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  1. Took it into get scanned and had the errors for o2 sensor so was in limp mode, crankshaft sensors too. . Took to Subaru mechanic here then we noticed last bubbling in a number of places and then turbo was smoking so I could assume there's just a lot wrong with it. Decided to pass on it. A
  2. Yeah it definitely feels slow compared to my caldina. I think it's in limp mode honestly, that's what it feels like. It pretty much feels na. I'll get it looked at and go from there. It's one of my dream cars but I can't let my excitement overtake good judgement.
  3. I definitely expected to haul ass compared to what I'm driving now especially being a manual but man it just lacked the punch I thought it would have. I won't have access to an sti as I'm in Hicksville.(Blenheim) I'm going to take it to a local shop here for them to look at, owner said the last owner did the engine swap but no proof. I'm really unsure on it's history. I would be swapping it for my caldina. It's pretty tidy, drives really nice especially round corners like you said. Don't get me wrong it wasn't like super slow or anything just didn't have that punch I was expecting, my gtb on boost went like a rocket. I wonder if there's something wrong with it.
  4. So I test drive the v7, it just didn't feel very fast? It was boosting to 0.9 bar and i took it right up to redline but it just never felt quick. Especially compared to my gtb and even my current car which is a caldina gtt. I thought wrx's were suppose to be slow up until 4k then just take off?
  5. So after selling my gtb and driving a caldina for the last month or so I think I'm going to buy a v7 wrx, it's actually been one of my dream cars for a long time. I've found a cheapish one in manual that I really like, high kys on the body but a local shop did an engine swap for one with 144 khs at 300khs so should be relatively decent. Hopefully I get it, bloody excited.
  6. No pick a parts anywhere near me unfortunately Problem with that one is that it doesn't have the big plastic manifold by the pump, and I have no idea what I'd be getting into trying to take that out.
  7. Anyone know about the leaks on the bh5 looks like the orange gasket has deteriorated on the pump.
  8. I get people going wtf is a slammed wagon doing with a trailer and dirt bikes on gravel and big bumps, doesn't even scrape.
  9. Anyone have some info on how to do this? Mines leaking.
  10. I teed mine off hose 11 if I remember correctly. Then mounted on right hand side of dash out of the way
  11. Yeah that road was bloody shocking.
  12. If I can get the doors to me from Dunedin I'll give it a go
  13. Reckon I could swap rear glass in?
  14. No one?