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  1. Cheers for the advice, worked out at $40ish as I guessed 10-15kg to be safe Yep much cheaper and easier than finding prices through the couriers themselves. Woulda used this much earlier if I knew it was a thing
  2. Yeah akl sorry. Forgot it was northland too,
  3. Hi all I won a set of heads off trademe. And I was wondering if anyone could pick them up and post them down to Dunedin for me? Thanks in advance
  4. Car : 97 wrx jdm Tuned : v3 sti 6s ecu and vf23 Fuel : BP98 Fuel economy : 13l/100km ( run in time ) sits in garage till I get it revinned Car : 07 accord euro Tuned : stock with 270000km Fuel : BP95 Fuel economy : open road 7.2l/100km, 10l/100km, can get Dunedin to timaru return with more than 1/2 tank remaining.
  5. If the cams have a hex on it use an appropriate sized spanner on it to lock it
  6. Hey guys got an interesting issue just looking for some pointers to fix it. Or even a wiring diagram. Car is a 97 wrx (v3 type) When I bleed the cooling system the fans cycle as per normal. But my mirrors won't adjust and if I try retract them the cooling fans go Same if I use the cigarette lighter. I have tried disconnecting black dash harness from body and lighter still mates fans go same if I disconnect lighter. Cheers
  7. yeah genuine cambelt kits are priced sharply for trade price and through winger. same as the water pump kits too
  8. I'd be tempted to check inner cv joints and lower control arm bushes
  9. seems to be working again, musta died and noone was home till now
  10. Was working fine christmas eve when I put a smallish order through. They're on break till 7th jan I believe so may get fixed after it
  11. thats for the downpipe one? if so that one is plugged in, what about the on that is before the up pipe?
  12. hi, been tinkering with the progect for now and i seem to have misplaces where the o2(a/f) sensor (the 4 pin plug with 3 wires used) plugs into car is a my97 v3 wrx with ej20k is it on the car loom or manifold or somewhere else?
  13. was leaning to say the cl7 EuroR comfortable on long trips IE dn to queenstown and if you aren't too heavy on the go pedal then you can get between 7-8l/100km. Then I read real estate I would then choose the XT forester just due to appearances. And appearances sells homes
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