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  1. Just wondering if anyone has got any kind of gps tracker on there car? Are they worth while? Any particular sort I should get If I got one?

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    2. Individualities


      Adding on from that - the top range Mongoose alarm comes with GPS tracking included for life.

      I've considered replacing my Dynatron alarm with one of them, for the free GPS tracking lol

    3. aimage


      There are some cheap chinese units about, seem to work fine. But you would want a 5 star alarm also as mentioned above.

    4. Whinery


      You have to get one with a battery.  Most of the trackers are designed for fleet tracking.  Thieves in NZ tow it away, and never turn it on.  The car is stripped and sold internationally in parts without ever being turned back on.  So a fleet tracker will have the last known location being where you parked it and turned it off.