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  1. rallysportdirect have a sale so likely ordered it more parts. perrin 25% off crawford 25% off and 30% on AOS 15% off everything else with the code at the top of their site. Noooooo they fixed it. Crawford 10% off now was 32% and 15% on top.
  2. I’ve been on and off list since my car crosses over the years.
  3. Mine isn’t on the list again.
  4. Depends on the warranty some are just have to service in first 1000km of ownership I think that may have too many km to get a warranty though
  5. @Niran We need a photo of the new car with the huge rear wing on a dirt road Before you cut it off. @Batbaruman come on all that camera posting! where’s the car photos for this not the stars???
  6. chart on right shows older STI under 86 BRZ
  7. This is what @Andy_Mac keeps talking about. Buy a new short block and swapping the pistons to forged ones at the same time. Sounds like a really good value option. hey @Naval what mods had been done to the motor?
  8. The chassis ain’t soft. anyway check @Niran topic you have to a little work to get the correct 265 tyre.
  9. With wider tyres they will roll under more. the white line kits needs a 40mm drop to work well I’m pretty sure I’ll remove mine at some stage.
  10. No haven’t cut the notches out. I did think about it ages ago but forgot. Need to check the clearance to pistons But I’m pretty sure they have deeper and wider valve pockets so could be the go.
  11. That and I want low and mid range power with good spool so mild cams should work. the 1mm oversize should allow more flow with a lower lift and the valve train won’t have harsh profile to deal with. So no valve float at higher rpm. it’s all a guess and won’t know how high I can rev it until the tune. With stock valves B cam is good for 600hp. I can always swap cams and/or turbo out but valves etc need way more work.
  12. So a box or two arrived 220-B Cams beehive springs titanium retainers shims keepers +1mm inconel exhaust valves +1mm intake valves CNC ported heads with +1mm valve ports CNC seat profiles bronze valve guides And machined surface so ultra
  13. I thiNk there has been a case this year that they got 15k from the shop as they are professionals and the checks should have picked up most faults. if you know a lawyer you should try.
  14. I think I could have saved a few thousand on parts if I’d stepped down one level of quality and still been over built for the original power goal. at this stage I think I have a block that would be reliable daily with 50% more power.
  15. So much left to buy... RCM head studs RCM tensioner waterpump with cast impeller timing belt ARP case bolts Clutch intercooling parts forgot to add Fire ring head gaskets bearings so much left to do... Pin Mains and line hone crank close deck block oil gallery mod Tap head stud holes for 14mm studs
  16. Heads arrive back this week. Can’t wait for the super shiny ness of CNC and hand polished. 🤩 Plus the box filled with all the other head related goodies like cams, beehive springs, titanium retainers and keepers. New crank arrived today with some relays. 4x relay $90 shipped new form partsouq vs 1x relay $90 from NZ new or almost the same from wreckers WTF
  17. It’s 50mm wide over the whole pedal including the rubber studs. it seems good so I may slice the studs flat later. but my suspicion that I had a issue with the diff and steering in the left has been confirmed with a set of dash lights turning on 😤
  18. Covered pedals in industrial grip tape. No more foot slipping when the pedals are wet. it’s clear so not changed the look. originally I was going to find red and green tape and colour code the pedals but that was way too much wasted tape as it only comes in sheets.
  19. I thought the light blinks long and short to give error codes even on newer models. if not scan it.
  20. The police should still take a report and issue a number for the report from what I remember. Even if they don’t investigate you can still report a crime.
  21. Anything sub 1300 that is not modern will likely be less efficient at 100kph get skinny tyres and keep them pumped up well.
  22. Restraining order and ask the police while you are there. isn’t there a charge for failing to comply with a court order. citizens advice service is free and can answer those questions.
  23. Ordered a new shiny crank for the money 💰 pit
  24. I over your tein you’d need to setup to gold ones to make it worth it. sway bars are more a personal choice in the balance of the car. While bigger isn’t better for grip lots more fun and feels better to most.
  25. @Niran car has way more grip from the wider wheels. You notice it most on flat roundabouts where it does squeak a tire and just keeps grip. I’ll do the same to mine at some point.