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  1. At least with the genuine cv boot you should get over 100,000 k’s plus.Non genuine 30,000 - 50,000 k’s if your lucky.
  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if the NZ spec cars have the poverty package.My NZ new 07 bl b4 2.0 has the 2.5 tacho.
  3. My NZ new Outback 3.0 had (F)294 x 24,replaced with 316 x 30 (R) 274 x 10 solid replaced with 290 x 18 vented.
  4. Still have factory mags,same as yours.Brakes from the bl b4 swapped straight over.Big improvement in braking.No more warping front original discs.Replaced cheap tyres with Michelin ps4’s.Inspires more confidence with the daily cut and thrust of Auckland city driving.
  5. @SpeedySub Best thing I did to my 07 Outback 3.0 was replace the brake calipers and disks with the larger brakes off my 07 bl b4 and put decent tyres on it.
  6. ProVent manual oe-products.mann-hummel.com Made in Germany but counterfit models available.Different sizes available rated in power output.
  7. If you want a decent but reasonable AOS look at what the diesel guys use.Made for high compression,intercooled engines.Im looking at this,ProVent 200.Can be run as AOS or VTA.Has some interesting additional features.
  8. This is how the later model Subaru pcv and internal engine oil baffles work,but without seperating all of the oil vapour before it is removed by the intake.
  9. Blowby from your crankcase can include oil,water vapour and unburnt fuel.With a AOS you ideally want only the oil returned to your crankcase.The better AOS cans are well baffled,include a water trap and are heated.The baffles and heat in AOS helps burn off the water and fuel which is removed by your intake leaving the oil to return to the crankcase.
  10. For the Legacy tt I’d look at using David at TuneTechnic,Henderson.He has done tuning for Subaru NZ with this model when they were sold new locally.
  11. As long as you don’t crash into something and nobody crashes into you,you shouldn’t have any problems.
  12. Most times I’ve removed tmic on various cars I fill the core up with petrol and have given them a good soak and clean.
  13. What’s the oil capacity of your engine.Loosing 1 litre of oil out of a oem twin scroll sump could be fatal with hard driving.The car also has to be dead level to correctly check the oil.
  14. Car: 2007 Legacy B4 6MT Tuned: decat 2.5” exhaust 18 psi Fuel: Gull 98 Fuel economy: Average 550 k’s tank Car: 2007 Outback 3.0 Auto Stock Fuel: 98 Mobil Fuel thirst: Average 300 k’s tank
  15. Worth the drive for a good tuner,mechanic,engine builder or fabricator.