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  1. Front side cam cover below oil dip stick.4 x 10mm bolts.I have a mini Teng tools socket set 5.5 to 13mm sockets,various screw heads,extension and ratchet.All packaged in the size of a cigarette pack.Cost around $65. TengTools BBX20
  2. Listen for any nasty rattles or noise coming from cam covers and remove passenger side cover and check cam belt for wear and cracks.Purchased my bl in Nelson and drove back to Auckland with barely legal S*** tyres.Wellington to Auckland was in pouring rain and darkness.Bent a rim driving through Hamilton.
  3. My old Bh tt didn’t have a vacuum leak,but because the vacuum reservoir hoses were pinched the reservoir couldn’t reach full vacuum,causing intermittent sync problems between the twin turbos.No check engine lights.Was suggested by a good Subaru mechanic to check vacuum hoses,especially the plastic pipe/hose that runs from the reservoir around the front of the radiator to the solenoid box.Maybe a small vacuum leak causing the reservoir to loose vacuum overnight.As soon as car started,vacuum replaced.These cars are getting old and require a lot of maintenance because of the complexity of the tt engine.Cheap to buy,expensive or time consuming to maintain. My old Bh tt will make full boost from cold.I’m always telling my son to warm the car up first.
  4. Possibly a vacuum leak that stops the vacuum reservoir in the passenger front guard holding vacuum which controls the tt solenoid box which controls the turbos.Had this problem after a engine rebuild where the tards had trapped/pinched the vacuum hoses to the vacuum reservoir under the battery.
  5. I have a 3.0 Outback facelift and agree with poor fuel consumption.I normally use the white Subaru oem filter but replaced the air filter with the orange type,noticeable improvement in fuel consumption.Run Mobil 98 from the same local gas station.
  6. Thank’s @pedro and @Bobby.Working on a budget at the moment.I was looking at pulling Legacy engine but will have to stay in car for now.I’m concentrating on oil surge and cooling first.RCM baffled sump,pick up and SAS baffle plate on it’s way.Looking at oil coolers now.RCM will probably be my first choice.Got to keep some funds available as I’m waiting for Michelin to have a sale.
  7. Forget the spare wheel,weld on a big rear wing and don’t forget the baked bean can muffler tip.
  8. I tried this with a single turbo conversion into a 94 Legacy Rs tt early 2000.Car ran fine,but once boost exceeded primary turbo tt boost ecu switched to limp mode.Might be different with your the later model tt ecu,but still requires a lot of work to the solenoid box.Eventually wired in a aftermarket ecu,removed the solenoid box and was able to make changes to ignition timing and fuelling.
  9. What let’s go first on a Sti V7 short block,bearings,crank,rods or pistons.
  10. If you lower your car excessively it can place additional strain on the inner cv’s.I’ve seen some front axles on a Legacy bp made for this purpose.I’m sure Supergramps blew one side only.
  11. Doesn’t mean they own it.Unfortunatly when you purchase privately,if you have any concerns regarding the sale list it in the receipt of sale and make sure it is dated and signed by the seller.In court it will be your word against there’s.
  12. Small claims court is a waste of time.If you win,the defence can claim poverty and ‘dribble out payment over years.Payment is not enforced.
  13. Give ADL Autoparts a call regarding rebuild of your driveshaft to see if it can be rebuilt.Hard to find good second hand parts for gc8’s now.
  14. Join HP Academy if you want to build your engine properly or get a better understanding of how a performance/race engine should be built.Excellent modules take you through preparation,measuring,machining,clearances,balancing,blueprinting and assembly.
  15. Sti and sedan guards are the same for V7.