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  1. I always used the Castrol Edge 5W-30 A3/B4. Subaru engines like their fully synthetic oil. Supercheap occasionally has down to $45 too. This website is super helpful when you don't know what oil to use.
  2. Haha. The beacons on the roof were $50 each (FB marketplace yo), and the front ones were $10 each (FB marketplace again). They're my "park anywhere" lights. Also kinda good at scaring people out from the outside lane on the motorway hehe. Just a quick flash, and they usually pull left. One less SUV on the road! For now... Would something like this be a total write off? Cos of how new the car is, and the complexity of swapping another engine in there.
  3. S402's run a 6 piston caliper up front. Just adding that for future reference. And yes on the 1678's. 1521's for the rear Brembo 2 pots. For bad pads - Repco RTQs are just straight up s***. Every car I fitted them to while I was on the tools, always came back with squeaking noises.
  4. This is what I have at the moment. Probably gonna keep this as a daily for quite a while. Hyperlink is a video gif. Has all the little mods I wanted to do to it - mainly the 19" wheels. Gonna get those powder coated (instead of painted) when I need tyres for them. PS - keeping a sly eye out for a good, stock, V7 WRX STI sedan. Been getting the Subaru itch again! And want to get something I won't feel bad for modifying. Or maybe I'll get an old 5 cylinder Audi? 🤔
  5. Thought I'd hop back on, poke my nose around, and say hi again! Mainly to post some old parts from my Legacy for sale lol. Not a lot has changed in my life - sold the Subaru, now got a overly practical and fuel efficient 2015 Mazda 6 GSX wagon 2.5 petrol. Will post some photos later, when I get a chance to take some photos.
  6. Cheers for that. Quick Google myself earlier today yielded that. The articles I found said to use a SPDT Relay - is that the same as a Change-over? You use 87A - that's what the articles I found said to do. Definitely tackling this next week - cos then my car is done, till I put the 19"s on it, once my 17"s have worn out!
  7. I'm dumb, and can't be bothered wracking my brain on how to do so myself. How did you do this?! My plan is to stop power to the ACC switch power some how (with a relay), so they turn off with the park lights
  8. I use Imgur for my images. You want a link with the file type (e.g: ".jpg") at the end. Then use Insert image from URL, and there ya go!
  9. Fiat Group owns the Chrysler Group. Heh, the Alfa Giulia platform is supposed to be used for Dodge's next gen Charger... I don't think so lol. Speaking of this - I'm waiting for my mates to stick some washers on the flange between my rear muffler and the exhaust, to make my car sound like poop.
  10. Flywheel, Clutch plate/disc, I'd imagine clutch fork and pin, throw out bearing, slave and master cylinders (might not be needed, but good to do anyway), and I'm not sure about the starter? Someone here will be able to confirm that. Tail shaft, rear diff, rear half shafts, front half shafts, cross member(s) for the trans. Definitely will need the shifter linkage too. I used to own a S401, and that had the shifter linkage from a V7 WRX STI in it - so that's probably the way to go. I'd highly advise getting the Raceseng R-Lock reverse lockout to replace the factory plastic one while you're there too - won't rattle, and a much nicer piece being alloy! And also new shifter bushings too - preferably Delrin POM-C ones in my opinion. Some of this stuff you may not need, due to Subaru's having heaps of interchangeable parts - why they're great! But as stated about, multiple threads about this conversion. Probably the best way to get a 6 speed box is to see if you can get first dibs on a BL/BP Legacy with the EZ30 and a 6 speed in a wreckers - especially a Pick-A-Part, as they charge a flat fee for a transmission.
  11. I'll always go for the manual rental car... That way if the "upgrade" is into a car that's not (probably a CVT), you can bargin your way up. I will say that modern cars with electronic power steering are over assisted. I liked how light the steering was in my 02 Legacy - not too light, but not so heavy you needed some sort of effort. It was very Goldilocks like. Will admit the steering in my Mazda ain't bad for what it is though - more expensive cars do it better, but Mazda are the pick of the bunch for the mid-tier Japanese cars in my opinion.
  12. I know. Reason I said that is for length of life for the clutch.
  13. Went to the Waikato Field Days over the weekend. Did the normal thing of drooling over tractors that you can't afford, and don't need. Will say that at the Toyota/Lexus booth, they had a rather nicely spec'ed out LC500. Blue/chesnut interior with cream leather. Such wicked cars! And that Yamaha V8 Also spent about $3000 on Milwaukee tools. Will post the haul once it all arrives.
  14. Modern diesels these days are pretty impressive. Mazda push some surprising numbers from their 2.2 diesel (140kW and 450Nm). Doesn't meet Euro VI (only Euro V) emissions though - sobanoodle's BMW probably does.
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