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  1. 1) current draw too high for tiny wires since powered all the time. I’ve seen this as most older cables are for 5v .2a or .5a and new devices can take 2amps. It can melt the insulation off until it shorts internally or vibration from the car wearing the cable out
  2. I had a carpet shampoo vacuum cleaner leak all through the hatch. the liquid lifted most of the sound deadening so not a complete waste of and hour drying the mess.
  3. It’s ok it’s not the first ones where the top of the cylinder wall chipped off and fell into the motor. pretty sure another holiday for the wife is due after that purchase.
  4. have you tried calling NZTA and seeing if it still shows up? They maybe able to tell you if it was written off. that or your insurance company may look it up. Make sure you don’t ask for personal info. Motor vehicle licensing and registrations 0800 108 809
  5. There are 2014 wide body WRX non STI Which are a cheaper option if you can find one
  6. Rear guards are part of the main body so lots of grafting of metal and new rear doors. front can’t be that hard since it bolts up. If you have stability control then that may not like the new angles the wheels move at compared to the steering wheel.
  7. After $190 in lower ball joints and tie rod ends ❤️ Partsouq ❤️... sorry NZ but $129-149 for each part not f***ing likely $170 in whiteline replacement bushes up from $130 last time. KSR207 $330 labour and alignment (yeah I could have done it, but not enough time this week) my car goes straight and around corners. The steering rack no longer move 2-3cm by itself. back to being rock solid and feeling every bit of road surface. the whiteline rack bushes had disintegrated. Bit of PS fluid and what looks to be a loose fit to the inner steel inserts and they popped up and got squashed over the last two months and almost 150km. ok so didn’t need to replace the anti roll kit but car isn’t low anymore so it was making car light to steer initially.
  8. Does AWS have a non profit assistance program? they sometimes give away credit to places that are using it for community places like this. Also if you host it you are responsible for it legally. Not that anyone in NZ would care much. Likely just report and request removal.
  9. What needs doing to the heads? Are you talking valve seats or guides as well? i sent mine to horsepower heads in Christchurch ~70-80 to ship there and back. steering racks are costly as f*** $500-800 to get done. transmission @Niran where did you go? Or PS automotive is trained and had access to the special tools for the 6 speed.
  10. I wondered that but the belt cover wouldn’t fit an AC belt would it. old enough to have AC as an optional extra.
  11. I checked stickers in your other topic. says STI on guards from factory.
  12. Partsouq says it came with STI stickers for front fenders. under GF8-015083 outer accessories 919-01: LETTER MARK its missing the large WRX from the boot though. But with respray I wouldn’t put it back.
  13. Call MSNZ tech team. They are easy to deal with. Also they are the only opinion that matters. They will also know the changes to requirements over that time. It’s easy to redraw the diagrams and measure the outside but you’ll need the specs of the steel like cold drawn seamless and the wall thickness and sizes. hard bit is the bends minimum thickness and photos of the welds.
  14. Wind it up until it doesn’t make much noise and wind it back a bit.
  15. Have you adjusted it up from full soft? most likely it’s starting to open before you are at full boost and leaking power. did you idle the car and make sure the port stays closed before you drive it?
  16. Again good service and managed to fit the car in on a busy day.
  17. What about the offset from disc face to wheel mounting face. as @Andy_Mac said the front disc are a lot flatter than the rears. Look at the offsets in the post earlier
  18. Yeah. Oil pickup tube with rubber insert or you can just get the insert that stops the pickup hitting the pan. I ordered the whole thing as secondhand engine with unknown history.
  19. The whole pickup or rubber boot thingy. I added one to my order. basically everything in the kinder topic is on order. pending that slow @Niran guy.
  20. I have a set on TM. Maybe be able to send in a car to TGA but that would be weekend of 1/2/2020
  21. Mine are 330mm front disc face to wheel mounting face front 28-30mm Rear 45mm front disc is also fatter at about 35mm there are a few sets around but shipping will be a killer.
  22. You may have some rear discs. look inside them for scuff marks from the handbrake drum pads.
  23. How Many mm are the Brembo disc across? 330mm or 315mm?
  24. Did you not get the matching discs? I’m assuming you are swapping fronts only as brembo brakes have a handbrake drum setup at the rear.