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  1. Could I grab these please!
  2. Any reason why you want compressor surge?
  3. Sweet so just plug up the hole when removed then? Any links to doing the cat? I've never done one before Sent from my Alpha using Tapatalk
  4. Oh so similiar to the bh that has the resonator box in the guard?
  5. Have front and rear sway bars done. What is the intake milk bottle delete? I'll look into a decat, can I do it myself.
  6. So with my bh5 there was quite a few easy/cheap and essential mods I did and was able to do are there any things like this on the bp gts?
  7. Front swaybar looks like a 22mm+ also. Took it to nelson and it drives so nice, handles way better then my last gtb.
  8. I haven't even checked the front lol. I shall do that tomorrow Ive been super busy and only had a chance yesterday to even clean it
  9. Sorry for crap photo. It's raining.
  10. It's black and has f3-27 written on it, can't see any branding on it. I used my caliper tool and it's definitely 27mm. It's nice buying a car and finding a bunch of goodies on it.
  11. Was cleaning my exhaust tips yesterday as I've just bought my bp5 and I noticed that my swaybar is pretty massive then googled part numbers and it's a 27mm rear bar. What is the stock size on a BP?
  12. My bp5 has this setup. It looks so stupid, the tips hit the swaybar or at least close to it. And I can't mount them any higher
  13. So I sorted it just have to be forceful with it and it works fine. Happy days
  14. So just picked up an 03 bp5 annoyingly though the seat is stuck in backwards position, forward does not work at all. The tilt and all other adjustments work completely fine though. And since I'm 5'8 I'm pretty far away from the pedals lol! Guy was over 6' id really like to get it sorted. Does anyone have any ideas one what to do?
  15. So after selling the gtb I bought a caldina sold that then bought a territory. Now I've just picked up an 03 bp