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  1. Shout out to Gareth and the guys at Subtech.Picked up my Outback 3.0R with the calipers off my bl b spec fitted.Used there new range of discs and ceramic pads.First impressions are good.I’ve used Znoelli for over 10 years and Mintex.Using Dba and Endless on the bl.
  2. Using it initially with the factory twin scroll vf45.
  3. Anyone here installed a Process West tmic to a twin scroll 2.0L?
  4. PBMS 19.8 psi 715nm TT 18.0 psi 385 nm Car went onto PBMS Dyno three times for reflash after car lost tune.No knocking,or fault codes.TT found the passenger side exhaust avcs was playing up.The winding in the oil solenoid valve motor had a break. Regarding boost and power output,car runs turbo back 2.5” decat exhaust with factory mufflers.Possibly shows how inefficient the factory tmic is.
  5. No leak,just a small turbo running out of puff.Yeah,the efr turbos are nice.Was looking at the 6258 twin scroll,vf36 on steroids.Spoke to a guy in the States,mentioned that if you don’t like turbo whine this is not the turbo for you.
  6. I’ll use my factory headers.200-210 kw atw and max torque kicking in just after 3000-3500 rpm makes for a great practical road car.Vf45 is pretty much maxed out at 18 psi,full boost starts at 2800 rpm and stays flat to 5200 rpm and tapers off. Has been tuned running 19.8 psi,torque comes in harder but boost tapers off earlier.Computer would not hold tune.My thoughts are that the vf45 turbo is working outside it’s efficiency range above 18 psi,9.5 compression and tmic.Power for both tunes 185 kw atw on different dyno’s. Don’t forget the Legacy short block starts to get unreliable at 200 kw atw and the heads run out of flow at 240-250 kw atw.
  7. Efr turbo is out,even though amazing turbos.Now looking at vf36,sti tmic and inlet manifold or vf36,legacy inlet manifold and fmic.
  8. Didn’t think I would need to taking my cars to a main Subaru dealership.But I did think that when I picked up the Legacy and thought maybe I had picked up a ding in my passenger door.
  9. Yeah,makes my blood boil when I look at my Outback dash and hear that dreaded dash rattle in my Legacy.Considered not getting it done when the paperwork arrived but after reading about wof being knocked back on non complying cars and the passenger side airbag only requiring replacement,why not.Problem was I thought the passenger airbag replacement was like the old Subaru’s,access to airbag by removing the glove box.If I had known that it was a dash out job I would have tried to find someone more competent to do the job.Personally I have removed three Subaru dash’s removing everything to the firewall and replacing with no damage or rattles. I asked the same question at the dealership and was told they will do the NZ cars first and then move onto the jap imports.Subaru are apparently footing the bill.
  10. Had both of my NZ new but second hand 2007 Outback and Legacy airbags replaced.Both cars have clicked over 100,000k’s and are in very good condition.Drove Outback in with no airbag light,drove out with airbag light on.Returned vehicle and problem fixed,but damage to dash 25 mm dia vinyl missing,lever marks around center vents,scratched glove box and panels,glove box misaligned.Legacy faired better with dash center speaker clips damaged and a hell rattle.Workshop managers response,I didn’t do the job.Service mangers response,nothing.
  11. What turbo,injectors are you running and your opinion on the fmic lag vs factory tmic.
  12. All the information available for the baby efr turbo I’ve read is based on 2.5 L engines.Efr power rating is 260-440 hp.Apparenly spools up a lot faster then a Sti turbo and does not taper off boost at redline,2.0 L engine.Factory tmic stays as I’m not interested in big power figures,but will probably be replaced by a fmic later,or sooner if required.Vf turbo is a easier install if I can clock the turbo compressor housing,waiting to hear back from the workshop. The vf 45 turbo design is a bit of a orphan and I want a larger exhaust housing.
  13. Anyone out there used a efr 6258 twin scroll on 2 litre engine or know of someone who has.Looking at replacing a vf 45 with either a efr 6258 or vf 36.I need to be able to clock compressor housing to 12 o clock position.Custom up pipe,turbo down pipe,tgv deletes and fuelling will be done at same time.I’ve had two tunes done on the vf 45 and custom 2 1/2” turbo back decat exhaust.First tune was a torque monster running 19.5 psi which I liked a lot but would not hold the tune.Second tune was less boost running 18 psi and moving the tune further up the rpm range.Car is a 2007 Legacy jdm manual and I would like to initially use the factory tmic.