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  1. The end goal is to leave my mint Bl Legacy jdm and not butcher it.I have a gc8 non turbo 1.8 auto in the driveway waiting patiently for that treatment.
  2. If I have to replace the pistons,there’s probably no point in breaking a fresh 207 short block.Brought this a few years ago to replace a dodgy rebuild in my BH which my son now drives.Piston slap and oil leaks doesn’t seem to p#ss him off.
  3. Any downside compared to the conventional way of doing this.Where can I find the shorter rods.
  4. I have a new V7 207 short block.Can I use a 2.5 crank and the 207 pistons with shorter rods?After driving a 2.1 Legacy this is possibly what would work for me as I want to keep my Legacy Vf45 turbo and tmic.
  5. Yes,it’s a 7163.Q & A in the YouTube thread.Looking forward to part 2.
  6. A Subaru mechanics dream. 91 octane + heat soaked intercooler + heavy right foot = another dead Subaru motor...
  7. German Turbo Yoda YouTube dropped this today.Borgwarner EFR in Forester Part 1-Subi Performance.
  8. Go back to basics,check brake hoses,caliper piston seal leaks and sticking pistons.Bleed brakes with front of car elevated in correct sequence.Check wheel bearings,can cause brake pad knock off.I have done three Subaru 4 pot caliper conversions 94 Wrx,94 Legacy Rs and Legacy 2002 Gt and one Brembo conversion a 2007 Legacy Bl.None of these cars required a master cylinder upgrade.
  9. I’ve seen simple ethanol content testers.Mix fuel and ethanol test,shows ethanol content.Can do at pump.
  10. I can do pictures,but there’s no way I’ll be able to load it on this site.Mufflers in storage,purchased them 2 weeks ago off TM.Google images Legacy bp Sti quad tip mufflers.$650
  11. I’ve got some Sti quad tip mufflers for a bp Legacy.Was going to cut them up to go on my bl.If your interested let me know.If I can’t sell them i’ll put them on my 3.0r Outback.
  12. My car was tuned for Gull E10.Asked about using Mobil or BP 98,no problems.More important to purchase your fuel from a busy gas station with a high turnover.Fresh fuel is good fuel.
  13. Would a front diff help.
  14. Heat transfer from the brakes and excessive camber maybe?
  15. What do you reckon kills the bearings on the track.