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  1. Hi Team Apologies for the thread necro but figured it'd be better to show having used the search function as opposed to starting a new thread. Been a little but have since rejoined the Subaru fold with a ... *draws breath*... Tribeca. Like the OP, I'm seeking recommendations for a good Subaru tech (not a stealership) in the HBC / Shore area please.
  2. After collecting a puncture, which I only realised after having driven 100m or so and ruining any hope of repair in the process, I called into a Beaurepaires at an undisclosed location. The staff were friendly and accommodating but for some reason, could not follow simple instructions: 1. Fit 2 x new tyres to the front wheels (matching tyres but already ~30k in so elected to buy two etc) 2. Move best remaining tyres to rear wheels 3. Conduct alignment Arrive to see them tightening up the wheel nuts. New tyres are on the rear wheels. Instruct manager to correct. Suspect alignment's probably not done either but give them benefit of the doubt. See invoice printed, no alignment. Query. Alignment is conducted *sigh* come on man, you had one job! The balancing and alignment, to their credit, was good - a high speed run down a private test track confirmed this. I was also interested to see a portrait of Sir Frank Beaurepaire in their waiting room, something I'd never seen before (it looked period correct, as in old as hell). Apparently when he (the new manager) took over the shop he'd seen it discarded among some other bits and pieces. To his credit, he fished it out and displayed it. As an immigrant, I'd heard of the name "Beaurepaires" but never thought anything beyond it being a peculiar name. As an avid student if history, I conducted some research and it's fairly interesting. I shudder to think of what the founder of this business would have thought to have his portrait thrown away. It's sad because it speaks volumes about society today, there isn't much love history these days. The manager certainly (in my opinion at least), redeemed himself by at least having a respect for history and the brand that he represents.
  3. Doesn't make sense to me why it would perform better on E10 as opposed to PULP unless someone's specifically tuned it as such.
  4. It'll work but it's a false economy given that ethanol has a lower calorific value than petrol (i.e. requires more energy to do the same amount of work). It sounds as if your problem may not be fuel specific. Have you conducted any monitoring on your car - for example using SSM?
  5. I had Bridgestone Ecopia on my 3.0R when it came into the country. Previously I had always used Bridgestone RE001/002 on my VR-4. At first I was extremely dubious as to the Ecopia's touted fuel saving ability and their ability to keep me from flying off the road. I was pleasantly surprised - they are certainly more economical than my current set of boots (Goodyear somethingorother) and surprisingly grippy. The current tyres are really quick to protest at the slightest combination of turn-in and generous application of throttle. Next time I'm definitely going back to Bridgestone.
  6. Top drawer service again from H.A. Car went in today to replace the oil cooler and valve cover gaskets that were indicated as leaking on previous visit. Figured may as well replace the spark plugs at the same time. Was informed that upon inspection it was found that they still had plenty of life in them and that there was no need to change them. Great to see that honest mechanics still exist.
  7. Not quite sure why I was tagged on this thread but ja, I am a 3.0R owner - no sunroof. Never really been something that appeal to me, just another potential leak hahah!
  8. Thoroughly good experience. I've a 2006 Legacy 3.0R which I booked in via their website for transmission service and brake system flush. Contact was responded to on the same day and job was booked. Arrived this morning at opening time. Was attended to promptly by the knowledgeable lady at the front desk - indicated I was happy to wait for work to be conducted (no choice really as I work a fair distance away). This wasn't a problem, was offered power point for laptop and coffee. I was picked up by a friend and left the site for a while. The mechanic phoned me to inform me that my brake pads had been incorrectly fitted - he'd taken photos which he showed me when I returned. Satisfied with the work undertaken which matched the quoted price. Other vehicle deficiencies were also pointed out. Invoice was very detailed as to the work done and the method used to do it. It was definitely worth the drive out there and I am happy in the knowledge that this garage knows what their doing and offers great customer at the same time. They've just secured a new customer.
  9. Bit of a thread necro but I did manage to come across one on TardMe several months ago. My early elation at finally having found a replacement unit turned to dismay when I found that the connectors on the back did not correspond to those of my car. Basically the unit I'd bought did not have the multimedia functionality in order to drive the HDD and DVD drive in my car. So it was a few hours of painstakingly taking apart each unit and then swapping the circuitry (and accordingly the connectors) from the old unit to the donor unit. Of course the easier thing would be to swap the screens over but the way that the units are put together, this was impossible without damaging them. Long story short, I've a working screen again.
  10. Car: Legacy 3.0R 2006 Tuned: Stock Fuel: Mobil / BP 98RON Tank: ~64L Fuel economy: OPEN 12.7km / litre (7.87litre / 100km), URBAN 7.4km / litre (13.5litre / 100km) Tyre Pressure: 34psi all round
  11. Used Bridgestone Rxxx series tyres when I owned my Mitsubishis before turning to the dark side (the light?) Bridgestone Ecopia were on my BLE 3.0 when I bought it. Good tyre, surprisingly grippy and far more fuel efficient than the Goodyear "fuel saving" equivalent I replaced them with. Will definitely replace with Bridgestone again when the time comes.
  12. The only time I've experienced this problem was when I had the exhaust off to flush / replace the ATF. Rear O2 sensor wasn't properly connected. YMMV.
  13. Thanks, doesn't look like there are any at PaP or Strong. I'll continue to bide my time.
  14. Hi All Not so recently, I became slightly frustrated with the responsiveness of the factory touchscreen unit whilst skipping through mp3s and sort of pressed the screen a bit too hard and a bit too repetitively *cough*. Since then I now have a white stripe obscuring ~33% of the screen - the rest of it displays fine. It is still responsive to touch in the affected area. I've lived with it for a few months but it's become really annoying - especially as every first-time rider is like "What happened there?" My questions are: 1. Is it feasible to replace? 2. If yes to the above, would I need the screen only or the entire unit? 3. What is availability on 2nd hand units? Cheers Teufel p.s. Apologies if this has already been covered.
  15. I would be very interested in your guidance in addressing the 1-3k RPM "dead spot" in the auto please. It's the biggest annoyance about the car for me, particularly when cold and attempting to conduct a right hand turn into traffic without being able to properly see that approaching from the right. I've a 2006 BL 3.0R auto with the beige leather and McIntosh stereo. Chose it because it was the best specced and best value for money car. I also needed the car quickly. Like others I drive it manual mode and for the most I find it adequate, it changes gears quickly enough but I think that duration of the torque reduction during the process is a bit... generous. Would be nice to get rid of that unresponsiveness up to 3k RPM and generally sharpen power delivery and improve fuel economy. It is quite thirsty around town.
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