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  1. Low price is subjective. The b series twin turbos really have tanked in value. It all depends on condition and how it's been cared for. I'd probably spend the bit extra and get a 2003 onwards legacy
  2. I'd be going back there until it's sorted or money back
  3. Gave car a really good clean as hadn't done so in a while. Came up really good. Next up is tinting front windows, redo the carbon wrap around outside doors, fuel flap and headlights as well as interior. Don't have any time off till next week but will look stealth I reckon being all black
  4. My outback has the i-sight stuff and the cruise control is simply amazing, used it on the way back from Christchurch and was so good
  5. Holy heck man glad you and no one else was injured! Can you go into details on what happened? I assume car crossed the centre line and hit you by the looks of it
  6. Tyres are 235/45/18s re003s.
  7. So this shall be he height my car will be with lgt bilsteins in it I assume? Will 18s make it sit higher though?
  8. Nice wagon! Here's mine
  9. Hey man any idea on how much lower the lgt springs will put the car down? I'm on 18s also