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  1. a 2.5 will spool faster due to its bigger capacity however will not rev as much as a 2.0... i myself have a ej257 DESTROKED to a 2.3 so am still able to rev it out to 7200rpm. it would spool my gtx3076 with a .76 exh housing at 1.5 bar of boost at 4200rpm my boss currently has a 257 in his rally car and it puffs the vf out too easily. have a mint 2.5 crank for sale for a 257 build if intrested
  2. Thanks for the great feedback! As we say, honesty is the best policy. We look forward to being at your service again.
  3. Hi mate. Very happy to hear that you were happy with your first experience with us at Highbrook Automotive. I will make sure the office adds a note to your file that shows you as a CS member. Look forward to seeing you on your next visit =)
  4. Berg are you the owner of the forester? As you may already know your block has been sent away to be doweled and sleeved!
  5. Yeah if you are a clubsub member please remember to let the office staff know that you are a clubsub member. And yes i do as i did the repair. However the car didnt catch my attention or else i would have let the office know that you are a member. The CS stickers do help! We have a forester in at the moment going for a super big forged 2.5 build!
  6. It's been a while since I've posted in the forums. Just wanted to let everyone know I'm working at Highbrook Automotive, have been for almost a year now and i have noticed a few fellow member's cars being brought in. Just a friendly reminder that Club sub members get a 10% discount across the board through us. Be good to see a few more familiar faces. Don't be shy, come say hi to Spencer! See you all at the monthly meet next week.
  7. Hey mate. I have a set of headers but unfortunately no up pipe.


    make an offer for headers if your interested. Auckland located

    1. A_Tiny_Chipmunk


      need the up pipe to sorry

  8. Ive got some parts you may be interested in. Give me a pm or a text 0212169239
  9. Did 10 runs down at winter drag wars. Only managed 6 at round 1.She just doesnt want to do an 11.9. Consistent and average times of 12.3 to 12.5 when comparing all 16 slips
  10. Have you got a dyno plot to post up Loner? Would love to compare with mine
  11. No idea clint. You have his contact details? Pm me or txt me if u still have my digits.
  12. Anyone know of someone in auckland that can do a g3? Need a tidy up road retune on a gf8 i got my hands on. If not i will have to go to pbms which i dont really want to
  13. 1.7 bar boost. and yes gtx3076 .63exh stock v3 heads
  14. Yup picked it up thursday evening. Doesnt go too bad i might add.
  15. Still yet to have a talk to Carl about whats causing the waveform between 5-6k