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  1. Good to know,I thought the pink top feeds first came out on the wrx V7 sti.I’m basing what I know on cars I’ve owned.I thought 2002 was the last of the Legacy tt. Subarus I’ve owned, WRX v2 jdm,v2 ra,v2 sti,v3 jdm,v3 sti,v3 sti 555,v4 sti,v5 sti Legacy 94 tt rs (single turbo conversion),98 tt rsb,98 bh na b spec,02 bh gtb auto (all with sun roof) Current,Legacy 07 bl b4 6mt,07 Outback 3.0 auto,Impreza 1.8 auto
  2. Yellow side feeds came with v3-6 wrx sti/ra and legacy 97-02 tt.
  3. Hopefully when the weather gets colder.
  4. I’d like to see the torque figures on that diesel tractor.
  5. Yellow side feeds will fit v1/2 manifolds.v1-4 fuel rails will not swap with v5/6.
  6. Back in the day,before the internet.Decided to put a bigger cam in my Mini.Problem was the only way I could figure out how to remove the cam chain was to remove the clip that holds the chain together.While racing my mates Escort over the Bombay’s,chain let go.Replaced single chain with duplex chain and and installed properly. Or later on when I replaced the short block in my Escort Sport and didn’t replace the spigot bearing.Put it all back together and couldn’t change gears.Engine in and out and back in over a evening.
  7. Phil at Dynotech.Early days at the moment,will look at pros vs cons regarding dual maps,flex fuel and another tuner.Just happy to know I can move forward with the factory ecu.
  8. Just heard back from the tuner,seems my twin scroll Legacy ecu will support dual maps or flex fuel.
  9. Just taken a picture of my ecu to send to a tuner in Wellington,possibility of running ecutek and dual maps.
  10. Yellow injectors,link ecu,maybe a new fuel pump and fuel filter depending on the condition of yours and a tune.
  11. Overly protective.
  12. Was told by two tuners,Vf45 flows same as vf38 but has better top end without vf38 reliability issues.
  13. Possibly same turbo as my bl,Vf45.Running nearly 20 psi with factory tmic,car made great torque.Jumped of the mark like a stabbed rat.Combination of high compression,factory tmic,turbo turning into a hair dryer and nanny ecu,fun denied.I’d love to be able to run flex fuel on this car.
  14. Great power for stock turbo.What are the mods?
  15. Same thing happened to my Legacy bh.Wingers (Snow M era) wanted to replace the abs unit,auto sparkie did a scan and replaced the high stop bulb.