter is dirty, now what I caught them.out on was that he said it could be changed and he hasn't pulled the pump yet.....
  7. My car's been dropped off for the recall work.
  8. Have the outback booked in next week for the recalls. Hopefully all goes well
  9. My 2.5 turbo uses 10.9l/km around town average and 13l/km open road.
  10. Brand doesn't matter with the awd, it's when different Tyre sizes are on that it matters. Eg 235/45/17s on front then 235/55/17s on back that it actually matters then it causes problems
  11. Hey got his in the mail too today. Glad to get it and can get it sorted out
  12. I mean alot can go wrong, chip fries the ECU or similybut people have had success with the..